OMF V3C90 How Could He Let Him Wait?

Qiguan Cheng Da rushed out of the building and walked around the outer sect, trying to find out where else Yu Jin could’ve waited for him. He first tried his luck in the public space between the inner and outer sect. After all, this was where he had met that other disciple and asked him to go over and help. It would be reasonable to think that the disciple might have mentioned the place and Yu Jin would’ve gone and waited there. With the kind of person he was, it could actually be that he would still be waiting there.

When Qiguan Cheng Da came over, he didn’t see Yu Jin though. He walked around for a while, wondering what he should do. Of course, he could search the outer sect but Yu Jin could be anywhere. It was also possible that he had come here to wait for him, done so for a while, and then left when he didn’t turn up even after a long time. Then by now, he would definitely be back in the inner sect where he couldn’t reach him. What then?

In the end, there was nothing Qiguan Cheng Da could do. He went to look at all the official buildings, as well as the places where he had seen Yu Jin go before, checking them one by one. The result was always the same though: Yu Jin was nowhere to be seen.

Qiguan Cheng Da finally returned to the public space and then called over another disciple, explaining that he really needed to see Yu Jin. Once again, the disciple left after some consideration and went over to inform Yu Jin. Thinking that he would be able to help him, his mood was very good.

Unfortunately, that good mood didn’t last long. After all, nobody answered when he knocked. After going to ask Wu Min Huan, he also found out that there had been another disciple coming over and asking to see Yu Jin previously.

Not feeling too good at hearing this news, the disciple went back and told Qiguan Cheng Da that there was nothing he could do for him. Then, he stomped off in an angry mood. How come he hadn’t been so lucky to meet their senior martial brother Yu? Somebody should tell him where the person that had had that honor was, he really felt like challenging him to a duel!

Qiguan Cheng Da’s mood also wasn’t good. He once again strolled around the square, hoping that Yu Jin would somehow miraculously turn up in front of him before he finally had to admit to himself that he wouldn’t be able to find him.

He stopped in his tracks and shook his head at himself. This hadn’t worked out too well. It seemed that he could only give it another try tomorrow. With that thought, he returned to his own quarters.

The first thing he saw when he stepped inside was a disciple leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. The strangest thing about it was that he didn’t know him. Well, he had seen him but he wasn’t living in this building. Qiguan Cheng Da raised his brows and wanted to ask but the disciple suddenly straightened up as if he had been startled.

He turned around, hurriedly clasped his hands and bowed. “Senior martial brother Yu, Qiguan Cheng Da finally came by.”

The other disciples also rushed over to take a look and widened their eyes. They couldn’t believe that this person had finally come over after so much time. They were actually angry at themselves for not going out and searching for him earlier. Maybe if they had done that, they could have prevented that senior martial brother Yu would have to wait for so long. Well, it had been senior martial brother Yu who said they shouldn’t do that so they also wouldn’t have dared to just go. But still, how could this guy let him wait for this long?!

Qiguan Cheng Da looked behind them and found Yu Jin sitting at the table in the public space. “Senior martial brother Yu, you’re here. I was actually waiting at the talisman pagoda for you. Didn’t that disciple tell you?” The person he had sent was just some normal inner sect disciple so he didn’t believe that he would have the chance to ever tell Yu Jin the truth and just dumped the blame for this misunderstanding on him. Anyway, Yu Jin likely wouldn’t ask about it and just accept what he said.

Yu Jin opened his eyes and looked at him. “Never mind. You’re here now. I heard you wanted to talk to me about the mission I posted?”

Qiguan Cheng Da nodded hurriedly. “Yes. That’s the case. Maybe you want to come up?” He motioned toward the staircase. He really didn’t want anybody else around when he talked to him. Most people thought they were very close because of how much time they spent together. That had gotten him many benefits. If they found out that Yu Jin was just as standoffish with him as he was with everybody else …

Yu Jin glanced over and then nodded, getting up from the chair. He then turned to the other three disciples and nodded. “Thank you for your help earlier. I will be going then.”

The disciples hurriedly cupped their fists and bowed. “It’s our pleasure, senior martial brother Yu!” They watched him leave excitedly and couldn’t help but sigh to themselves.

“Ah, he actually thanked us!”

“Senior martial brother Yu is such a good person.”

“I wonder if we’ll see him again?”

Thinking of that, they also felt a bit bitter. How come that Qiguan Cheng Da was able to be his friend? Wasn’t he a horrible person most of the time? At the very least, they had seen him suck up to a lot of people before. They felt that he was a disgrace to somebody as great as their senior martial brother Yu.

Did he deserve to be around him? No, he definitely didn’t! Well, they also wouldn’t deserve to be around him but that was a different story altogether. Anyway, there was nothing they could do regardless of what they thought other than watching these two leave together.

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