OMF V7C387 They Weren’t Against the Relationship

While Jing Yi and Qiu Ling went back to their usual routine of getting up in the morning, eating, and then going to work in the teahouse before returning in the evening, Hua Lin Yu and the other three men finally left the Long kingdom’s capital city for the estate of the Hua family.

Hua Lin Yu was actually looking forward to it. While he had been curious about what had been going on in the capital city these days, he also missed his family very much. Finally being able to meet with them again was definitely something he wanted to do. After all, while the members of the Hua family had come to visit him in the Jian Yi Sect every now and then, they couldn’t stay there all the time. Thus, he had only seen each of them a handful of times over the years, making him miss them very much. Now, he would finally be able to go home and see the place where he had originally grown up and spend time with all the members of his family at once. It really made him happy.

Xin Lan glanced at his lover’s expression and couldn’t help but smile as well. “You must’ve missed your family.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded immediately, a hint of nostalgia in his eyes. “I did. I wonder if they are looking forward to seeing me too.”

Xin Lan slightly raised his brows when thinking back to the members of the Hua family and couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m afraid they are looking forward to this way too much. You probably won’t have a single moment to yourself after we arrive and I will hardly get to see you. Especially if that older brother of yours is at home.”

Hua Lin Yu laughed at that, feeling that Xin Lan was probably right. Even though everybody had visited him now and then, the one who had always been the most excited to see him had definitely been that older brother of his. He definitely had a special spot in Hua Lin Yu’s heart.

In fact, the Hua family wasn’t just looking forward to Hua Lin Yu’s visit, they were already quite a bit worried because their youngest family member was taking so long to actually arrive.

Hua Lin Rong was pacing up and down in the front hall, his hands folded behind his back one moment and then wringing them in front of his body the next while his brows were tightly furrowed the whole time. “This wasn’t right. He should have arrived already. Since he hasn’t, I’m afraid something has happened to him.”

Hua Ning Shun looked at his oldest son, a hint of indulgence in his eyes. “Ah Rong, you are worrying needlessly. Isn’t Xin Lan with him? And also some seniors of the Jian Yi Sect? He won’t be in any danger.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded and stopped where he was but his expression still didn’t lighten up. After some time, he sighed and then resumed his pacing. “I still think we should be worried. Anyway, Xiao Yu might call them seniors but they’re still really young. They probably aren’t even of my level. It would be much better if I went to meet him halfway. It would be much safer that way.”

Both his parents shook their heads seeing him like this. “Then where do you want to meet halfway? You don’t even know which route they are taking.”

Hua Lin Rong once again nodded and fell quiet only to continue worrying just a moment later. He couldn’t help it. That was his precious baby brother that they were talking about there! How could he just ignore the danger that he was in? His Xiao Yu needed to be protected at all costs. They couldn’t let even a single hair on his head be harmed. “If nothing happened to him, then why do you think he is late? There has to be a reason behind this!”

Before his family had time to say anything else, a voice sounded from the entrance. “Your brother wanted to play around in the capital city a little longer. Alright, go and calm down your brother before he rushes out and misses us on the way to the door.”

“Big brother!”

Before Hua Lin Rong really understood what was going on, there was suddenly a flash of color and then his arms suddenly weren’t empty anymore. His little brother’s brilliant smile appeared directly in front of his face.

All the worry immediately melted from Hua Lin Rong’s expression and he hugged Hua Lin Yu closer to his chest, not wanting to let go. “Xiao Yu, you’re finally here! Big brother was worried that something might have happened to you.” He kissed his cheeks and then rubbed his head, wishing that he could shrink him and put him in his pocket so he could carry him around everywhere and wouldn’t need to worry anymore.

Hua Lin Yu just laughed and hugged his brother back, happy that he was finally with his family again. “I missed you too!”

While the two brothers were happily reuniting, Xin Lan lightly shook his head, and then went over to greet their parents and grandparents. “Greetings. I’m sorry it took a little longer. Something happened in the capital city and we first went to check it out. So in the end, we took some more days. I probably should’ve sent another message.”

Fa Min Juan couldn’t help but smile when she saw him and patted his shoulder. “It’s alright. Xiao Yu is still young. Naturally, he will be a little curious when he comes about unfamiliar things in the world out there. It’s definitely not your fault.”

Xin Lan slightly inclined his head, satisfied that his future mother-in-law was taking his side in this. That had to mean that the Hua family wasn’t against this relationship between them. That would definitely make his task easier.

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