OMF V3C88 The Sect Master’s Disciple

Yu Jin was completely right with that thought. Cen Fu was beaming with happiness even after Yu Jin left that hurriedly. In fact, he was this happy precisely because Yu Jin had left so fast. After all, didn’t this mean that senior martial brother Yu had taken his words very seriously and thought that this was an emergency? In that case, it could be said that he had been able to help him. How great was that?

He couldn’t help but rush away himself, going to tell his friends about what had just happened. Ah, to think that he would have such luck! Maybe he should write a thank you letter to that Qiguan Cheng Da later on.

Meanwhile, Yu Jin arrived at the outer sect and landed in front of the building where Qiguan Cheng Da lived. He didn’t know if he would be there but even if he wasn’t, this was the place he would naturally return to later on. It would probably be best to wait there for him instead of searching around aimlessly.

Naturally, he could have used his spiritual energy to search for him but … his Master had already wondered when he found out that he was able to draw talismans. If he exposed another ability, things would get worse.

Thus he walked into the building, taking a look around. Even though he knew that Qiguan Cheng Da lived there, he had never actually entered the house so he didn’t know where Qiguan Cheng Da lived exactly. He would only be able to ask around to make sure of that.

Just like the building where Jing Yi lived, this building also had an area where all the disciples could gather on the first floor. Right now, there were three disciples sitting around a table with a book in front of them, discussing it spiritually.

Yu Jin didn’t think any further and walked up to them, clasping his fists. “Greetings. May I ask a question?”

The three of them looked up and then flinched. Two of them reached out at the same time to close the book but only managed to slap each other’s hands. Furthermore, because of the scuffle, the book was actually pushed closer toward Yu Jin.

He raised his brows when he saw the picture inside but didn’t say anything. Honestly, if the three hadn’t reacted that way, he wouldn’t even have glanced at it. That really was one way of making yourself look suspicious. Well, it wasn’t his task to say anything about this and there weren’t any rules in place for having this kind of book anyway.

Yu Jin lowered his hands and then looked at the third person that had kept the calmest. “I was notified that the disciple Qiguan Cheng Da was looking for me because of an urgent issue. As far as I’m aware, he should be living in this building. Is that right?”

“Yes!” The disciple couldn’t help but leap to his feet and stand up taller.

Yu Jin slightly raised his brows but didn’t say anything. “And would you happen to know which room he is in?”

The disciple blinked, not knowing what to say. He wasn’t actually living in this building and had just come over to visit his friends. But now, he was the one who had originally answered and was asked this question. Could he really just say that he didn’t know? Wouldn’t senior martial brother Yu think that he didn’t want to talk to him then? He didn’t want that!

Before he could come up with a good response, one of the other disciples finally managed to close the book. Seeing that the title could now be seen, he winced and then threw it behind him, out of sight. Then he leaped to his feet as if nothing had happened and nodded eagerly. “Yes! Yes, he’s living on the second floor. I can bring you over!”

The disciple on the other side also got up and motioned to the stairs. “I can also bring you over! It’s up there!”

Yu Jin looked from one person to the other, not quite knowing how to deal with this. Anyway, there was only one Qiguan Cheng Da and one room he lived in. Why did two people want to show him the way? “Well, why don’t you bring me over together?”

The disciples exchanged a glance and then rushed forward, scrambling out from where they were standing between the table and the chairs and toward the staircase as if it was important who would reach first.

The third disciple looked a little embarrassed at seeing them like that. He slowly walked over to Yu Jin and nodded. “I’m sorry. We don’t see disciples of the inner sect very often. Especially not …” He looked down and didn’t say anything else but Yu Jin already understood.

It seemed that the fact that he was the Sect Master’s disciple had been spread around. In that case, the other disciples’ reaction wasn’t too strange. After all, save for Grandmaster Zhangsun, Yuchi Bing Xia held the highest position in the sect. Naturally, some of that splendor would affect him as well.

Yu Jin nodded. “I see. Thank you for telling me. I was wondering about that.”

The disciple beamed as if he felt that it was an honor that he had been able to answer another question for Yu Jin. Seeing that behavior, Yu Jin felt that it was a headache. If it was already like this now, then what would happen if he regularly went on missions and showed his face around the sect? He didn’t even want to think about it.

No, in the future, it would be better if he just stayed home and meditated. Anyway, there was still a secret to figure out so that was very much in line with what he wanted to do.

The four people finally arrived in front of the door to the room that Qiguan Cheng Da lived in. The two disciples in front turned around and eagerly talked over each other to tell Yu Jin that this was where he wanted to go.

The other disciple sighed, stepped past them and knocked on the door. Anyway, they could hardly expect their senior martial brother Yu to do this on his own, could they?

The four of them waited but, unfortunately, nothing happened. It seemed that Qiguan Cheng Da wasn’t in.

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