OMF V3C85 Who’s Snuggling up to Whom?

Looking at the content of the jade slip, Xiao Dong was quite satisfied. An investigation mission could take a long or short depending on the people that were attempting it and the place that was being investigated.

He wasn’t quite happy about the group of inner sect disciples with impressive Masters that would be accompanying them and the fact that there was no limit on the number of outer and inner sect disciples that wanted to take part but what he could see about the place they should investigate was very much pleasing to the eye.

The region around so Long mountain range was very big. And the fact that this information had been included for the mission should mean that that underground village they had to investigate might actually be just as extensive. In that case, they would need a long time for this mission. Don’t speak of weeks, they might even be gone for several months! How great was that?

Anyway, even if that village wasn’t as big as he hoped, he might still get an opportunity to turn things into his favor. After all, they certainly wouldn’t stay together as one big group all the time. If he managed to lure Shao Hai away so that they were alone and then distanced themselves further from the rest of the group, finally getting ’lost’ somewhere around that underground village or maybe outside in the wilderness, then they would need a lot of time to find the way back to the Yun Zou Sect.

Wasn’t that what had happened five years ago when they had been on their way to the Yun Zou Sect for the first time? And this time around, he would make sure that no friendly cultivator in white came by and offered them their help!

While Xiao Dong was trying to come up with ways to sabotage the mission, Shao Hai was looking at the contents with sparkling eyes. This was precisely what he had been looking for! He could hardly wait to set off.

Then again, he knew that he would need to be prepared. He should use the last few days to train some more and ask around what should be done before going on such a mission. He definitely couldn’t let anything go wrong if he wanted to impress Jing Yi. Thinking of that, he turned to Xiao Dong. Even though this guy wasn’t good to look at, he still had to admit that he was good with the sword. Maybe he’d also turn out to be helpful on a mission? “Do you think we should pack something?”

Xiao Dong glanced at him and snorted. “Would senior martial brother Qiu need to pack anything?”

Shao Hai gave him another angry look. Could this guy not go even a minute without mentioning that bastard? He really couldn’t hear that name anymore! “Well, I’m not that senior martial brother Qiu. And I didn’t ask about him either. I was asking would we should do.”

Xiao Dong already wanted to snap back when he realized what a great opportunity this was. Other than luring Shao Hai away from the Yun Zou Sect, this mission might also help him in seducing him. “Well … We could pack a tent. Then when it’s night, we could both go to sleep together. Wouldn’t you also like that? Or do you think it would be more romantic to sleep beneath the stars?”

Shao Hai’s expression turned disgusted in a heartbeat. “You shut up! I don’t even want to think about it. Anyway, there’s no need for that. I’m pretty sure the other disciples also won’t take a tent.” After all, they were all strong men. What need was there for a tent?

Xiao Dong pursed his lips. “Then how about a blanket? I think one should be enough. You can sleep in my embrace if you’re feeling cold.”

Shao Hai snorted. “What are you even talking about? If anything, then you should be the one sleeping in my embrace, shouldn’t you? I’m much taller than you!”

Xiao Dong’s brows twitched. His height compared to Shao Hai’s was one of his weaknesses. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do. Dragons aged much, much slower than humans. So while he had originally had a head start on Shao Hai, he was now lagging far behind.

The worst thing was that while Shao Hai would still be growing further in the next few years and become an adult in the humans’ eyes, things were different for him. Even though he did age, the difference that five years made was negligible. Most likely, even he himself wouldn’t be able to spot a difference.

In that kind of scenario, it really was difficult to seduce somebody. And because his magic wasn’t stable yet, he wasn’t even able to use his spiritual energy to change his appearance that way. That truly was a dilemma.

Still, right now, he couldn’t hide to lick his wounds. Shao Hai had just presented him with such a good opportunity to get closer. He couldn’t let that go to waste! “Well, if you like to do it that way, it’s also alright with me. Anyway, as long as we snuggled up to each other, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Shao Hai cursed him out but didn’t deign to say anything more to the subject. “Anyway, let’s talk about the mission for real. Even though they said it’s open for all disciples, this also states that the one in charge of us will be the Sect Master’s disciple, Yu Jin. I hard from the senior martial brothers that he is something like the favored child. His Master likes him even more than the original head disciple Wu Min Huan and let him take over his position. So we definitely can’t make a fool out of ourselves! Do you hear me?”

Xiao Dong nodded along as if he really cared about that. “Sure, sure. We’ll do exactly as you said.”

Shao Hai continued to complain but finally decided that it wasn’t worth it to talk about this with Xiao Dong. Thus he ran off to talk with some of the senior martial brothers to get some advice. Needless to say, Xiao Dong followed right behind, not giving him any time to leave his side for too long. He still had an important mission, after all!

When the two of them had left, a person stepped out from behind the corner of the building, furring his brows. “A mission Yu Jin is leading? I wonder what that could be. He didn’t say anything of the like. But if his Master sent him, it should be something important. Could it be that this is the thing the Sect Master came to talk about the other day?”

Thinking of that, Qiguan Cheng Da didn’t dare to tarry. He went into the building and also took a look at the mission. When he saw the contents, his lips curved up in a smile. Maybe this was exactly what he had been waiting for. And if it gave him an opportunity to get even closer to Yu Jin, then that was even better.

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