SML V2C11 What Kind of Fish Are You?

Mo Fang hadn’t noticed at all. His thoughts were already circling around the date they would have and how this was the official start of their relationship. Ah, he couldn’t wait to get even closer to Li Ming in the following days!

He tugged at his sleeve and gave a happy smile. “Let’s go in then!”

Li Ming might’ve felt a little uncomfortable but then again, they were just different types of people. He shouldn’t dampen the mood on their date and just let it be for now. He should try to enjoy the day and then he could mention it when they had some time to themselves. Doing this in public definitely wouldn’t be the right way. Thus, he nodded and then followed Mo Fang inside.

The two of them took the escalator up and went to get their tickets before they started walking through the exhibition. Mo Fang held onto Li Ming’s hand, almost sticking to his side. Anyway, he was here for a date. He should make sure that he made the most out of it. They could look at a few of the fishes, point some out that they thought were cute, and maybe talk about pet names they could use for each other in the future. That would definitely be interesting.

Much to his surprise — and quite frankly his dismay — that was not what Li Ming intended to do.

When they reached the first exhibition on the aquatic life in their own country, Li Ming looked at the fish, trying to see whether he knew any of them and then actually stopped in front of one of the signposts with information on the animals being shown.

Mo Fang’s eyes widened and he turned to look at him in doubt. Li Ming … wouldn’t want to read all of that, would he? “Bro Li …”

Li Ming glanced over, raising his brows. “What? Am I standing in your way? I’m sorry.” He stepped a little to the side, feeling that this had to be the issue. He even gave Mo Fang a smile before he turned back to the sign.

Mo Fang stared at him utterly flabbergasted. What was going on here? This wasn’t how a date was supposed to go! Where were the cute pet names, the showing PDA, and sneakily making out when nobody could be seen? Why was he reading up about fish?!

Even though Mo Fang wasn’t happy, there wasn’t really anything he could do. After all, if he did, Li Ming might be taken aback and the progress he had made would all be lost. Maybe Li Ming would even break up with him because he didn’t like his attitude. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened to him. No, he had to make sure that he just slowly made things move in the right direction.

Reassuring himself that there was still a way to get out of the date what he wanted, Mo Fang turned to the sign as well and pretended to read. As soon as he noticed that Li Ming seemed to have finished, he turned to him and gave a smile. “Finished?”

Li Ming nodded. “Yes. It’s interesting, isn’t it? To be honest, I really don’t know much about fish. Not even the ones from our own country. I guess when we get to the other areas, it will be even more interesting.”

Mo Fang nodded good-naturedly and then inched a little closer to Li Ming again, putting his head against his shoulder. “You’re so smart, Bro Li. I’m sure that after we get out of here, you’ll likely be able to remember all of this. I feel like I often forget this kind of stuff right after reading it.”

Li Ming laughed lightly and shook his head. “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you say. Come on, let’s see what else they have here.”

Mo Fang nodded and followed him, using every opportunity he could get to wrap around his new boyfriend.

The close contact made Li Ming a little nervous but he also didn’t know what to say about it so he could only glance at Mo Fang every now and then and give him a smile. Anyway, hugging wasn’t bad, it was just that he was worried about how things would be in the future.

Soon enough, Mo Fang went for step two of his plan. Even though getting close was nice, it was something that could be done at any place. He had to make use of where they were currently at to the best of his abilities.

Looking around, he finally pointed at an urchin, giving him a bright smile. “Ah, look at that one. It looks a bit funny, don’t you think so?”

Li Ming looked over, smiling a little. “I don’t know if I would call it funny. Actually, it’s quite beautiful, don’t you think so? The way it sways in the current? It’s a bit hypnotic.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and then looked around the tanks before a mischievous smile settled at the corners of his lips. “Say, if you were a fish, what kind of fish do you think you would be?”

Li Ming raised his brows at that, a little surprised at first. Thinking about it, it wasn’t that strange though. Most likely, this was the type of thing you talked about on a date, right? After all, while it was interesting to learn something about sea life, this was also an opportunity for them to get to know each other better.

This kind of question was actually quite good for that. Depending on what they chose as their answer, it would tell the other person a lot about them. The problem was just that he had no idea how to answer this.

Li Ming slightly furrowed his brows, trying to think of some fishes and whether he felt there was something he could relate to. Unfortunately, even though he had read up on everything in the exhibition, he didn’t have any idea. In the end, he could only turn to Mo Fang with a slightly embarrassed expression. “I’m not sure. What kind of fish would you choose?”

“A crowntail betta.”

He said so without the slightest hesitation, making Li Ming raise his brows. He really wondered just what kind of fish that would be.

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