OMF V7C388 He Had Misread Things

Xin Lan turned back to where Hua Lin Rong was currently whirling his younger brother through the air, laughing boisterously at finally having him back. Well, that person might be a bit of a problem. Obviously, his older brother loved Hua Lin Yu quite a bit. Who knew if he would be able to accept another man at his side? Anyway, he still had some time to find out and as long as Hua Lin Yu was willing, there shouldn’t be any problem. A few tears would convince every member of the Hua family.

Hua Lin Rong finally put his brother down but still refused to let go of him. “Xiao Yu, I really thought you wouldn’t come because something bad had happened to you. I should’ve come to the capital city to escort you.”

Hua Lin Yu just laughed and finally freed himself from his brother’s arms. “There’s no need to worry. Anyway, wasn’t Xin Lan with me?” He laughed again and then rushed over to Xin Lan’s side, wrapping his arms around his waist, and looking up at him with sparkling eyes.

Xin Lan looked at him and then reached up, brushing through his ink-black hair. “Of course. I would never let anything happen to you.” He leaned down and lightly kissed him on the lips.

Suddenly, the room fell awfully quiet.

Hua Lin Yu didn’t seem to notice that all eyes were on them but Xin Lan was very much aware of it. Ah, it seemed he had misread things. It wasn’t that the Hua family was actually alright with their relationship, they just hadn’t thought that there was any relationship of that nature.

Really, thinking about it now, it was no wonder. He hadn’t actually mentioned the wedding in his message to them and only told them that they had met up and would come over to see them soon. Most likely, they had thought that that wedding-talk was something of the past and that Hua Lin Yu had actually grown out of that idea. Now, they had to be surprised that he hadn’t. And this type of public display of affection probably didn’t help the first impression.

Well, there was nothing the Hua family could do to change what was in front of them. While they were all taken a little aback, Hua Lin Yu’s parents and grandparents managed to restore their expressions after just a moment even though their thoughts were still in turmoil. Hua Lin Yu’s brother was a different matter altogether though.

He stared at Hua Lin Yu in Xin Lan’s arms, his mouth opening and closing while there was a pang of pain in his heart. His darling little brother … Not only had he rather been carried by Xin Lan when he was young, now that he had grown up, but he had actually pulled out of his arms to throw himself at that man. Just what was it with Xin Lan that he had such a fatal attraction to his younger brother?!

Xin Lan gave a hum and then leaned slightly back before overtaxing the Hua family completely. “I definitely wouldn’t let anything happen to you. But it’s still better to be back with your family where there are even more people taking care of you.” He gently kissed his temple and then let go, motioning over to Hua Lin Yu’s parents. “Since you’ve already greeted your brother, you shouldn’t ignore the rest of your family, should you?”

Hua Lin Yu requited his gaze with a smile and then did indeed go over to his parents, letting them hug him as well.

“Mom, dad, I’m back home!” He smiled brightly, making the two of them feel that even though it seemed that things might be more serious with Xin Lan than they had thought, they were still happy that he was back and doing so well. That was the only thing they wanted for him: That he was safe and happy. Everything else … well, that could be seen about. Anyway, Xin Lan was at least strong enough to protect him.

When Hua Lin Yu stepped back from his parents, his grandparents came forward, pulling him into their arms as well. Xin Lan gave the two of them a slightly longer look.

Back when he had met the Hua family, he hadn’t seen much of these two. Hua Lin Yu’s grandmother, Helian Nuan, had been in closed-door cultivation back then and only emerged after Hua Lin Yu had been brought to the Jian Yi Sect. As for his grandfather, Hua Ming Jun, he had also spent most of his time cultivating so there hadn’t been much to see of him either and he only got involved in things when there wasn’t any other choice.

Xin Lan was sure that these two knew pretty well who he was even if they hadn’t really had any dealings with each other before. As for their thoughts on his relationship with Hua Lin Yu … It remained to be seen. But anyway, he felt that his chances of convincing the older generation might be better than with the younger one. And Hua Lin Yu’s parents and grandparents were definitely the ones that needed to be persuaded the most. After all, they would be the ones who gave their blessing to the wedding and helped prepare everything.

When Hua Lin Yu finally stepped back, Xin Lan cleared his throat, making all of the people present turn to look at him, feeling a sense of either dread or anticipation for what he was about to say.

He gave a faint smile, his gaze resting on Hua Lin Yu. “I guess you will want to spend some time with your family first. I should also go and look at how things are at home. I guess we’ll only see each other tomorrow again.”

Hua Lin Yu’s expression fell. “You want to leave?” He rushed over, grabbing onto Xin Lan’s sleeve very much like he had done when he was young. He really didn’t want him to go!

Xin Lan leaned down, kissing the corner of his mouth, and hugged him to his chest. “I’m not far away and I’ll be back soon anyway. Just use the time to tell your family about how things have been. Aren’t you happy to see them again?”

Hua Lin Yu slightly furrowed his brows. “Can’t I be happy to see them while you’re with me?”

Xin Lan chuckled, feeling it to be quite amusing that his little lover was making such problems suddenly. He kissed his cheek and then lowered his voice even though he knew that the Hua family definitely would be able to hear him considering their levels. “Be good. Even if you don’t mind me being here, your family will want to talk about some things with you that I might not be supposed to hear. Give them some time for that.”

Hua Lin Yu still wasn’t happy but he finally nodded. “Alright, then we’ll see each other tomorrow.”

Xin Lan gave him another peck on the lips and then nodded at the Hua family before turning around and leaving without a look back.

Hua Lin Yu … he felt a little lost seeing that back.

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