OMF V3C89 Trying to Help Him

The three disciples from the outer sect grew flustered when they realized this. Senior martial brother Yu wouldn’t think that they had brought him to the wrong room, would he? They didn’t want him to think badly of them!

They reeled for a moment before the one that had been a little calmer before turned back to him and gave an apologetic smile, bowing to him. “I’m sorry, senior martial brother Yu. It seems that Qiguan Cheng Da isn’t in right now. You said it was urgent, right? Should we send somebody to search for him?”

Yu Jin kept quiet for a moment as if he had to think about it. In the end, he shook his head. “If this was so urgent that it could be called a question of life or death, he probably would have mentioned to the disciple that was supposed to inform me where he’d like to meet. Since he didn’t do that, it should be alright to wait until he comes back.”

The other three disciples nodded. Senior martial brother Yu really knew how to judge situations! They wouldn’t have thought of this at all.

Yu Jin glanced at them and then motioned toward the door. “I reckon it doesn’t make much sense to stand in front of his door. I will go and wait downstairs. Thank you for your help.”

“Ah, we can keep you company, senior martial brother Yu!”

“Yes, yes! Who knows when Qiguan Cheng Da will come back? You might be waiting for a long time. Wouldn’t it be boring to be all by yourself? We wouldn’t mind at all!”

Yu Jin looked at them with a strained expression. In fact, he would prefer it if he was left alone. Then he could just close his eyes and meditate. Who knew? Doing so at another spot might actually jog his memory and let him fully remember the place he had caught glimpses of before.

The calm disciple looked at Yu Jin’s expression and then at the two disciples that were trying to offer their help eagerly. He felt that he understood that somebody like their senior martial brother Yu might not be too fond of a loud environment. He’d probably feel troubled if there were three people jumping around him. In the hope of helping him out, he cleared his throat and shook his head at the other two. “Senior martial brother Yu is a very dedicated disciple, you also know that. He probably wouldn’t want to waste any time and already has something else in mind that he’d like to do. We shouldn’t disturb him. In fact, it might be good if we made sure that nobody else disturbed him either.”

The other two disciples looked bummed out at first when they heard that they wouldn’t be able to spend more time with Yu Jin but as soon as the option to help him came up, they were hooked.

“Ah, that’s true! We have to make sure that those random disciples don’t walk up and bother him.”

“Yes, that’s very important. We should make a plan.”

Yu Jin almost heaved a sigh of relief. That one disciple wasn’t too bad but he did not want to have two chatterboxes next to him. That would only make trouble. Well, he wasn’t quite sure yet if they would indeed stay away or if this was only a momentary condition. Anyway, he might be in luck with the third disciple around.

The four people finally returned back to the first floor. The three disciples made it a point to offer Yu Jin the best place. Before he could say anything else, one of them slapped his forehead and ran to get him tea. The second one slapped his forehead as well and then ran to get pastries. He definitely couldn’t be outdone!

The third disciple watched them leave, turned back to Yu Jin and clasped his hands with a bow. “I’m sorry, senior martial brother Yu. They really admire you a lot so they’re quite excited. Please don’t hold it against them.”

Yu Jin gave a noncommittal hum and then just closed his eyes, indicating that he didn’t want to be disturbed any longer.

The disciple stood there awkwardly for a moment, not knowing what to do. Eventually, he went to pick up the book that the other disciple had thrown to the side and went to hide it at a better place. Afterward, he positioned himself a little ways from Yu Jin so he would be able to tell any disciple off that came to bother him.

Thus when the other two returned with their spoils, they weren’t able to present them to Yu Jin. They put them on the table with pitiful expressions and then also looked for a spot where they could guard this idol of theirs.

While the third disciple was dutifully doing his task, the two of them couldn’t help but glance over every now and then. Ah, they felt really lucky to be able to watch senior martial brother Yu meditate. Who would have thought that he was not only a talented disciple that was favored by their Sect Master but also so diligent and handsome?

Yu Jin noticed their looks but he pretended not to. He just kept his eyes closed and waited.

As for Qiguan Cheng Da … He had figured that Yu Jin didn’t know the outer sect very well so he should go to one of the few places that he knew. To him, the likeliest choice was the talisman pagoda so he went there and sat down in the usual room.

At first, he was sure that the inner sect disciple he had asked for help had been stalling for time and thus Yu Jin hadn’t come yet. Only after a few hours did he realize that there was no way that could be the reason. Either Yu Jin hadn’t come at all or he had gone to wait at another place.

Neither of that was good. If Yu Jin was angry, then not only might he be barred from going on this mission that would be excellent for hiding the matter with the Amethyst Lightning pill, but he might also lose the favor he had slowly established. He couldn’t let that happen!

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