SML V2C3 Better Get Used to It Soon

Mister Mo was surprised but it wouldn’t be the first time for his son to have some strange idea so he didn’t say anything else and just did as he had asked. A while later, the two of them started eating together.

Halfway through, Mo Fang pulled out his phone and started typing.

Mister Mo stopped in his movements and watched his son, noticing that there was a faint smile on his lips. Thinking back to quite a few times in the past … He gulped and couldn’t help but ask. “Somebody new?”

“Huh?” Mo Fang looked up, seemingly unsure of what his father meant.

Mister Mo motioned at the phone. “You were looking as if there was a new lover I needed to prepare for.”

Mo Fang chuckled and then put down the phone, leaning over the table. “Well, maybe you should. But this time, it’s different.”

Mister Mo looked at his son, not quite sure if he should tease him for it or be a little hopeful. Then again, that hope probably would be smashed anyway so he might as well go with the former. “Oh? Is it the kind of great love that will last three days? When did it start? Is there still a day left? Otherwise, I won’t bother learning his name.”

“Hmph.” Mo Fang picked up his phone again and turned away. “No matter how long it lasts, you don’t need to learn his name anyway.”

Mister Mo raised his brows, not quite sure what his son was talking about. “Hey, you wouldn’t mean because I said I wouldn’t care about your things from now on, right? You know I meant I wouldn’t criticize everything you do anymore. I didn’t mean that I didn’t want to know about it.”

Mo Fang smiled, not quite listening to what his father was saying. Instead, he looked at the message that Li Ming had just responded with:

[I’ll defer to you. Just tell me how you’d like it.”]

Mo Fang gave a hum and then wrote back: [Then let’s meet up a little later, alright? Normally, I would not mind but I’d have to get to your place first, and then it’s also our free day. I feel like I’d rather sleep in a little longer. Do you mind?]

Mister Mo sighed when he saw his son like this and shook his head, burying his head in the take-out box again. Well, it seemed that his son was smack dab in the middle of the honeymoon phase again. Well, he could only hope that it would last a little longer this time around. He would really wish Mo Fang that it did.

Back in his own apartment, Li Ming was looking at his phone very much like Mo Fang, his heart actually fluttering a little once the notification sounded out.

He patted his chest and took a deep breath, trying to convince himself that there was nothing much to it. This didn’t mean anything at all. Or … well … maybe he was thinking too much. Maybe if he just listened to his heart, he already had the answer he wanted. It was just that he was still too scared to accept it.

He picked up the phone, and reading Mo Fang’s message, he could almost imagine the way he had looked while writing it: The way he would look up through his eyelashes, those elegant hands maybe fingering the tips of his hair or the case of his phone, a slight smile on his lips that was part apologetic and part embarrassed.

Li Ming closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Just a week but he was already this familiar with Mo Fang’s little habits. That had to mean something, right?

This might not be like the love at first sight he had felt with Su Yan but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. Maybe this was actually deeper. After all, with Su Yan, things had always stayed at the surface: He had seen him and somehow felt that this was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with but he hadn’t actually had a chance to get to know him much better.

They hadn’t spent too much time together and if they talked, it would never go deeper than what casual acquaintances would tell each other. He knew how Su Yan was doing if he asked and he knew a bit about what he liked to do in his free time but that was all. They had never actually had any connection. He had been in love with an idea of him but hadn’t been able to get past that and get to know the real him.

On the other hand, his first impression of Mo Fang had been pretty bad. He had actually thought that this was a person he should definitely keep away from. But somehow, one day after the other, the two of them would run into each other, and even though it had only been a week since then, he felt that he had a much better understanding of Mo Fang than he had ever had of Su Yan.

Naturally, he couldn’t say that he knew him really well. After all, this was also just a short glimpse of who he was. But that was more than he had seen from Su Yan in several years. It could probably be said that he and Mo Fang might’ve more of an affinity with each other. Yes, maybe the two of them would actually be able to work out as a couple.

He raised the phone again, his thumb hovering over the keyboard, wondering what he should write back. It was a little amusing that Mo Fang still thought he was making nothing but trouble for him but he didn’t want to tease him. Anyway, it was just because Mo Fang was conscientious. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing even if he overdid it a little. In the end, he decided to just be straightforward: [I don’t mind at all. Let’s do it that way then. By the way, how are things with your father?]

He didn’t want to get involved too much with Mo Fang’s family matters but this had all happened just because of him. And also … if this between him and Mo Fang really worked out, then his family matters would have a lot to do with him from now on. Thus, what was the use in evading it now? Better get used to it soon.

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