OMF V7C404 Anything We Should Definitely Know?

The two of them didn’t dwell on it and were soon distracted when Hua Lin Rong came back. Anyway, before they could really get married, they still needed to convince the Hua family so it was a moot point to discuss that already. After all, while his older brother didn’t seem quite as reluctant anymore, they couldn’t be sure that he would really be alright with them actually marrying. Thus, they felt that they should still work on this little longer.

Unfortunately, right now, there wasn’t much time anymore before the banquet would start so they couldn’t really do anything. Their best bet was to slowly make him get used to Xin Lan in the following period and then use the time that they would spend at the dragon realm.

Thankfully, Hua Lin Rong was normally somebody who got along with others easily. He had only been annoyed because he hadn’t been able to see Hua Lin Yu all this time and now that his beloved younger brother was finally back, he had had to share his time with somebody else.

As soon as he got over that and realized that he was able to spend time with his younger brother with or without Xin Lan around, he naturally wouldn’t have any reason anymore to treat him unfriendly.

The Huo brothers might be a bit more of a problem but they weren’t members of the Hua family so that wasn’t as much of a problem. Anyway, Hua Lin Yu likely wouldn’t return to the Jian Yi Sect too soon. While he would forever be a disciple of the sect, this didn’t mean that he definitely had to stay around there all the time. Especially with his own family being a well-known cultivation family, it was likely that he would also spend a lot of time at their place.

In regards to the Jian Yi Sect, convincing Fei Bai Mu would be much more important since she would also have to be part of the decision of his marriage considering she was his Master. But as for that … Xin Lan wasn’t worried.

Fei Bai Mu wasn’t the type of person to get involved in this kind of thing from how he had gotten to know her and even if she wanted, he didn’t believe that she would actually have anything against them getting together. After all, she also hadn’t had a problem with Leng Jin Yu being together with Jinde. And with Xin Lan’s relationship with Jinde, it was unlikely that she would have anything against him.

Xin Lan was quietly thinking things through, not being as talkative as he had been before. Hua Lin Rong couldn’t help but pout a bit, feeling that these two must have spoken about the upcoming journey while he was away. This meant that now, he wouldn’t have a chance to actually ask any questions.

It really was a pity. If he could, he wanted to learn more about the dragon realm. Even though as a human cultivator, he would ascend to the Nine Heavens, he couldn’t deny that the dragon realm actually sounded much more interesting than the Nine Heavens. He also didn’t know why but maybe it was just that dragons were such mystical creatures that were completely different from humans in his mind. Although …

He glanced at Xin Lan, trying to figure out where exactly he was different from them. If he ignored his hair color that was an obvious deviation, then he felt that there actually wasn’t much of a difference. Maybe it could be said that his fingernails looked a little different, more like claws than actual fingernails, but that was this was it. There wasn’t anything really special about it.

Xin Lan raised his brows when he noticed that Hua Lin Yu’s brother was staring at him and finally couldn’t help but speak up. “Is something the matter?” He didn’t necessarily mind people looking at him since he was used to it from back in the dragon realm but he still couldn’t help but wonder what the reason for this was in Hua Lin Rong’s case.

Hua Lin Yu also looked at his brother, wondering what was going on.

Hua Lin Rong couldn’t help but be embarrassed when he noticed that his staring hadn’t gone unnoticed. “I …” He looked for something to say but had trouble coming up with a good excuse. In the end, he could only deflect. “I think it won’t be much longer anymore until the banquet.”

Xin Lan glanced up at the sky and then nodded. “True.” He didn’t say anything else though, not quite sure how else to react.

Hua Lin Rong nodded widely, wondering what he was supposed to do now.

In the end, Hua Lin Yu looked from one person to the other, finally giving a sigh and getting up. “Well, I guess we might as well get ready then. It doesn’t matter if we go over a little early either.”

Hua Lin Rong felt as if he had been saved when he heard that. “Right, father and grandfather are already over there. We can just go and chat a little with the two of them.”

Speaking of that, Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but raise his brows. “Right, what did they say about going to the dragon realm? Did they seem as if they would be alright with it?

Hua Lin Rong nodded without thinking too much. “Yes, they actually seem to think that it is a really good idea. I don’t think we need to worry about them not agreeing. We should probably talk a bit more about it in the future though. They likely want to know a few more details like where we’ll go and how we want to prepare. Going to the dragon realm also isn’t something that can be done just like that.”

Xin Lan nodded at that, agreeing wholeheartedly. “The dragon realm isn’t as different from the human realm as you might think. Also, traveling there doesn’t actually take that much time. Still, it also wouldn’t be good to go there unprepared. After all, it is a different place. Knowing a little about the place definitely can’t hurt.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then grabbed Xin Lan’s arm, giving a smile. “Then what do you think we should know? Anything we definitely need to keep in mind all the time?”

Xin Lan pondered for a moment and then couldn’t help but give Hua Lin Rong a smile. “Well, I don’t think you will have a problem but your brother should definitely make sure not to get too close to anyone.”

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