OMF V7C381 Treat Him as Well as He Could

When the next morning came, Hua Lin Yu hadn’t slept much. He quietly rubbed his eyes before he sat up and looked to the other side for Xin Lan. To his surprise, the person in question wasn’t lying next to him.

His eyes widened and he stumbled out of bed, rushing over to the door to see if he had just left maybe. As a result, he almost collided with him when the door was opened from the other side.

Xin Lan reached out and casually wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him up against his chest. “Where are we rushing off to that early in the morning, little beauty?”

Hua Lin Yu looked up at him, his eyes still wide. “You …” He finally noticed the tray with food in Xin Lan’s other hand and raised his brows. “Did you go to get food?”

Xin Lan gave a hum and pulled him into the room, closing the door behind them. “I know you don’t need to eat anymore but since you went to eat with your senior martial brothers yesterday I guess you still enjoy it. I thought it would be nice to wake you up with breakfast.” He leaned down and kissed the corner of Hua Lin Yu’s mouth, giving him an almost genuine smile.

Since he had decided to truly treat this person as his lover for the time being, he would go all out. Even if he couldn’t give this person his heart, he could at least do this much. There had never been any lover of his that complained about not being treated well enough. As long as they did not expect him to stay around in the long term, it would always be beneficial to be with him.

He would make sure that it was exactly like that was Hua Lin Yu. In fact, he would even put in some additional effort just for him. He felt that it would be for the best.

Hua Lin Yu did indeed feel sweet when he heard Xin Lan’s words. He smiled and then lowered his gaze, actually seeming a little shy. “Thank you. I guess I should’ve slept a little longer then. I just woke up and got flustered because you weren’t there anymore.”

Xin Lan pulled him to the table and put the tray down before reaching up and brushing through Hua Lin Yu’s hair. “It doesn’t matter. I’m already back. Although … You really don’t need to worry in the future. Even if I leave for a moment, I will definitely come back to you.” He leaned over and kissed his lips before sitting down on the other side.

Putting half the dishes in front of Hua Lin Yu and the other half in front of himself, he picked up his chopsticks. “I’m not quite sure what you like. I remember some things from your childhood but there wasn’t really any of that available and I guess after so many years, your taste might have changed a little. I didn’t want to presume anything. If there’s something that you like, you can just tell me in the future.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded, picked up his chopsticks as well, and then started to eat. Thanks to the fact that his senior martial brothers always chose the best guesthouse they could find for him, the food actually wasn’t bad. The fact that it was Xin Lan that had gotten it and that he had even done so specifically for him made Hua Lin Yu feel as if it was even better. Ah, it would be nice if it was always like this!

The two of them quietly ate until there was a knock on the door.

They both looked over and Hua Lin Yu lightly called out. “Yes?”

Immediately, the door was opened and the two Huo brothers barged in, only stopping when they saw Xin Lan sit at the table. Their expressions immediately fell and say grumbled under their breath.

Hua Lin Yu just smiled brightly. “Senior martial brothers! How nice of you to come over! Did you eat yet?”

Huo Cheng and Huo Hai pursed their lips. Actually, they had come over because they wanted to ask Hua Lin Yu to come down and eat with them. But now, it seemed that this bastard had actually gotten ahead of them. That was truly maddening!

Huo Cheng was the first of the two to catch himself. He forced his lips back into an upward curve and then went over, patting Hua Lin Yu’s head. “It’s nice to see that Xiao Yu cares about us so much. Actually, the two of us didn’t. We wanted to wait for you but who could have known you were already awake? You should have told us! We could’ve gone and eaten with you.”

Hua Lin Yu smiled brightly, happy that his senior martial brothers cared so much about him. “Thank you! Actually, Xin Lan went to get me something to eat before I was even awake.” He turned to look at Xin Lan, his gaze looking extremely gentle.

The two Huo brothers felt even worse after seeing this. This guy … He really was being too much! Using such disgusting tactics to get into their junior’s good graces!

Xin Lan ignored the two of them and requited Hua Lin Yu’s smile. “Right, what do you want to do today, little beauty? Do you still want to go and check out that fire?”

Hua Lin Yu nodded, happy that Xin Lan was already thinking about what to do.

The Huo brothers couldn’t help but look from one person to the other though. “Didn’t we want to leave the city today?”

Xin Lan gave a hum and gave the two of them a sideways glance. “Xiao Yu said that he’d like to stay here and explore for a while longer. I don’t see any problem with that. His family probably wouldn’t mind a few days.”

The Huo brothers who naturally wouldn’t want to be outdone by Xin Lan hastily agreed. “Right, right. If it’s what Xiao Yu wants, then it’s definitely not a problem. We will take you wherever you want!”

Hua Lin Yu’s smile got even brighter. “Great! Then let’s go and see what happened. I’m really curious!”

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