LBM C13 A Big Bird (2): How Did You Learn It, Senior Martial Brother?

The little bunny continued to stare at the window. “A bird?” So had the bird answered third senior martial brother’s question? Could birds actually speak? Or was it that third senior martial brother could speak the language of the birds?

Originally, he had only come to ask one question but by now, he had a whole range of new ones. Still, he first needed to get the answer to the most important one.

Thinking of that, Yun Bei Fen hurried over to his senior martial brother’s side and looked at sparkling eyes. “Third senior martial brother, did you find out if senior martial brother Mei will take part in that competition?”

Luo Lin looked at Yun Bei Fen for a moment and finally reached down from the bed and pulled him up, making him sit next to him. He was afraid that this would be a slightly longer conversation. “Well, I’m afraid your senior martial brother Mei won’t take part in the competition this time.”

As expected, Yun Bei Fen’s expression fell immediately. “Ah? But why?”

Luo Lin made a thoughtful face. “Well, it’s a special kind of competition.”

“I’m sure that senior martial brother Mei would still be able to win!”

Luo Lin patted his head and nodded. “But of course. Your senior martial brother Mei is awesome.”

“Then why doesn’t he take part?” Yun Bei Fen really looked down as if his whole world would come crashing down.

Luo Lin didn’t quite know what to say. In his junior’ eyes, his senior martial brother Mei was an all-knowing, invincible master of all trades. Even if he explained, he wouldn’t be able to understand that even Mei Chao Bing wouldn’t be able to do everything. “Well, your senior martial brother Mei sure can …” Anyway, it should be alright as long as the little bunny was happy. He might as well make up a white lie. “You see, there are others though. Not everybody can be as awesome as him.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded very understandingly. Obviously, he had no problem believing that at all.

“Well, and they would be very sad if they lost every time. So your senior martial brother Mei doesn’t take part in everything to give them a chance sometimes as well. He’s a good person after all.”

“So it was like that.” Yun Bei Fen still seemed sad that he wouldn’t be able to see Mei Chao Bing but he could accept that explanation. Naturally, others wouldn’t be able to win if his senior martial brother Mei took part in the competition! That was only natural.

Luo Lin smiled and patted his junior’s head again. “Yes, yes, just like that. And I’m sure you’ll get another opportunity to see your senior martial brother Mei so you don’t need to be sad.”

“Mn!” Yun Bei Fen nodded obediently. He would definitely find an opportunity! Anyway, with this most important question solved, he couldn’t help but curiously look at his third senior martial brother. “Third senior martial brother, how did you find out?”

Luo Lin blinked his eyes and then glanced over to the window. “Well …” Saying the truth probably wouldn’t be very appropriate? “You know, a little birdie told me.”

“The little bird that just flew away? So you know how to talk with birds?”

Luo Lin’s cheeks slightly flushed and he brushed through his inky hair with his fingers. “I guess you could say it like that …”

“Really? Then how do you do it? Is it hard? Can I learn it too?” If he could, then he could ask the birds what senior martial brother Mei was doing himself!

Luo Lin seemed to be lost in thought.

Yun Bei Fen waited for a moment but finally still reached out and tugged at his sleeve. “Third senior martial brother? Is it hard?”

Luo Lin put a hand up against his cheek and sighed. “Very hard.”

“Oh.” Yun Bei Fen deflated. Then he probably couldn’t do it. “Then how did you learn it?”

“Ah, it’s just a lot of practice. Anyway, you’re still young. You shouldn’t think about it too much.” He patted Yun Bei Fen’s head, got up from the edge of the bed, and went over to the window, looking out to where Shen Lei had vanished before.

Yun Bei Fen couldn’t help but run after him, tiptoe in front of the window, and try to look out as well. “Is the bird that told you still there?”

Luo Lin’s gaze rested on one of the trees but he shook his head. “If it is, then I can’t see it.”

“Oh. Was it a little bird?”

Luo Lin shook his head again. “No, it was … a pretty big bird.”

“Like a sparrow?”

Luo Lin thought of a sparrow and couldn’t help but feel that that really didn’t do Shen Lei justice. “No, it was a little bigger.”

“A swallow?”

Luo Lin didn’t feel like a swallow was that much bigger than a sparrow. “Uh … Let’s say it was an owl.”

“Oh, so it was an owl. Well, it’s good that the owl knew! You should ask the owl more often in the future.”

“I’ll do that. It’s … in the vicinity pretty often.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded, hugged his third senior martial brother’s thigh, and then already rushed back out. “Thank you, third senior martial brother. I’ll go and see what senior martial brother Mei is doing then. Thank the owl for me when it comes back!”

Luo Lin waved at his little junior and watched him leave. When the door fell shut behind Yun Bei Fen, a shadow fell through the window next to Luo Lin.

“So, how is my little fairy thinking of thanking me?”

Luo Lin looked up and smiled. “Luo Lin doesn’t know. What would Ah Lei like as thanks?”

“Oh, I could think of a few things there.” He jumped back inside and pulled Luo Lin into his arms, leaning down to kiss him.

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