OMF V3C86 It’s about Senior Martial Brother Yu

Naturally, Qiguan Cheng Da wouldn’t just take the mission and then call it quits. This was a good opportunity to go and see Yu Jin and further their relationship, after all.

Thus he went closer to the formation that separated the inner and outer sect and looked around to see if there was somebody he knew. He hadn’t spent so many years in the Yun Zou Sect for nothing. Even though he wasn’t a peerless talent and hadn’t made much progress on his cultivation, he had used this time to get to know people.

There was almost nobody he didn’t know in the outer sect and, well, if he did not know them, they were a nobody. As for the inner sect, he had managed to get acquainted with most regular disciples at least. He still hadn’t managed to get a foot in the door with the direct disciples of the Elders and he was far from forming a relationship with the head disciples but he was working on it. Yu Jin was his chance to change these circumstances.

Qiguan Cheng Da finally spotted a disciple he had talked to several times. He straightened up and cupped his fists, calling out to him. “Senior martial brother Cen, I’m sorry to bother you but have you seen senior martial brother Yu today?”

The other disciple stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Qiguan Cheng Da. To be honest, they weren’t close at all and had only seen each other a handful of times and talked maybe twice. Still, he wouldn’t just reject somebody who politely asked him something. “I’m sorry but I haven’t. He should be in his own house?”

“Oh, I see …” Qiguan Cheng Da looked away with a troubled expression. “I guess you wouldn’t have heard when he’d come out again either, would you?”

The other disciple shook his head and furrowed his brows. “Is there something important you have to discuss with him?”

“Well, something like that. It’s about that mission he had given out.”

The other disciple nodded slowly. “Well, I guess then it would be better to notify him.”

“Yes, that’s what I wanted to do. It’s just …” Qiguan Cheng Da gave a wry smile. “I can hardly do it myself what with being an outer sect disciple.” He tried to look embarrassed while he was actually feeling glee. Since the other person had brought it up himself he would definitely need to help him out now. Anyway, it wouldn’t be to this guy’s disadvantage if he had an excuse to go and see senior martial brother Yu. That guy was hard to get a hold of after all but was in a beneficial position. Getting an opportunity to talk with him was basically a gift.

The other disciple pondered for a while and then nodded indeed. “Well, you’re right with that. I guess there’s no other way then but to send somebody over. I guess it’s urgent?”

Qiguan Cheng Da hesitated. “No …”

The disciple wasn’t quite sure what to know of this but since the one speaking to him was an outer sect disciple, he felt that he might just not be willing to make more trouble. “Well, I’ll go myself then. Your name was …?”

“Oh, it’s Qiguan Cheng Da. Thank you very much, senior martial brother Cen.”

The other disciple nodded and then turned away. He rushed over to the Sect Master’s peak and looked around. He knew that senior martial brother Yu should be living on this peak but as for where exactly … He scratched his head and wondered if there were any other disciples around.

In the end, he went to the door of the only person he knew and knocked with a sheepish smile.

When it was opened, the hopeful face of Wu Min Huan appeared. “Yes? Ah, junior martial brother Cen! How nice of you to come by. Do you want to have a cup of tea?” He motioned inside, making the other disciple feel even more awkward.

“That … I’m sorry. Actually, I just came to ask something.”

“Oh.” Wu Min Huan deflated but still gave a forced smile. “Then, what might this be about? If I’m able to help, I’ll naturally do it.”

“Well … You wouldn’t happen to know where senior martial brother Yu lives?”

Wu Min Huan’s smile grew even more strained but he motioned over to a house on the other side of the path. “He lives over there. I wonder what this might be about?”

“Uh, well, an outer sect disciple wanted to see him but couldn’t get in touch. He said it was about a mission Yu Jin posted and I thought that sounded important so I told him I could go and inform him. I just didn’t think … well, I didn’t think things through until the end. I’m sorry I disturbed you.”

“Ah, it’s no problem at all. Yu Jin is my junior martial brother. If it’s about the mission he posted, then I should naturally help him get the information. Anyway, I shouldn’t keep you any longer. Since it is urgent it’ll be better if you go over right now.”

“Thanks for understanding, senior martial brother Wu!” The disciple bowed and then hurried away.

Wu Min Huan watched him leave and closed the door with a sigh. Anyway, why was everybody so hung up over Yu Jin? He had only been in the sect for a short five years. He also hardly left his house. How come both his Master and the other disciples were always talking about him and always asking about him? It was as if everybody had forgotten about the original head disciple.

Wu Min Huan closed his eyes and shook his head, trying to push away the thought. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a new one. Ah, he really wished he would have taken in that cute disciple from the capital city back then! Then he would have had at least one person to keep him company. Now, he really felt alone …

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