SML C72 I Was Unable to See It on My Own

The two of them looked at each other in a daze, Mo Fang clinging to Li Ming’s shoulders tightly. He wasn’t even able to congratulate himself on landing where he had wanted to be. His mind was just blank. And when his thoughts finally did catch up with him, they weren’t of the nice variety: Oh god! Had Li Ming noticed that he had been staring at him? Would he think that he was being strange? Actually, had it looked weird when he just stumbled?

On the other hand, Li Ming’s thoughts also weren’t good. Contrary to Mo Fang, he didn’t keep them to himself though. He pulled him back on his feet and looked him up and down. “Are you alright? I’m so sorry. I actually wanted to thank you for accompanying me and look what I did! Does it hurt?” He gently held Mo Fang’s shoulders to make sure he wouldn’t fall in case he had really hurt himself.

Mo Fang first wanted to reassure him but then thought that maybe this wasn’t too bad. He tried to look embarrassed and then shifted from one foot to the other. “Ah, well, it’s not that bad …”

“But it does hurt?” Li Ming looped an arm around his waist to help him take the pressure off his foot and then motioned over to a bench at the side. “Can you make it over there or is that too much?”

Mo Fang held onto him tightly. “I think it shouldn’t be a problem. It doesn’t hurt very much, just a little.”

Li Ming nodded but he felt that Mo Fang was likely just downplaying the pain so he wouldn’t make any trouble for him. He gently and slowly helped him over to the bench and then made him sit down. “Let me take a look.” He crouched down in front of him and carefully lifted his leg.

He had learned to look and care for injuries when he started his job at the railroad station. After all, while his actual job was making sure that there were no unauthorized objects taken into the station or on the trains and nobody fought, it could always be that somebody got injured on accident. As an employee, shouldn’t he try to make sure that the passengers were treated as well as they could until medical staff arrived?

Now, he was especially happy that he had done so. He gently handled Mo Fang’s leg. From his behavior, it shouldn’t have been broken but it was very much possible that he had twisted his ankle.

Mo Fang watched him quietly, an excited flush creeping up on his cheeks. Ah, if a man went down on his knees for you, then you knew he was a keeper.

He leaned forward and reached out, lightly touching Li Ming’s shoulder. “Bro Li, it’s really alright. I was mostly shocked. There was initially some pain but I think it’s getting better. Just taking a short break should be enough.”

Li Ming looked up and smiled. “I would probably believe that if I didn’t know how worried you always are about making trouble for me.”

Mo Fang was at a loss. So to speak … he had made trouble for himself? He touched his lips and then shook his head. “You’ve gotten it wrong. I was worried before because I felt like it was all because I’m being willful. If I hadn’t broken up and wasn’t so worried about what my dad would say and didn’t piss him off, then I wouldn’t have needed to take over your locker or come and live with you. So it’s really my own fault and I could have prevented it. This though … that was an honest mistake.” He might have been planning for something similar to happen soon but he hadn’t even gotten around to it. And with Li Ming’s behavior right now, he really didn’t feel like making things even more difficult for him.

Li Ming just looked at him. “Never apologize for breaking things off with your ex. He didn’t treat you well. He doesn’t deserve you. It’s good that you’re out of there.” He didn’t bring up Mo Fang’s leg again though and instead sat down next to him. “Alright, if you just need a break, then we’ll take one. When you’re feeling better, we can just return home.”

Mo Fang nodded but he couldn’t help but feel a little sad. He had already gotten up, put on some clothes, and then went out and now things would be over so soon. He should probably make sure that they sat here for quite some time so all his efforts wouldn’t have been wasted.

Ah, it really was a pity that they weren’t a couple yet. If they were, he could have sat on Li Ming’s lap and they could have made out. That would have been so nice!

Mo Fang looked wistful thinking of that, making Li Ming feel that he still blamed himself despite what he had said just now.

“It’s alright. We can still go on a run another day. It’s just a small mishap.”

“Mn.” Mo Fang gave a hum and then turned to Li Ming. “Right, what did you want to say before? You turned around so suddenly, it really startled me.” And Li Ming had mentioned that he wanted to thank him for something. That was definitely something he wouldn’t miss out on!

Li Ming felt a pang of regret. He should have been more careful. Well, then again, he had at least caught Mo Fang on instinct. If not, things might have been worse. “I …” He took a deep breath and then gave Mo Fang a small smile. “I wanted to thank you. You might think that you’re making trouble for me by being willful but, actually, I think you’re helping me. What we talked about last night … It has made me realize quite a few things.

“You were right. I can’t just continue like this. I was in love with Su Yan for two years without my feelings ever being reciprocated and should have given up a long time ago. It might have only come to a head two months ago but … everything was already lost a long time ago. I was just unable to see it on my own.”

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