OMF V7C403 Already Planning Their Life

As for what had actually happened … Maybe it could indeed be said that it was nothing much. After all, it was merely putting into words what had already been a matter of course to them.

As soon as Hua Lin Rong had left and been out of earshot, Xin Lan had turned to Hua Lin Yu and grabbed his chin, making the youth look at him. “After the banquet today, I will talk to your parents about letting me marry you.”

Even though Hua Lin Yu had expected that the subject would come up soon, he still felt happy that it would be this soon. “Do you think they’ll say yes?”

Xin Lan pondered the question for a moment and finally nodded. “Judging from this morning, they probably already expect it and had some time to think about it. But it could be that they won’t say yes immediately and will instead ask for a bit of time to talk things through among themselves and also speak to you. But I do think that if you say that you want to marry me and they don’t find anything that worries them, then there should be nothing keeping us back.”

Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but worry a little though. “What do you think could be an issue?”

Xin Lan shook his head. “I’m not sure. I think there are quite a few possibilities. First and foremost probably that I’m not human. It might be better if I was of the god race since they have more of an understanding of them but this isn’t something that can’t be overcome. It’s merely a matter of getting to know each other better before the wedding.

“Anyway, that is also why I agreed to take you and your brother over there. When you are able to visit the dragon realm before actually getting married, they can be sure that you will know what will be lying ahead of you. It won’t be a decision you make blindly. So, I think you can expect that even if they say yes immediately, they will first want us to make the journey before the actual wedding.”

Hearing that, Hua Lin Yu inched closer, and leaned his head against Xin Lan’s shoulder, happily hugging his waist. “That’s alright. Anyway, I really wanted to see the dragon realm and the places you’ve been before. And as long as we can spend time together, it doesn’t really matter if it’s while you’re my husband or my fiance.”

Xin Lan nodded and brushed through Hua Lin Yu’s hair. “Yes, I think so too. Anyway, taking things slowly at first isn’t a bad thing. This is your first relationship after all.”

Hua Lin Yu lifted his head and raised his brows when he heard that comment. “My first relationship? Does that mean that it isn’t yours?”

Xin Lan clicked his tongue, a little angry at himself for spilling the beans like that. But then again, it also wouldn’t do to lie all the time. Who knew how long Hua Lin Yu would live after all? It would be so taxing to have to make up things all the time. No, it might be better to clear this up now. “Well, I’m quite a bit older than you. Naturally, there were some things in the past. It’s all over though. There is only you now.” He leaned closer and then pecked the youth on the lips, giving him a smile. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Hua Lin Yu reached up and interlaced his fingers behind his neck, looking at him with his eyes sparkling with amusement. “Even if I had a problem with that, I wouldn’t be able to change it, would I? Anyway, that was before I was even born I guess. So there’s no reason to worry.”

Xin Lan gave a hum, not mentioning that there had actually been something rather recent that was happening while he definitely had been born and that promise to marry him had already been given. Anyway, Hua Lin Yu would never meet Zheng Yin so it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Well, it’s good that you are able to see it like this. I don’t want to upset you.” He leaned down and kissed him again, glad that the topic was off the table now. “Anyway, about your family … Your brother seems to have come around a little today. I think it will help to travel to the dragon realm together with him. I hope you won’t mind that we’re not alone.”

Hua Lin Yu shook his head. “No, I’m actually happy that he’ll be with us. You know, while I’m looking forward to marrying you, I have also missed my family a lot. It’s nice that we will be able to spend time with him as well. Actually, it’s a bit of a pity that the rest of my family can’t be there but I guess it would be too much to take them along as well.”

Xin Lan chuckled lightly and then raised Hua Lin Yu’s chin, lowering his voice. “If that is what you want, then that is what would happen. It’s not like I can’t take a few more humans with me.”

Hua Lin Yu laughed but shook his head. “We can just invite them later on when we’re living in the dragon realm.”

Xin Lan raised his brows, once again a little amazed at Hua Lin Yu’s reaction. This fallen god’s little reincarnation was really full of surprises. “Oh? Are you already planning how we’re going to live after we’re married?”

“Am I wrong? You likely wouldn’t want to live in the human realm all the time, would you?”

Xin Lan kept quiet for a moment, his thoughts traveling to the person that was still staying in the Yun Zou Sect. “I guess … I wouldn’t necessarily mind staying here. I mean all your family and friends are here as well. On the other hand, there aren’t too many people in the dragon realm that I am close to. It would be alright for me. We’ll just do what you prefer.”

Hua Lin Yu just gave a hum, not wanting to argue. Inwardly, he decided that he would bring this up again later though. He somehow felt that it wasn’t good for Xin Lan to always be alone. He had to have his own contacts. And they also couldn’t just always go with what he wanted. That wasn’t the way a relationship should work. At the very least, it wasn’t in his eyes.

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