OMF V7C407 Two Conditions

“Xiao Yu …” Hua Ning Shun slightly frowned, not quite sure what to say. This son of his … His reaction to Xin Lan getting close to him just now had been pretty obvious. There probably wasn’t any point in even asking him.

Hua Lin Yu gave him a sweet smile as if he had no idea what was going through his father’s head. “What’s the matter, father?”

Hua Ning Shun sighed and then leaned back, folding his hands in his lap. “What Xin Lan said just now … What are your thoughts on it?” Anyway, this was the most important. They should just get that out of the way immediately.

Hua Lin Yu lowered his head for a moment, smiling to himself. “Well, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking forward to it. You’re going to say yes, aren’t you?”

His father sighed once again but then nodded. “Because of the things that happened when you were young, you didn’t even grow up with our family. Most of your time was spent in the Jian Yi Sect with your Master and senior martial brothers and sisters. I think telling you now that you can’t marry the man you love would be wrong of me. From my side, there is no objection. There are just a few concerns that I hope you won’t mind if I address.”

Hua Lin Yu looked at the others who slowly nodded as well. His father and grandfather had already spoken about everything so they weren’t surprised while his mother and grandmother had a good opinion of Xin Lan from before so even though they hadn’t expected this, they could see this working out. At the very least, it looked like Xin Lan cared about their youngest family member quite a lot while Hua Lin Yu seemed to like him as well.

Seeing that nobody seemed to be opposed directly, Hua Lin Yu sat down in front of his parents with his brother, holding Hua Lin Rong’s hand before giving a nod. “I would like to hear your thoughts on this, father.”

Hua Ning Shun took a moment to gather his thoughts and then went to explain his worries. “Ah Rong mentioned that the three of you want to go and travel the dragon realm. And as you can probably already imagine I would want you to do that before you get married.

“While Xin Lan’s promise was given a long time ago already, you haven’t seen each other much. I think it would do you good to spend some more time together before you finally tie the knot. If you feel that after this journey, you still get along well or maybe even better than before, then that would be a good time to actually hold the wedding.

“Other than that, it is customary that your Master would also have a say in your marriage. Normally, that would be somebody of our family so it was never an issue but this time, Sect Master Fei should be included in this decision as well. So before you leave, I’d suggest that you should go to the Jian Yi Sect again to ask for her blessing as well. Depending on what she says to this, you can proceed.”

Hua Lin Yu waited but there wasn’t anything else. It seemed that his father only had these two concerns. “I think those are some very good points, father. Then I will tell Xin Lan tomorrow? Or do you want to tell him?”

Hua Ning Shun sighed again and looked from his one son to the other and then back again. “Well, I guess you’re going to see him before me. You can tell him about this already but I would still like to speak to him. After all, there are a few details that he and I will have to discuss.”

Hua Lin Yu wasn’t quite sure what exactly would need to be discussed but he would just leave that to his father and Xin Lan. Anyway, he didn’t think that there would be any problem.

What had seemed like a daunting task turned out to be quite easily settled. Hua Ning Shun once again sighed and then reached over to wrap an arm around his wife’s shoulders, turning to face her. “Our younger son is actually going to get married soon after we’ve just gotten him back. I guess we’ll just have to spoil him while he is still here.”

Fa Min Juan gave a hum and then looked back at her son. “Xiao Yu, ah, you should ask Xin Lan what he thinks about becoming a live-in son-in-law. Even if it isn’t forever, at least for a few years, wouldn’t that be good? You can still go and travel beforehand but after that, you can just return here. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m sure you also want to spend some more time with your family.”

Hua Lin Yu laughed and nodded hurriedly. “Of course, mother. Don’t worry about it. I’ll bring it up to him.” Anyway, Xin Lan had already mentioned that he would be alright with that. He didn’t even need to ask him about it. And as long as it was only for a limited time, he himself also wouldn’t mind. He just wanted to make sure that Xin Lan wouldn’t have to stay in the human realm forever just for his sake.

No, it would be best if they just stayed here for some time so his family would feel better about this and then they could go to the dragon realm. Anyway, whether it was his grandparents, his parents, or his older brother, they would ascend one day. At that time, they would also spend their time in the immortal realms. By then, it wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Being reassured like that, Fa Min Juan was happy as well and the Hua family did go to retire after all. Anyway, as for the details of this wedding, there was still quite some time to decide on that. After all, several other things needed to happen before that.

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