SML V2C5 Feeling Like a Failure

Li Ming barely held back from texting Mo Fang and even managed to banish him from his thoughts for at least a while. When he sat down in the evening to watch a movie, he couldn’t help but think back to the day before when they had sat on that couch together though.

It really was strange how in such a short amount of time, you could actually make so many memories together with somebody. Well, maybe that also spoke to just how well the two of them got along. It probably wasn’t necessarily the case with other people.

Li Ming finally stopped the movie halfway, not feeling too interested after he noticed that his thoughts were drifting off all the time. Instead, he went to bed early, feeling faint excitement at the thought of getting up tomorrow and going to see Mo Fang. Thankfully, he wasn’t too excited to sleep so he actually woke up well rested the next morning.

Since he was used to it Li Ming got up quite early, washed up, and then went to make breakfast. While preparing the ingredients, he couldn’t help but think of Mo Fang who had seemed really surprised when he served him those pancakes the first morning he stayed at his house.

He unwittingly smiled to himself and then pulled out his phone, opening the chat. His thumb hovered over the keyboard for a moment and he wondered if he should text him or not. It was still pretty early and considering that Mo Fang had said he would like to sleep in a little on his day off, he wasn’t too sure if it would be a good idea. But he also felt that it would be a nice gesture to offer him something. After all, if they did go running together, it would also be nice to eat together, right? Come to think of it, he could invite Mo Fang over afterward. Or maybe it would be better to go to lunch together?

He stared at his phone in a daze, not quite sure what to do. He wanted to do something nice for Mo Fang but he didn’t even know where to start. Ah, relationships were difficult.

He put the phone down, and propped his hands up on the counter, staring at the cutting board. A relationship, eh? It seemed that he really didn’t need to think about this any longer.

Yes, when they met up later on, he would tell him. He didn’t need any more time to think about this. He already knew what he wanted. And thankfully, it seemed he wanted the exact same thing that Mo Fang also wanted.

Li Ming smiled to himself and then continued preparing breakfast, sitting down to eat alone. Finally, he did the dishes, and then it was already time to head out. He didn’t know what route exactly they would take since they had agreed to meet in the middle of their homes but judging from the day before, it probably wouldn’t be too long.

He wasn’t quite sure if Mo Fang was actually too interested in jogging. He had managed to keep up very well but it might be that he was just naturally athletic while not actually that interested in jogging itself. Well, they could still enjoy other things together late.

Li Ming went to the spot where they were supposed to meet up on foot, walking and jogging intermittently. When he arrived, he was already more than warmed up but still had a lot of energy to go. Especially so when he saw Mo Fang standing at the entrance of the park.

This time, Mo Fang had on actual sportswear. While the pants were still relatively loose, they obviously fit him better, showcasing his long legs. He had matched a tank top with it that left his arms bare and hugged his chest as if to really drive home the point just why he had become a model.

Li Ming took a shallow breath and then went over, giving him a smile. “Hey.” He couldn’t help but feel that he sounded a little breathless. Well, thankfully, he could still pretend that it was because of running here.

Mo Fang looked up as if he hadn’t been on the lookout for him at all and smiled as well. “Bro Li, you’re already here.” Looking him over, he pretended to be surprised and then a little embarrassed. “Oh, wow, you actually jogged here? Now, I’m feeling bad. I actually took the train.”

Li Ming rubbed his neck, not quite sure what to say. “That … There is really no reason to feel bad about it. It’s my own fault for deciding on this.”

Mo Fang smiled, brushing through his hair with his hands, making Li Ming unwittingly take another look at those slender fingers. “Well, I actually regretted it as soon as I got on. People were looking at me as if I was a joke. Who puts on sportswear and then goes by train? I guess we should just go and run now or I’ll really feel like I’m a failure.”

Li Ming shook his head, his gaze softening. “You’re definitely not. Anyway, let’s go.” He wondered if he should tell him his decision immediately but Mo Fang seemed so embarrassed that he didn’t want to add on to that. Anyway, they could talk about that later on.

Mo Fang had no idea that he had actually gotten much closer to his goal already and just nodded, following Li Ming into the park and then slowly going from a walk to a jog. He was sure that today, he would make him realize that he was definitely a good choice as a partner.

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