OMF V7C408 Anyone But Him

Early the next morning, Hua Lin Yu already got up again and rushed to the gate of his family’s estate to wait for Xin Lan. He just couldn’t wait to share what his father had said last night and to take him there so they could make sure of the last few details. He was looking forward to marrying him. He had waited for this since he had been a little child. Now, his dream would finally come true.

Unfortunately for him, it seemed that he would still need to wait for some time until his dream actually came true. Because no matter how long he stood there and waited, nothing could be seen of Xin Lan.

The person in question was still at his own estate, looking at a necklace with an embedded transmission stone. This was the other half to the one that he had given to Jinde. He stared at it, wondering if maybe he should contact him.

Who knew what his Master was doing right now? Maybe he was soaking in the lake in that dimension his husband had created or maybe he was actually waking up in bed next to him. He didn’t know. He also didn’t know what Jinde would say if he actually contacted him and told him that he was about to get married. He could imagine it though.

‘Oh, really? I’m happy for you! Is it somebody that I know? Someone of our race? Or could it be that little fallen god I said might be a good match for you?’

Yes, it would be something along those lines that he said. And he would have a charming smile on his lips while he said so, his hands maybe playing with a few strands of his hair or reaching out for the man that was certainly busying around beside him.

There would be no regrets, no worry about the future, or the fact that they might not have as much time with each other anymore. Well, obviously. Jinde hadn’t even minded pretending to be dead for all those years instead of letting him know the truth. Why would he mind if he married now? To him, it was probably one worry less. He wouldn’t need to take his feelings into consideration anymore. How nice that would be for him! He would probably even offer to be the one to witness just like he had been for him and Chun Yin’s reincarnation.

Well, that was the last thing he wanted. Everybody could be a witness to this wedding but never him, never Jinde. Even though he knew that it wouldn’t change anything, he just didn’t want that. A small part of him just wanted to preserve a bit of the relationship they had had before. It was stupid and he knew that it was but that didn’t change anything. He just couldn’t change his feelings.

He sighed and lowered the necklace, giving a hum to himself. Well, nobody said that he needed to inform Jinde. In fact, getting married was also just something he did for convenience’s sake right now. It wasn’t any different from the flings he had had in the past. So why should he tell Jinde?

No, it was much better to keep it to himself. As long as it wasn’t somebody he could imagine actually spending the rest of his life with, he wouldn’t say it. And he really didn’t know when that kind of person might cross his path. Right now … he definitely didn’t see it.

Yes, Xiang Yu’s reincarnation wasn’t bad. His looks were top-notch, his temperament also not too bad from what he had seen in the last few days, and as for everything else … Well, that could be worked on.

But still, this was merely a reincarnation. While he didn’t have the same problem that Qiu Ling had with the difficulties it would bring if his lover ascended in his reincarnation, this still wasn’t something for eternity. If you knew that your lover was just a trial for somebody and that he would one day return to being that other person, then it was idiotic to think that you could have more with them. No, this would only end with problems. He didn’t need to do that to himself. It would be much better to find somebody else.

He got up, still looking at the necklace though. Someone like Jinde … was probably impossible to find. If he wanted a long-term lover, he would need to adjust his expectations. How to do that though … it was hard to say. If it was that easy, he would’ve long done that.

He sighed once again and then turned around, only to find Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong standing at the gate of his estate.

Hua Lin Yu slightly raised his brows and then looked at the object in Xin Lan’s hands. His lips curved up in a smile and he pointed at it. “That wouldn’t be a present you got for me, would it?”

Xin Lan was once again amazed at how demanding this fallen god’s little reincarnation actually was. “This? No, this is actually quite old. I think if your father’s decision is a positive one, we should go out and find something special for you though.” He hurriedly made the necklace disappear in his spatial ring and then went over, pulling Hua Lin Yu into his arms. “Judging from your smile, it seems that there might indeed be good news to share?”

Hua Lin Yu’s thoughts stayed with that necklace for a moment longer but being reminded of the fact that the actually had something nice to share, he finally reached up and wrapped his arms around Xin Lan’s neck. “I do. My father agreed. There were only two …” He wondered how to phrase it and finally decided to make it sound a little more important. “Requirements. Let me tell you about them on the way over. After that, my father still wants to talk to you about some details. I don’t know what those are supposed to be though.”

Xin Lan nodded, leaned down, and kissed Hua Lin Yu on the lips. “Very well, let’s go then.” He nodded at Hua Lin Rong as a greeting and then followed the two brothers out of his estate and over to that of the Hua family. Now, the wedding seemed to be coming even closer.

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