OMF V7C432 Fate at Play

Without any information other than that the person was male, even Fu Min was not able to find out just who it might be. After all, there were just too many men around the dragon king to identify the person just based on that. Honestly, it would’ve been easier to find a woman in the dragon king’s palace. After all, there wasn’t a single one that was close to their king.

He scratched his cheek and then looked around. “Well, if you say it was somebody who is living close by here, then there aren’t too many options.” In fact, it was either one of the other advisers or one of the important guests. He motioned over to two of the rooms next to Xin Lan’s. “The two living in the rooms over there are currently in the Nine Heavens on a mission His Majesty gave them. So from his Majesty’s advisers, that leaves only Xiang Yong and An Bai. They are in these two rooms.” He pointed over once again, looking at Hua Lin Yu to see what he thought.

Hua Lin Yu shook his head though. If he remembered correctly … “I think I saw that Xiang Yong person yesterday so it’s not him. And the other one is living on the wrong side. It should be somebody on your side of the corridor.”

Fu Min nodded. “In that case, I think there’s only Bai Mu left, right?” He turned to look at Fu Heng who nodded wordlessly.

Fu Min turned back to Hua Lin Yu, entering gossip mode. “He is His Majesty’s cousin-in-law.”

Hua Lin Yu blinked his eyes trying to understand that relationship. The dragon king’s cousin-in-law … That should be the cousin of his lover, right? So the cousin of the person that he had seen in the mortal realm? But wasn’t that … He couldn’t help but think of the man he had collided with in front of the guest house, his expression turning a little more serious. It should be that man’s wife, right? But that didn’t make sense.

He shook his head, trying to get rid of that thought. No, why should this have anything to do with him? Anyway, he was currently just looking for somebody who could show him around a bit. These two in front of him were really nice. In the worst case, he’d just ask them even though he couldn’t deny that he was really curious about this person that made Xin Lan evade his question like that.

Fu Min wasn’t quite sure what Hua Lin Yu’s reaction meant but by now, he was intrigued enough to want to get to the bottom of this. He let go of his husband and then went over to Bai Mu’s door and knocked.

A moment later, the door was opened. The one on the other side wasn’t Bai Mu though. Nie Huang raised her brows. “Adviser Fu Min, what may I do for you?”

Hua Lin Yu looked at Nie Huang curiously. This woman … He had no idea who she was but she seemed to be a human cultivator just like him. At the very least, he could make out that she was of a slightly lower level than himself. It wasn’t by much though. Well, that was to be expected if she lived in the dragon realm.

Fu Min gave her a smile and motioned inside. “Sister Nie, is Bai Mu in?”

Nie Huang nodded and then turned to the back, her expression brightening. “Ah Mu, adviser Fu Min wants to talk to you.”

“Is that so? Did something happen?” There was a smile in the voice that answered hers, even though the content was serious.

Hua Lin Yu’s expression lit up when he heard that voice. That was definitely the person that he had heard talking with Xin Lan yesterday! It seemed that he had really made the right decision when he went to knock on the door.

Steps sounded and then Bai Mu appeared next to Nie Huang, casually wrapping an arm around her waist while he turned to look at Fu Min and Fu Heng. “Adviser Fu Min, adviser Fu Heng, what may I do for you?”

Fu Min just motioned at the youth that was standing next to him. “Actually, it’s not me. We were looking for a person for this young man here.” He turned to look at Hua Lin Yu, wanting to ask if this was the one he had been looking for but he stopped himself when he saw Hua Lin Yu’s expression. Somehow … it seemed as if this youth was a little mesmerized by Bai Mu?

In fact, Fu Min wasn’t wrong with that. Hua Lin Yu couldn’t explain it to himself but seeing this man, his heart suddenly beat faster. He stared at him, trying to make sense of what was going on. No matter how he looked at him, he was sure that this was definitely the very same person that he had seen in the Long kingdom’s capital city. And even back then, he had somehow thought about this man more than once. Now, seeing him again, there was something at the back of his head that seemed to whisper that this was fate at work.

Yes, there had to be a reason for them to meet twice. Two times, the stars had aligned in some way so that they could meet. Once, he had almost missed him because Xin Lan didn’t want to tell him the truth. Now, he had found him again though. This … There had to be more to it, wasn’t that right?

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