OMF V7C433 Do You Remember Me?

Bai Mu looked at Hua Lin Yu and was a little startled as well when he saw his expression. Still, since that person was looking for somebody, he also didn’t feel like he should refuse to help out just because he felt that he was looking at him a little strangely. Who knew what the reason was for that? Thus, he tried to not let him see that he felt uncomfortable. “So, who are you looking for? Is it somebody that I know?”

Hua Lin Yu nodded hurriedly and then lightly cleared his throat to find his voice again. “Sure. Actually, I was looking for you. Don’t you remember me?” He couldn’t help himself. Anyway, they had seen each other in the Long kingdom already, right? Did this man really not have any impression of him at all? How could that be? They had run right into each other and he remembered him as well. Also, contrary to him, he hadn’t pretended to be somebody else at that time.

Bai Mu was startled though. Remember him? “I’m sorry but … did we meet before?” He really couldn’t remember him. Actually, he didn’t feel as if he had ever seen him prior to this day.

Hua Lin Yu deflated slightly and gave a sad smile. “Well, I guess you wouldn’t remember anymore. Anyway, we only met once. It was in the Long kingdom’s capital city in the mortal realm.” He looked at him hopefully, just in case that the mention of the place would jog his memory and make him come up with something related to him after all.

Unfortunately, Bai Mu’s expression was still blank. “No, I’m sorry. I really don’t remember.” He actually felt a little better. No wonder this boy had been looking at him like this. So it was because they were actually acquaintances of some sort. It was a pity though. Back when he had been in the capital city, he had only been there to look at Nie Huang. Most likely, he wouldn’t have remembered anyone that he met there.

“Oh.” Hua Lin Yu lowered his head, feeling disappointed. But, anyway, there was nothing he could do about it. He kept quiet for a moment but then glanced up at Bai Mu again. “That … you do know Xin Lan, right? I heard the two of you talk yesterday.”

Bai Mu nodded, not quite sure where this was going. “I do. We ran into each other in the human realm before.” He didn’t quite understand what this had to do with this person though.

“Oh, well, I’m accompanying him to the dragon realm just now. And since I didn’t know anybody else here and Xin Lan is currently busy, I was wondering if you could show me around a bit maybe?”

Fu Min looked from one person to the other, trying to figure out why he got a slightly weird vibe from this interaction. This Hua Lin Yu was Xin Lan’s fiance. Even if Xin Lan was busy, shouldn’t he make sure that his fiance actually found the right person to show him around? Why did he have to go around and knock on doors to find the person he was looking for? And why did he then go to a person that he didn’t even know and that Xin Lan had obviously never talked about this with? This whole thing was very mysterious and he couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong with it.

Bai Mu also wasn’t quite sure what all of this was about but Xin Lan and he had indeed just met yesterday again and in a sense, he could probably say that he owed it to Xin Lan that he was now reunited with Nie Huang. After all, without Xin Lan’s help, he likely never would have been freed from the Chun Feng Sect’s dungeon. So doing the person traveling with him a favor definitely wasn’t asking too much.

“Well, if it’s like this, then I naturally wouldn’t say no. Just give me a moment.” He turned to Nie Huang and stepped back into the room, closing the door. Anyway, they should have at least a little bit of privacy, right? “I think you remember who Xin Lan is, right?”

Nie Huang nodded. Bai Mu had told her everything about how he had been finally freed from the Chun Feng Sect and managed to find her and bring her to the dragon realm. Since Xin Lan’s name had been mentioned several times in that story, she remembered it well. “I do. So you should definitely go and help out. I’ll just get back to cultivating. Even though we don’t need to worry anymore that my time will be running out, it can’t be wrong to try and get a little further. If I can really become one of those ascended deities, it’ll be easier to travel around in the immortal realms as well. Then you won’t have to be worried about me anymore.” She tiptoed and cupped his cheeks, giving him a short kiss on the lips. “Alright, go. I can be a few hours without my husband-to-be.”

Bai Mu nodded but still leaned down once and kissed her cheek before he left. Closing the door behind him, he nodded at Hua Lin Yu and then turned to Fu Min and Fu Heng. “Will the two advisers accompany us as well?” He wasn’t quite sure why but he did feel that it might be better if they did. After all, he didn’t know this boy at all.

Fu Min and Fu Heng exchanged a glance. Fu Heng actually didn’t care but Fu Min was quite curious. He just wasn’t sure if he would find anything out by following them openly. After all, who would make it obvious if something was going on that shouldn’t be shown publicly? Still, Bai Mu was likely too sharp not to figure out if they tried to covertly follow behind so he happily nodded. “Sure. Why not? Anyway, Fu Heng and I weren’t busy.” He stepped out of the room, pulling his husband along who probably could’ve imagined something better to do.

But anyway, Fu Heng would always go along with whatever his husband wanted.

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