OMF V7C410 A Foreboding Feeling

Hua Lin Yu, as well as his big brother and his two senior martial brothers, were all cultivators of a high level, and Xin Lan as a dragon had a natural aptitude for all things regarding spiritual energy, so the group of five didn’t need long to reach the Jian Yi sect.

They stopped at the large square right behind the entrance, not even needing to wait for the disciples at the gate to check them considering the status of both Hua Lin Yu and the two Huo brothers. Afterward, they directly went to Fei Bai Mu’s palace.

At that time, the Sect Master was currently having a discussion with some of the Elders. Seeing the people that walked in, she slightly raised her brows. “Huo Cheng, Huo Hai, Xiao Yu, you’re back. And it seems you’ve brought some visitors with you.” She gave Xin Lan and Hua Lin Rong a nod and then turned to the Elders opposite her. “There are a few more details we will need to discuss. Since we have visitors, I would like to do that another time though.”

The Elders immediately got up, muttering that it definitely wasn’t a problem and then filed out of the room but not without taking a good long look at the people that had come.

Seeing Hua Lin Rong wasn’t unexpected since he had visited his younger brother several times in the past. Seeing the dragon that had appeared the other time when they had held the trial against the demon-hunting sects was a different matter altogether though. Why was he here? And why did he come with the three disciples of the Sect Master? How did he know the Hua family? There were a lot of questions that were worth pondering. They couldn’t wait to discuss this but also hoped they would be able to glean even a small piece of information if they lingered a little longer.

Fei Bai Mu could imagine that the old people of the sect would have something to gossip about in the next few hours but she didn’t say anything regarding that and just turned to the people that had arrived. “Take a seat. It does seem like you have a few more things to say.”

Hua Lin Yu immediately scooted over to the seat next to her and excitedly grabbed her sleeve. “Master, aren’t you happy that we are back?”

Fei Bai Mu couldn’t help but smile a bit. This disciple of hers … she might have spoiled him a little too much over the years. Was this really how you should behave toward your Master when others were around?

But, well, she couldn’t help herself. A child with this kind of tragic story that needed to be separated from his family at a young age because somebody had their eyes on them and might mean them harm was truly too sad to not want to make up for it.

Also, just like the rest of his family, Hua Lin Yu had a very high aptitude for cultivation. This kind of disciple was naturally a good one to have. He wasn’t any worse than her other disciples so it wasn’t like she was just doing the Hua family a favor. She could definitely say that she had also gained something from this.

“Naturally, your Master is happy to see you. I just can’t help but wonder about the others.” She turned to Hua Lin Rong first, giving a faint smile. “Young Master Hua, I’m surprised to see you. Your younger brother went out with his senior martial brothers to get to know the world out there. I thought that they might go and visit the Hua family but I did not expect you to come back here with him. Did something happen?”

Hua Lin Rong shook his head, not quite sure how to answer that. “Actually, I’m just here to accompany him because I’m worried about him. I’m not really the person that wanted to talk to you.” He glanced at Xin Lan, clearly expecting him to explain himself before he was further put on the spot.

Fei Bai Mu turned to the dragon, a foreboding feeling in her chest. Back then, she had also heard the words that Xin Lan had said but she hadn’t believed even a single one of them. After all, she had also seen how he treated that person from the spiritual beast tribe back in the Yun Zou Sect. That was not quite the kind of person she wanted her disciple to be with.

Unfortunately, Hua Lin Yu had believed all these years that he would really marry Xin Lan when he grew up. It had even been one of the things that he used as motivation for his cultivation. Whenever he worked extra hard, it wasn’t necessarily because he wanted to get stronger for himself but because he felt that if he were to be with Xin Lan in the future, he should be strong enough to stand at his side.

It was good to see that he was working hard but she was afraid that he was in for some inevitable heartbreak if he hung his heart on this person. Thus, she was everything but happy now that this person turned up at the Jian Yi Sect with the others in tow. Most likely, the moment she had dreaded had come. “I see. Then what might it be that led you here, Senior Xin Lan?”

Xin Lan gave a faint smile and inclined his head, feeling that he should just be straightforward since she had already asked. “Sect Master Fei certainly remembers what I said back then: I promised to marry Xiao Yu. I already asked his family for their blessing. The only thing that is left would be to acquire yours. Might I ask what your answer is, Sect Master Fei?”

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