RMN C161 Can You Teach Me?

Yun Bei Fen cheered up just as fast as he had become depressed. Holding onto Mei Chao Bing’s hand, he gave a bright smile. “Mei Chao Bing, can you teach me some skills?”

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows and rubbed Yun Bei Fen’s head. “What kind of skills do you want to learn? Aren’t you already trying to learn how to control your flying sword? I don’t think you’ve mastered that just yet, have you?”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips when he was reminded of his shortcomings. “Yes, but I really want to go on patrol with you in the future. And just knowing how to fly won’t be enough for that, will it?”

Mei Chao Bing sighed. So that was what was actually up. Well, he couldn’t say that he was surprised. In fact, he had been quite happy that Yun Bei Fen had waited for so long to bring it up. He had been afraid that he would already try to make trouble when it came to the first patrol. Well, then again, his little bunny was especially well-behaved. Explaining to him normally made him realize that it really wouldn’t be a good idea. Now though …

He pondered for a moment and then cupped Yun Bei Fen’s cheeks. “Even if I start teaching you now, I don’t think you will be able to do it anytime soon. You know that, right?”

Yun Bei Fen’s expression collapsed again but he still nodded obediently. Well, if his senior martial brother Mei said so, then naturally, it was the case. “Then how long will it take?”

Mei Chao Bing thought back to the time in the forest and wasn’t quite sure what to say. Yun Bei Fen seemed to have a bit of a problem regarding his comprehension ability. He was indeed able to pick up skills but it would take him some time. He definitely wasn’t one of those geniuses that could look at somebody showing a skill once or twice and then start to emulate, making great progress with each try.

Still, as soon as he managed to figure out the concept, it wasn’t that difficult for him though. He was diligent in practicing, after all, and not regarding the missing skills, his actual cultivation was quite stable. So the most difficult part would be to actually explain to him, make him understand, and then let him try often enough that he would become proficient with it. This was, unfortunately, precisely a matter of time.

“Well, we’ll need at least a week until we reach the Zhen Yan Sect. I’m afraid that in that time, we would at most be able to cover one skill.” And what they managed to do in that kind of time definitely couldn’t be called ‘mastering’ but he wouldn’t say that out loud for the time being.

“Then how many skills do I need?”

Mei Chao Bing gave a hum. “At least one for defense and one for offense. That way, you’ll have at least one way to react regardless of what happens.” In fact, he felt that it would still be a little lackluster at least in the border region but it was already quite good considering Yun Bei Fen’s level and that he didn’t really have any prior experience with these things. Expecting more of him would really be making things difficult for him.

And … this was so that Yun Bei Fen could go on patrol with him. If they really got into a dangerous situation, he would likely be able to protect him. This was really only on the off-chance that something would happen where he couldn’t help out.

Thinking of that, Mei Chao Bing finally nodded. “Well, I guess you do have a point. And I feel like your skill in controlling your sword has already become much better. I guess it wouldn’t be a problem if we started working on something else already in the meantime.”

“Great!” Yun Bei Fen hugged his neck, nuzzling his head. His senior martial brother Mei was really too great. Whenever he asked something of him, he would always find a way to make it possible even if it was something very difficult. He was the best! Thinking of that, Yun Bei Fen leaned back and cupped his cheeks, leaning forward to give him a kiss.

Mei Chao Bing gazed at him, his heart melting completely. He held him in his arms and just kept quiet, enjoying being with him. If things always played out like this, he should probably promise him this kind of thing more often.

Mei Chao Bing only allowed himself a few moments to bask in Yun Bei Fen’s love before he went back to pondering the issue at hand. In fact, while he felt that giving Yun Bei Fen the skill to run away if things got hairy was the most essential, making sure that he knew some other options really wasn’t a bad idea either.

He would have waited a bit longer to do so but if his little bunny was already eager to try it out, then it also wouldn’t hurt to let him try. That way, he also wouldn’t have to only train to control his sword with spiritual energy.

In fact, this might also be beneficial in that regard. Learning another skill meant using his spiritual energy for something else as well. Over time, Yun Bei Fen would definitely get more proficient in his use of it. And then, learning how to fly would come on its own.

It really wasn’t a wonder that most disciples would learn the first simple skills while they were still in the Qi refining stage. It was a pity that Yun Bei Fen had never picked these things up. Well, it wasn’t too late yet.

“Well, we still have a bit of time today. So how about we start right now? I think that it would probably be better to teach you a defensive skill first. That way, if we happen upon a demonic practitioner and you are not able to flee, then you can try to stall them using the skill.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded eagerly, looking at Mei Chao Bing with sparkling eyes. Ah, senior martial brother Mei was going to teach him! This would be great. He really couldn’t wait for it.

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