OMF V7C411 He Wouldn’t Let Go of Him

Fei Bai Mu found herself to be in a bit of the pinch. Truth be told, she did not want to give her blessing to this relationship. While she could see that Xin Lan was strong and that his status in the dragon race wasn’t low, that alone didn’t make a good partner. In fact, for cultivators like them, it might be one of the least important things.

The most important thing about a person that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with was that they were true to you. And, unfortunately, she did not believe that Xin Lan would be able to do that for Hua Lin Yu. So if she was honest with herself, then she wanted to say no.

Looking at her two older disciples, they obviously shared that sentiment even though she suspected that the reasons for doing so were quite different from hers. On the other hand, Hua Lin Yu was beaming at her, obviously expecting a yes. And, well, what could she say? If she told him what she had seen back then, he would be heartbroken. And if he wasn’t, then that would be because he didn’t believe her. What would her words change then? He would only be unhappy with her but still pine for Xin Lan.

Fei Bai Mu took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “That is quite unexpected.”

Xin Lan continued to look at her but there were some hidden undercurrents in his gaze. Quite frankly, if she wanted to say yes, she could have done so immediately. This hesitation and the words she said just now … they both indicated that she was not about to do so. Naturally, he wasn’t happy with that. “Is it though? I said that if he wanted to be my family, then we would need to get married. Since he has come of age now, this is the time to make true on that promise.”

Fei Bai Mu looked at him, not backing down. “I’m sure that Senior Xin Lan understands what I mean. You did not visit the Jian Yi Sect even once in all these years. We did not even know where you were. I just did not expect that you would appear just like this. I probably guessed that … you would make an appearance a little sooner and maybe more frequently as well before asking me this question.”

Xin Lan gave a hum but didn’t say anything else. He had already given an excuse to Hua Lin Yu who had believed him at once. Most likely, Fei Bai Mu wouldn’t so there was no need to say anything. “Is that a no then?”

Fei Bai Mu looked at her youngest disciple’s expression that was slowly turning devastated and also couldn’t bring herself to do so. “That’s not what I said. I merely think that this kind of decision requires a bit more time. Senior Xin Lan, why don’t we take a walk? Xiao Yu, you can show your brother around a bit. Have you already shown him how far you’ve gotten in the last few years since he’s seen you? You should give him a demonstration.”

Hua Lin Yu wanted to refute but Xin Lan reached over and took his hand. “Just do as your Master told you. It’s not wrong that there are certainly some things that need to be discussed. I will just do so and then see at which decision we arrive. Isn’t that also good? Your father did the same, didn’t he? It’s nothing to worry over.”

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows but still nodded. “Alright then.” He got up, his head hanging low, and then grabbed his brother’s sleeve. “Come on then, big brother. I’ll show you.”

Hua Lin Rong’s heart hurt seeing his little brother like this and he got up immediately, following him outside with the intention to cheer him up somehow. “Don’t worry, I’m sure she just wants to talk some things over with him before she makes a decision. Certainly, Sect Master Fei wouldn’t say no just like that. She just wants to make an informed decision. And Xin Lan is right. Wasn’t dad the same?”

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows. “But that’s different. He didn’t see me in a long time and he also didn’t know how I felt about Xin Lan. Master is different. She knows exactly that I want to marry him. Why wouldn’t she say yes immediately?”

Hua Lin Rong was a little lost at that. “Well … she might know you but she doesn’t know him. She probably just wants to make sure he won’t bully you.”

“Why would he do that in the first place?”

Hua Lin Rong really didn’t know what to say. “Well, he definitely wouldn’t. But … isn’t it still nice that she wants to keep you safe? Just give her a moment with him and I’m sure she’ll say yes afterward. Just wait it out, alright?”

Hua Lin Yu looked up at him, his expression unhappy. “But what if she says no?”

Hua Lin Rong pulled him into his arms and hugged him, rubbing his back to calm him down. “Then I’m sure that we’ll still find another way to make this work. Anyway, in the worst case, you can just elope. What can she say if you get married in the dragon realm?”

At that, Hua Lin Yu’s lips curved back up. “Right. We can just do what we want.” Yes, he definitely wouldn’t let anyone get between him and Xin Lan. Not even his own Master! He had waited way too long for that to happen. No, the time of waiting was over. He definitely wouldn’t let go of Xin Lan no matter what happened.

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