OMF V7C417 An Adorable Child

Hua Lin Rong’s face suggested that he had about a thousand questions more but he didn’t dare to bring them up. While Xin Lan was able to see that, he wasn’t about to do him the favor of just explaining everything at once. Anyway, they would be staying in the dragon realm for quite some time. There was no need to talk about everything immediately.

Instead, it would be better to let him ask by himself after some time so that they wouldn’t run out of things to say halfway through this journey. Also, answering a question that he was being asked instead of volunteering all the information would probably make Hua Lin Rong appreciate him more. That was definitely what he wanted to achieve.

With that in mind, he turned back to Hua Lin Yu, lightly brushing through his hair. “Do you want to go inside?”

Hua Lin Yu nodded excitedly and the three of them finally entered the estate. While Hua Lin Yu eagerly looked around, Hua Lin Rong’s gaze grew subtle. Xin Lan had always carried himself with an air that suggested he had a high status in the dragon realm but guessing that and finally seeing proof of that conjecture were two different things altogether.

Everything in this estate was of high quality: From the flooring to the ceiling to each and every one of the decorations that lined the walls, there was nothing that couldn’t be called superb. Obviously, this was not the kind of place that just anyone would have. No, his status was indeed just as high as he had always assumed.

Pondering about it for a while, Hua Lin Rong actually felt that it was quite good. While it might mean that Xin Lan would have some expectations about their life, he clearly had the means to provide for that himself and wouldn’t require them to take care of that even in the mortal realm. He wouldn’t be trying to just freeload off of them which their family had always feared in terms of human cultivators that wanted to use them for their resources. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem at all and it would instead be Xin Lan that would be able to provide more for Xiao Yu.

Also, if they really went to live in the dragon realm in the future, this was reassuring in so far that most likely, nobody would dare to make trouble for Xin Lan’s beloved spouse. This meant that his younger brother would be very safe here. He really couldn’t wish for more.

The three of them went through the whole building. Finally, Xin Lan showed Hua Lin Rong a room that he could stay in while he led Hua Lin Yu to his own. “I’m going to assume that you won’t mind sharing a room with me, right?”

Hua Lin Yu smiled, clearly not minding in the least. “Didn’t we already share a room back in the mortal realm? Why would I suddenly mind that now? I’m happy if the two of us can spend some more time together.”

He craned his neck and kissed him on the lips, before slipping out of his arms and taking a closer look around the room. “It’s really nice. The place, the house, and this room is as well. I think living here wouldn’t be bad.”

Xin Lan smiled and then followed him, brushing through Hua Lin Yu’s hair and curling one of the black strands around his finger. “If there’s anything you want to have changed, you can just tell me.”

Hua Lin Yu looked over his shoulder, his lips curving up in a smile. “You’re really spoiling me.”

Xin Lan pulled him back up against his chest and leaned down, his lips brushing over Hua Lin Yu’s ear. “I have the feeling that whether it’s in the Hua family or in the Jian Yi Sect, you have been spoiled your whole life. I certainly wouldn’t want to lick behind.”

Hua Lin Yu laughed and leaned back, resting his head on Xin Lan’s shoulder. “I guess it’s true. What can I do? I was such an adorable child. Naturally, people couldn’t help but spoil me.”

Xin Lan laughed as well and wrapped his arms around him, gently kissing his neck. “You really were adorable as a child.”

Hua Lin Yu glanced at his expression and then reached up, grabbing his chin. “Xin Lan, why do I feel like you actually didn’t think so when I was a child?”

Xin Lan narrowed his eyes and gave a smile, not quite sure if he should admit it or not. “What do you mean?”

“When I was trying to hold on to you, you always tried to make my brother or my parents carry me instead. And then, when you brought me to the Jian Yi Sect, you also did your best to leave me there, never once returning for even the shortest visit. Do you really want to pretend that you thought I was an adorable child?”

Xin Lan gave a hum, feeling that there really was no use in pretending. “Children can be adorable … if looked at from the distance. I do have to admit that I don’t quite like them though.”

Hua Lin Yu turned in his arms and then hugged his neck, giving him a long look. “Then why promise to marry me?” It wasn’t that he regretted that promise or didn’t want to marry him anymore but he couldn’t help but be curious about what Xin Lan’s thoughts on the matter were. If he hadn’t liked him as a child, then why would he do something like this and then actually come back to marry him? It seemed completely illogical to him.

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