OMF V7C332 A Thousand Years Might Be Enough

The other people all looked at the Elder but kept their thoughts to themselves. Jinde did raise his brows though. He couldn’t help but wonder if he had said too much just now. He had actually scared this man into trying to hide like a child. It absolutely hadn’t been his intention to do that. Just when he wondered if he should try to clear up the misunderstanding, Elder Tang suddenly gasped and turned back around.

“This … It’s not that Grandmaster Leng had that idea. In fact, it’s all my fault! I begged him to take me here and let me take a look. You definitely can’t blame him!”

Jinde’s golden brows rose even higher. “Elder Tang was the name?”

The Elder was scared when he heard that question but still nodded hurriedly. “Yes. That is me.”

Jinde nodded slowly and looked at the Elder with a peculiar expression. “Elder Tang … Please explain to me why you think that I would blame my own husband instead of a random stranger barging into my house.”

Elder Tang’s eyes went wide and he looked from Jinde to Leng Jin Yu and then back again, trying to figure out what he was supposed to say to that. He … He had just wanted to help the Grandmaster! How come he was suddenly asked such a question? This seemed a little unfair?

Even though he thought so, he naturally wouldn’t dare to say that out loud in front of the Grandmaster and his husband. Thus, he could only clear his throat and take all the blame. “Yes, yes it’s all my fault. I … I was assuming too much.”

Jinde smiled mischievously and then pulled himself out of the lake, picked up Hua Lin Yu, and then went over to his husband, lightly leaning against him. “My dear, people from your sect really like to joke. You didn’t tell me that your life was like this before. I sure hope you’re not getting bored with me.”

Elder Tang once again became anxious when he heard that but before he could make even more trouble, Leng Jin Yu already interrupted him.

“How could that be? My life will always be the most fulfilled with you at my side.” He leaned down and kissed Jinde’s cheek to make sure that his words had the right effect.

His husband hummed happily and then patted his chest, before motioning inside. “Alright, I think I’ve teased him enough. Since the three of you have something to do, I shouldn’t disturb you any longer. I’ll just play around with the child for a while.” When he said so, he turned to Fei Bai Mu, giving her a smile. “Unless Sect Master Fei has a problem with that?”

Fei Bai Mu shook her head with a smile as well. “How could I? In fact, I promised Xiao Yu that he would be able to see you again. Thank you for taking care of him for a while.”

Jinde gave another hum, not bothered at all. “Actually, it’s me who should thank you. Having the opportunity to play with such a cute child, I’m truly blessed.” He smiled at Hua Lin Yu and then turned around, bringing him back to the lake. Sitting down at the edge and submerging his legs in the water again, he didn’t even bother about the people behind them anymore.

Leng Jin Yu slightly shook his head, feeling that he would likely get to see this scene some more in the future when they really had a child of their own. Anyway, he didn’t mind too much. Seeing Jinde this happy … Naturally, it made him happy as well.

Not wanting to bother him any longer, he turned to Fei Bai Mu and Elder Tang and then motioned back into the palace. “I imagine that there really are some things you want to talk about. Why don’t we go back inside?”

Elder Tang nodded eagerly even though he couldn’t help but give Jinde another look. Well, nobody could blame him, right? The Grandmaster’s husband was just too beautiful to not take at least one look more.

The others noticed his gaze but pretended not to. Anyway, there was nothing wrong with letting him take a peek.

Leng Jin Yu and the other two sat down at the table, getting serious again.

Elder Tang looked at Leng Jin Yu, unable to hold back the question any longer that had been bothering him the whole time since getting the Sect Master’s message. “Grandmaster, does this mean that you will return to the Jian Yi Sect?”

Leng Jin Yu gave a faint smile. “Sect Master Fei asked me the same thing. Right now, I can’t say for sure. It is not that I don’t want to return but there are just too many things to take into consideration. For the time being, I definitely have to wait until Jinde is fully healed. After that, we can talk about it again.”

The Elder nodded and then looked to Fei Bai Mu who handed the materials over that he had brought.

“This is what the sect gathered to contribute. I hope that this will speed the process up a bit.”

Leng Jin Yu took the spiritual bag from her and slowly looked through it. The Jian Yi Sect had gone all out as it seemed. While it wouldn’t be able to heal Jinde completely either, together with the things Xin Lan had brought, it should help him a great deal. It seemed that the time when Jinde would finally be healed wasn’t as far off anymore as they had thought. It wouldn’t take thousands of years anymore. If they were lucky, then just a thousand might be enough or maybe … just maybe a couple hundred years might also be enough.

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