OMF V3C87 An Urgent Message

As for the disciple that was supposed to inform Yu Jin that Qiguan Cheng Da wanted to speak to him … He stood in front of the door of Yu Jin’s house with a nervous expression. He raised his hand to knock only to lower it immediately. He looked around in all directions and then brushed back his hair, making sure that his headwear was still in place and that no strands were standing up. Then, he smoothed out the wrinkles on his robe and gave his belt a tug to ensure it fit well. Only then did he raise his hand again and finally knocked.

Inside of the house or, more precisely, in the courtyard in the middle of the house, Yu Jin opened his eyes and raised his head, his brows following along. Even though he had meditated, he had noticed that somebody was approaching his house thanks to the spiritual energy a cultivator would inevitably give off. He had felt that it was strange that the person would hesitate so long in front of his door but he hadn’t cared much. In fact, he would have preferred if the person left. Now, it seemed that they wanted to talk to him after all. Well, he would not send them away either.

Judging from the energy he felt, this shouldn’t be Yuchi Bing Xia. He couldn’t imagine who else would come to see him though. Wu Min Huan almost never came to look for him as if he wanted to have the least possible amount of contact with him. As for Qiguan Cheng Da, he wasn’t able to set foot in the inner sect, so it couldn’t be him either. Yu Jin actually felt a little intrigued at that thought. Just who had come to see him?

Thus he got up and went over to personally open the door. Seeing an unfamiliar disciple, he raised his brows again. He couldn’t even assign a name to this person, although the pattern at the hem of his lapel told him that he was an inner sect disciple as well. “You are …?”

The disciple straightened up and clasped his hands, bowing to Yu Jin. “Greetings, senior martial brother Yu. I am Cen Fu, a disciple of the inner sect. I hope I’m not disturbing you in anything important.”

The disciple looked up at Yu Jin with sparkling eyes, making him wonder once again just what was going on. This was not the first time a disciple looked at him like this. He couldn’t understand though. He hardly left his house and if he did, it was only because his Master had asked to see him or because he went to the outer sect to help a bit in the talisman pagoda and speak with Qiguan Cheng Da. They were hardly able to even see him. So what was with that reaction?

Even though he wanted to know, he couldn’t just ask about it. This was something he would need to figure out himself with some time and careful observation. For now, the question was what this disciple was doing here.

Yu Jin cupped his fists as well and nodded. “Greetings. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Then what my might I do for junior martial brother Cen?”

The disciple looked even happier when Yu Jin asked. “Well, just now, I was in the public space separating the inner and outer sect and then a disciple called out to me.”

Yu Jin wondered just how long it would take if this disciple told him the whole story but he just waited for him to get it over with. Anyway, if he invited him inside to sit, it would just make it longer.

“He said his name was Qiguan Cheng Da and that he had been searching for you.” Cen Fu wanted to give some more details but then considered that it might be better to just tell Yu Jin the most important facts first. If there was something he wanted to know in more detail, senior martial brother Yu might as well ask him. He didn’t want to waste his time, after all. “Anyway, it seems that there is an issue with some mission that you posted and he wants to talk to you about that. He couldn’t enter the inner sect though so I offered to help out a bit. It seemed quite urgent.”

Yu Jin nodded slowly. An issue with the mission he had posted … Thinking of what he had inscribed on those jade slips and what the general information that other disciple had written on the scroll he pasted to the wall, he didn’t feel that it should be a problem with the mission itself. Most likely, Qiguan Cheng Da just wanted to talk about it.

It likely wasn’t urgent but Qiguan Cheng Da might have tried to give that impression when he told this disciple. He might have been afraid that he wouldn’t go and inform him otherwise.

In that case, this junior martial brother Cen likely thought that he had done a very good deed and maybe even made sure that no trouble arose. That as probably worth his thanks?

Yu Jin nodded at him. “Thank you very much for taking care of this. It’s good to see that you’re willing to help another disciple in need.” It was just a little unfortunate that this was wasted on something like this but as long as he didn’t know, it shouldn’t have any negative consequences.

The disciple looked especially happy when he got Yu Jin’s thanks. “There’s no need to thank me, senior martial brother Yu. It’s what I should do. Anyway, your mission is likely very important. Naturally, you would want to know if there was a problem with it. I really couldn’t have just walked away with a good conscience knowing that. Ah! I also shouldn’t keep you here any longer. You probably want to hurry over and find out what exactly this is about.”

Yu Jin nodded again. “I should do that. Thank you again.” He cupped his fists and bowed, leaving the other disciple shellshocked. Before he could react, Yu Jin closed the door behind himself, pushed off the ground and then flew toward so outer sect grounds.

If he stayed any longer, who knew what kind of awkward conversation they would have to hold? He didn’t want to have to do that so it was better to leave immediately. Anyway, if this disciple ever found out what had really happened, he would probably just blame Qiguan Cheng Da.

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