OMF V7C418 A Special Person?

Xin Lan grabbed his waist, his fingers brushing over the robe that couldn’t quite conceal the heat of his skin and his expression turned a little subtle. “Back then … What did you expect me to do?

“You were but a child. As I said, I don’t like children. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t like them that way. Promising to marry you … To be honest, I really wanted to get rid of you. As for why I came back …” He kept quiet for a moment but then looked up into Hua Lin Yu’s eyes. “Maybe I felt that there is some kind of fate between us.

“That might not be the explanation you want to hear but still, it’s the truth. There’s something between us that seems predestined.” He smiled faintly at that, thinking how it was funny just how true this was. Anyway, it wasn’t a bad thing to say, most likely.

He reached up, one hand grabbing Hua Lin Yu’s chin, and then leaned in to give him a kiss. He pondered for a moment, wondering how to explain it any better since Hua Lin Yu had no idea about what he had sworn back in the High Heavens. He couldn’t tell him the truth either or he might get into the kind of stupid situation Qiu Ling had found himself in. Thus, the only thing he had to argue with were the things that had happened in the mortal realm.

“You see, you were definitely a child that liked to cling to other people. But you especially liked to cling to me even though I wasn’t part of your family. It might not seem like much but when thinking about it a little further, then don’t you feel that there might be something more to that? Just what was it that drew you to me like that?

“I don’t think that I fully understand but the longer I thought about it, the more I felt that there might be a deeper meaning behind that. Maybe that was wrong. Maybe this between us will not even work out but I actually feel that we are quite compatible.” He leaned closer again, his lips brushing Hua Lin Yu’s skin.

He might’ve promised to wait until they returned from the dragon realm but if an opportunity presented itself to get a little closer, he definitely wouldn’t say no. Anyway, as long as there wasn’t a witness, they couldn’t be called married yet. They could just have some fun before that.

Unfortunately for him, Hua Lin Yu leaned away after a moment, giving him a scrutinizing look. “Are you telling the truth?”

Xin Lan gave another hum, his hands brushing over Hua Lin Yu’s back. “But of course. Why would I lie to you? Anyway, you’ve noticed that promising you just like that would be strange. And do you see any other explanation?”

Hua Lin Yu slightly furrowed his brows. Indeed. He couldn’t think of anything else. And there was some merit to what Xin Lan was saying. Maybe … this really was the truth. Anyway, Xin Lan had no reason to lie to him. And actually, he liked this explanation quite a lot. If there really was some predestined fate between them, then wouldn’t that be great? It had to mean that they would be happy forever with each other.

He hugged Xin Lan, feeling for a moment that it was really asking quite a lot to wait until they came back from the dragon realm before they got married. “Well, I’m really glad that you came back for me. I wouldn’t have known where to search for you.”

“Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.” Xin Lan cupped his cheeks and then leaned down, kissing him again. Anyway, Hua Lin Rong should be busy for some time looking around his own room and might even start trying to cultivate. They would have quite some time to themselves.

His thoughts were beautiful but Hua Lin Yu had other ideas. After a moment, he pulled back, giving him a brilliant smile. “Do you know, I always felt that there was something special about you. Something … that wasn’t quite like what I felt with my family even if it was a bit similar.”

Xin Lan nodded and then leaned in again but at that moment, Hua Lin Yu had already wriggled out of his arms. Xin Lan stood there with his hands awkwardly raised and looked at the youth. Was he being serious? Why was he walking away?

Hua Lin Yu went over to the window, opening it to take a look at the courtyard outside. “I really don’t know what it is but with my family, I felt really close with them from the very beginning. The earliest memories I have are all like that. I just felt some kind of connection with them. But with you …” He looked over his shoulder, prompting Xin Lan to come over and pull him back into his arms.

“Well, I’m not your family. It’s normal to feel different.” He leaned down and kissed his shoulder, reaching for his belt to try and take it off.

Hua Lin Yu grabbed his hand, giving him a happy smile while still thwarting his plans. “I guess that’s true but I still felt the need to get close to you.” There were confusion and wonder in his eyes but also a hint of longing.

Yes, he didn’t know how but from the moment he had first seen this person or, well, from the first time he remembered seeing this person, he had always felt the need to get close to him, to just be at his side, and lend himself to the security that Xin Lan made him feel.

Even now, lying in his arms gave him this kind of feeling. He didn’t know why. He just knew that he felt warm and so protected with him at his side. There was no place he would rather be at. Naturally, he wanted to stay with this person.

“I love you.” He didn’t feel that it was wrong to say these words even though they had only recently met again. Maybe he didn’t understand but he did indeed like this person. He was sure about it. What was love if not this feeling?

Xin Lan looked at him, his hand slowly squeezing Hua Lin Yu’s in return. He wasn’t quite sure what to say or do. Naturally, a confession should always be met with one of yours. It would make the other person definitely feel good if nothing else. And that was probably the step that needed to be taken to take things further.

But … he felt a bit unwilling. He didn’t like this talk about some special feelings towards him. He had heard it way too often in the past. The people of the dragon race had idolized him. Consciously or unconsciously, they all felt that he was a special kind of person because he was the only one unaffected by Tian’s curse.

Naturally, Hua Lin Yu knew nothing of that and it wasn’t his fault to have chosen these kinds of words. He also didn’t know that it would hurt the person he was talking to. But still, it put Xin Lan in a bad mood.

It seemed that the two of them would need quite some more time to get to know each other if they ever wanted to have an actual relationship.

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