SML V2C2 He Really Wanted to Scold Him!

Mo Fang went home in a difficult mood. Originally, he had hoped that he would be able to start living with Li Ming for a while and then somehow even stay there after those first few days or weeks were over.

Now, it wasn’t that Li Ming had found anywhere else to live for him, instead, he had just realized that his father hadn’t actually thrown him out. Well, he should probably be happy that he only thought that everything was a misunderstanding and didn’t realize it had been calculated. If he did find that out, things might have gone awry more.

Anyway, now he would need to start planning again. While it wasn’t that bad to live at home, it naturally couldn’t compare with living together with his crush. No, it was still best to be with your boyfriend. And there was definitely no way he would accept Li Ming not becoming his boyfriend.

Obviously, Li Ming was already considering him as well. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t have reacted like this before. No, if there wasn’t some doubt in his mind if he shouldn’t give it a try, then he would’ve said so outright. Li Ming was just that kind of clear-cut guy.

Anyway, it was a good thing and a bad thing. The only problem was that since he was back at home, he would have fewer opportunities. Ah, to think that this likely meant that he would have to get up early in the morning again just so he could drive over there and go running with Li Ming … Well, it was worth it if they got together because of this.

Mo Fang was just locking the door behind him when steps already sounded from the kitchen. A moment later, he was pulled into a bear hug. “Stupid child! How can you just run away from home?”

Mo Fang pursed his lips and hugged his father back. “How did I run away from home? You were clearly saying ambiguous things again. I thought you didn’t want me anymore. Also, it’s not bad at Li Ming’s. It’s not like I went to live on the street.”

Mister Mo stepped back and looked at that son of his, not sure if he should continue to scold him or just rub his head and make him something to eat. “You even dare to say so, ah! It’s good that you knew a helpful person like Li Ming! What if he hadn’t taken you in? Where would you have gone? You didn’t have any money, did you?”

Mo Fang took off his shoes and then passed by his father, going to the kitchen to get something to eat. “I only didn’t have money because I haven’t been paid yet. Just wait a while and then I won’t have that problem anymore.”

Mister Mo followed his son and crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking at him sternly. “I’m not talking about the future though. You ran away yesterday without any money or a place to go. I really don’t understand what you were thinking. How about turning around next time and just asking me what I meant?”

Mo Fang looked into the fridge and his expression fell even further. “Dad, you’re this old but one of your employees cooks better than you. Aren’t you ashamed at all?” He looked up, being the picture of sadness.

Mister Mo’s brows twitched in response. He felt like his son wasn’t taking him seriously at all. “Is that really all that you have to say? That you don’t like my food?”

Mo Fang closed the fridge again, and leaned against it, giving his father a long look. “Well, what do you want me to say? Li Ming did offer to put me up for a while so it’s alright, isn’t it? Anyway, if he hadn’t done so, I would’ve found somebody else I could go live with. You know, I’m just like a cat. I always land back on my feet no matter what happens. Wasn’t it like that in the past as well?”

Mister Mo shook his head and sighed. “I’m not even sure if I want to know about that.” Anyway, he knew that his son had always had the problem of falling in love fast and falling out of love even faster.

One moment he would be living with one man and then the next week when he asked about the guy whose name he had just learned, Mo Fang already looked at him as if he was a sinner to even mention that person. And then, he would find out that he was already living with somebody else. Honestly, it was so mysterious to him.

“I said that I would keep out of it so I will keep out of it. Anyway, in the future, if something like this happens, don’t just go. You will always be welcome here no matter what happens. Even if you get together with an asshole like that Lan Heng.” He wouldn’t be happy about it but what could he do? This was his son. No matter his faults, he would always love him and be on his side. If he made mistakes, he would scold him for them and then see what they could do to pick up the shards. That was what a parent should do.

Mo Fang looked at his father and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but quirk up. Even if he hadn’t said anything, just his face alone was enough to tell him what his father meant. He had that ‘I really want to give you a scolding but I still love you’-expression.

He went over and hugged him, rubbing his cheek on his shoulder. “I know already, Daddy. Don’t worry about it. I know that I can always come back to you and mom. Speaking of which … Where is she?”

He raised his head and looked around but there was no sound coming from anywhere else in the house.

Mister Mo just sighed. “Well, it’s your mother. What do you expect? Yesterday, she randomly decided she had enough of this city and went somewhere else. I also don’t know where exactly she is.” Honestly, he knew pretty well just where his son had gotten that capricious side from. It sure wasn’t him.

Mo Fang pursed his lips. “And she didn’t even call me beforehand! I would have liked to come along.”

Mister Mo reached out and nudged his son’s forehead. “You shouldn’t even think about it. You have a job now. And your boss happens to be your father. Don’t make me look bad in front of my superiors, alright? You can’t just skip out on work like before.”

Mo Fang huffed. “I wasn’t skipping out on work. I just didn’t have any shoots arranged at that time. Anyway, are you going to make me something to eat now? I’m really hungry. Actually, can’t we call for take-out?”

Mister Mo wanted to scold him again but seeing his son’s watery eyes, he just sighed and then pulled out his mobile phone. Well, whatever. If his little darling son wanted to have take-out, he might as well call for some. “What do you want?”

“Italian!” Anyway, since yesterday, he suddenly felt that he should try a few new things. Maybe he would even be able to get closer to Li Ming with that effort.

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