OMF V7C434 The Same Roots

Hua Lin Yu wasn’t bothered by two additional people tagging along. Anyway, these two seemed to be quite nice and if he understood right, then they were actually the dragon king’s advisers so they should also know a lot about the dragon king’s palace and the dragon realm. They could probably answer many questions that Bai Mu might have trouble with. And with how chatty at least that Fu Min was, he didn’t doubt that he would get a lot of information by the time he got back. Then he could surprise Xin Lan with what he had learned.

With that thought, Hua Lin Yu looked from Bai Mu to Fu Min and back again. “So, where do we start?”

Bai Mu slightly raised his brows, not quite sure how to answer that. “Well, what exactly do you want to do?” He wasn’t quite sure if he had really understood the situation yet so he didn’t know what else to say.

Hua Lin Yu pondered for a moment, being unsure himself. “Well, I’ve never been to the dragon realm before. We just arrived about a week ago. So far, I’ve only seen Xin Lan’s place. And then we’ve traveled here. We didn’t have time to go through the capital city either. So I guess showing me anything is alright. Whatever you are most familiar with.”

Behind them, Fu Min pursed lips. How boring! He had thought he would get some gossip but this Hua Lin Yu really just seemed to be interested in being shown around. In that case, he should probably step out and help though. “Then, do you want to see the throne room?”

Hua Lin Yu’s expression lit up at that suggestion. “Can I?”

Fu Min shrugged his shoulders. “I wouldn’t see why not.” Anyway, it wasn’t like the throne room was a restricted place. And His Majesty currently wasn’t there either so they wouldn’t even bother anyone.

Seeing that the boy liked the idea, he waved for him to follow and then grabbed his husband’s hand, pulling him along and leading the other two over to the throne room.

Behind them, Hua Lin Yu turned to glance at Bai Mu a few times. He still couldn’t help but be surprised that they would meet here. That definitely was such a strange coincidence.

Bai Mu noticed that he was being watched and raised his brows at Hua Lin Yu. “Is something the matter?”

Hua Lin Yu really wasn’t sure how to say what was going through his mind. “Well, I was just wondering why you came to the dragon realm.” In a sense, that was exactly it. After everything that had happened in the human realm, why did he come here? And what had actually happened?

Bai Mu felt slightly uncomfortable with that question. He really didn’t remember this boy so this was basically a stranger asking a question about his life. Maybe it was because he had been hunted down by the demon-hunting sects before but this really didn’t make him feel good. Not answering would be strange though since this boy seemed to know him. “Well … My cousin-in-law offered for us to stay here.” He really didn’t want to say anything more than that. He turned to glance to the front, hoping that they would reach the throne room to divert that boy’s attention.

Bai Mu actually got lucky. Just then, Fu Heng opened the door in front of them and they were already standing in the throne room.

Hua Lin Yu’s attention was indeed drawn to the place in front of them and he didn’t ask him anything further. “So this is the throne room?” He curiously looked around, a little surprised.

The place wasn’t quite what he had expected. He had never been to the throne room in the mortal realm but this actually looked a bit like the big hall in his Master’s palace over at the Jian Yi Sect: There was a seat like that of his Master where the king would probably sit and some decorations around the room that likely had to do with the history of the dragon race and their realm. That was it. Other than that, it really was just a big hall.

Actually, this was a little underwhelming. He had thought that it would be much more different. But then again, he probably should’ve expected this. Whether it was the dragons themselves, the realm they lived in, or the buildings, they weren’t too different from what he had seen in the mortal realm.

Thinking about it like this, he couldn’t help but turn back to Fu Min. “Adviser Fu Min, can I ask you something?”

Fu Min raised his brows and puffed up his chest. “But of course! I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you.”

“Have you ever been to the realm of the gods?”

This time, Fu Min already looked a little less thrilled. He had thought that this would be a question about the dragon realm but it turned out that it actually wasn’t. “Well, I have.” Naturally, he had. “Why are you asking?”

Hua Lin Yu pondered for a moment how to say this and looked around the hall again. “Well, I was wondering if it looks similar there. Like, if you compared the dragon realm, the place of the gods, and the mortal realm, are the things there similar?”

Fu Min didn’t quite know how to answer that question. “Uh … I guess so?” Anyway, things did look a bit similar in the three realms.

Even though he wasn’t quite sure what to make of this young man, Bai Mu still spoke up now that there was a question like this being asked. “The three realms are indeed quite similar. Even the demon realm is. That is because they all have the same roots. It’s just that over time, some slight differences started to show.

“It is not as obvious in the immortal realms but if you travel through the mortal realm, you will likely notice it more. Some places have already divulged from the original style completely. That kind of thing has happened far less over here. It’s because so much more time has passed in the mortal realm already. One day, the immortal realms will likely be the same though.”

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