RMN C159 Not Worth It

Yang Wu Huang pressed his lips together when he saw Yun Bei Fen’s ugly expression. There was a lot he could accept when the person acting out was a beauty but he really felt that Yun Bei Fen was going too far by now. They had only had a minor disagreement in the past but he was acting as if he had done something unforgivable.

Still, he wasn’t willing to take a step back. If Mei Chao Bing was able to convince this person that he was a good partner, then he would be able to do so even more. He definitely wouldn’t step back before he had managed to steal him away from that traitor.

Reminding himself that he definitely couldn’t lose against Mei Chao Bing in this regard, Yang Wu Huang forced himself to smile. “Junior martial brother Yun, are you really still miffed with me? Then why don’t you try to see it like this? Me teaching you is also a way for me to atone for what I did wrong. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips, absolutely not on board with that idea. “There’s no need to.”

Yang Wu Huang’s gaze chilled slightly but he forced himself to negotiate further. “So is it really that you’re still holding a grudge? Then what can I do to make it up to you? You can tell me. I’ll go and take care of it immediately.”

Yun Bei Fen shook his head. “There’s nothing!” He just didn’t want to see this person again. Was that really so hard to understand?

Yang Wu Huang’s expression fell and he looked from Yun Bei Fen to the others and back again. “But why? Haven’t I apologized several times already and made an effort to make it up to you? Don’t you feel that you are a bit too harsh on me, junior martial brother Yun? Is it that senior martial brother Mei said something to you?”

Yi Ju and Yuan Lei slightly furrowed their brows. This guy was actually trying to make it sound as if Mei Chao Bing was the one making things difficult here. Did he have no shame at all? Yuan Lei glanced at Yun Bei Fen and already wanted to speak up to save the situation but the little bunny was faster than him.

Leaping to his feet, he pointed at Yang Wu Huang’s nose, his face scrunching up. “You! You … You’re actually badmouthing Mei Chao Bing again!”

Yang Wu Huang was taken aback. “I …” His gaze darted around, feeling embarrassed that everybody was looking at them, eying him with some suspicion for making Yun Bei Fen react like this. “I did no such thing. I was merely asking. If it’s not that, then I do wonder why you are unwilling to forgive me, junior martial brother Yun. It can’t be that you really think I’m such a bad person, can it?” He chuckled lightly but almost choked on his laughter at Yun Bei Fen’s next words.

“You’re really a bad person! You’re the worst person I know!” By now, his eyes had already teared up and he started to sniffle, making Yi Ju and Yuan Lei jump to their feet as well.

The two of them crowded around him, trying to console him.

Yi Ju didn’t forget to give Yang Wu Huang a dark look though. “Look at what you did! You actually made junior martial brother Yun cry. Where’s your conscience?” She didn’t wait for him to answer and just harrumphed, turning back to Yun Bei Fen and patting his back. “Just ignore him, junior martial brother Yun. He’s not worth it.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded wildly, feeling very much the same. This person really wasn’t worth it. Why did he even have to talk with him? Unfortunately, even though he agreed that Yang Wu Huang wasn’t worth it, after starting to cry once, it really was hard to stop. He was just so upset, that the tears continued to spill over and ran down his cheeks.

The other members of the group were at a bit of a loss.

The older one of the two martial brothers that were normally badmouthing Mei Chao Bing, Ran Wu, looked at Yang Wu Huang unkindly, mumbling to himself now that the second one wasn’t there. “Can you believe this? Why didn’t he leave him alone? Hasn’t junior martial brother Yun made it clear enough that he doesn’t like him? He really thinks he’s all that! Just because his cultivation base is a little higher than ours, he really thinks he can do anything. I really wonder where he takes the guts from.”

Liu Bao Ru glanced at him and shook her head. Seriously, if she ever needed an example to explain the word ‘envy’ to somebody, she’d just drag either this guy or that other martial brother out.

Whether it was Mei Chao Bing or Yang Wu Huang, they were just envious of their success so they harped on everything they could find about them that could be interpreted as negative. That energy really would be much better invested in trying to better themselves. If they didn’t waste it with such nonsense all the time, they might have been able to reach the next smaller level as well.

Song Mu sighed but at what was happening and then got up from where he had been sitting to go over to Yang Wu Huang. “Junior martial brother Yang, I think it would be better if you went back to the others. Obviously, junior martial brother Yun is pretty upset.”

Yang Wu Huang furrowed his brows. This guy really was a turncoat! Otherwise, in this case, shouldn’t he try to support him if he was on his side? “Senior martial brother Song, what are you saying? I’m just trying to help out!”

Song Mu inwardly sighed once again. “I can see that. It’s just that obviously, it didn’t work out quite as you hoped it would. I think in the situation we are currently in, it’s better if we don’t pursue the issue right now. Just give him a bit of time to calm down.”

Yang Wu Huang furrowed his brows but seeing how everybody looked at him, he finally could only glance at Yun Bei Fen again before he had to retreat. It seemed he would have to coax him for a while longer before he would be able to make him forgive him. Seriously, if he wasn’t that good-looking, he really wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

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