SML C75 A Man That Will Treat Me Right

Li Ming took a deep breath, straightened up his shoulders, and put on a stern expression before he stepped around the corner, fixing Lan Heng with a dark look. “You! What are you doing here? This area is for employees only. There are signs along the way. I won’t ask how you got in here but it would be better if you left now.”

Lan Heng looked up, wondering who had the guts to disturb them when they were just reconciling. When he saw Li Ming, his expression fell. “You?” He straightened up, trying to stare him down but Li Ming wouldn’t budge at all.

When he couldn’t achieve anything on that end, Lan Heng turned back to Mo Fang, his expression getting even worse. “So you already moved on after just one week? You’re a fast one, eh? Or could it be that he’s one of the guys you cheated with on me all the time?”

Mo Fang glared on him, seriously reconsidering if he shouldn’t slap this guy. Or maybe kneeing him in the nuts would be better. Unfortunately, that was impossible right now so he could only stew in his anger.

Li Ming glanced at Mo Fang as well. Seeing that he didn’t even answer, he feared that Mo Fang might be afraid. He stepped forward, slightly pulling Mo Fang back from Lan Heng and closer to his own side. If that guy got violent, he would at least be able to protect Mo Fang like this.

Lan Heng scoffed at his actions though. “What now? Are you trying to show off in front of him? Honestly, there’s no need to. He’s cheap anyway. You probably just have to ask and he’ll jump into bed with you.”

Li Ming furrowed his brows. He really would have liked to take Mo Fang’s hand to reassure him but he was still afraid that this Lan Heng might attack the next second. After all, he had attacked him back at his apartment. While he hadn’t directed any violence toward Mo Fang yet, who knew if he wouldn’t when the emotions were running even higher? He couldn’t let that happen. He had to be ready to stand between them. It would still be the best to make him go without a fight. “You should leave now.”

Lan Heng scoffed again and then ignored him, turning back to Mo Fang. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Am I wrong?”


Lan Heng still didn’t bother about Li Ming. He even tried to step closer to Mo Fang but Li Ming stepped into his way.

“I told you to leave. Just in case you haven’t realized, I am a security guard here and you are in an area you don’t belong in, threatening one of our employees. So either you leave on your own or I will escort you out of here personally.”

Lan Heng glanced at him with a disgusted expression. “What are you getting so agitated for? I only want to ask whether he cheated with you or not.”

Li Ming’s brows drew even further together at that. “Mo Fang didn’t cheat on you.”

“Oh?” Lan Heng gave a mocking laugh and turned back to Mo Fang. “So you just moved on incredibly fast then. Is he that great in bed? Or what else does he have to offer you? Come on! Tell me! Otherwise, I won’t believe you.”

Li Ming had enough. He wanted to finally make true on his words and throw that guy out but just then, Mo Fang laughed and stepped closer to him. Li Ming turned toward him, worried that he might be scared by the whole exchange. Mo Fang didn’t look like it though. Instead, there was a beautiful smile on his lips, that stunned Li Ming into silence.

Mo Fang didn’t seem to notice. He was looking at Lan Heng, silently taunting him. Anyway, Lan Heng could believe whatever he wanted. The only important thing was that Li Ming didn’t think badly of him and with how he was defending him right now, that was already a given. In that case … maybe it was time to declare his intentions.

He sidled up to Li Ming and raised his chin. “I don’t cheat on my partners. I’m not a scumbag like you. But anyway, of course, I’ve moved on. Why would I cry about some guy who can’t keep his hands to himself and will fuck around with the next best thing as soon as I turn my back on him?

“I only go for real men that know what I’m worth and will treat me like it. If you can’t do that, then that’s your loss! Anyway, I’ve already found happiness.” He turned to the side, his gaze softening as soon as it rested on Li Ming. He reached up, his hand grabbing onto Li Ming’s shoulder, his fingers ever so gently brushing against the fabric of his uniform.

Li Ming stared at him in a daze, somewhat understanding what was about to happen but too shocked to react in any way. He just looked on as Mo Fang gazed at him deeply, reached out with his other hand to cup his cheek, and finally leaned forward.

He felt Mo Fang’s breath on his face but he could still only stare at him, completely dumbfounded. He vaguely wondered if this was to throw Mo Fang’s ex off his tracks or to make him jealous either because he had hurt him or because he hoped to win him back.

Their lips finally met, the touch soft, and comforting. Li Ming’s brain came to a screeching halt, unable to form any coherent thought other than that Mo Fang … was a really good kisser and that he wouldn’t mind spending more time like this at all.

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