OMF V7C331 Just a Salty Bastard

Elder Tang looked around in a hurry when they arrived in the dimension. Seeing how spacious it was, he couldn’t help but feel even more excited. This dimension had probably been created by their Grandmaster! At the very least, he was pretty sure that he did have the strength to do so.

Back in the Jian Yi Sect, he had also created a dimension even though it had been on a smaller scale than this one. But since then, he had already ascended. Naturally, he should be able to do more now that he had gotten stronger.

While the Elder was lost in thought, Leng Jin Yu already stepped out of the palace. “Sect Master. Elder Tang.”

The Elder was abruptly pulled out of his thoughts and his eyes lit up when he saw Leng Jin Yu. “Grandmaster Leng!” He rushed over, obviously happy to see him again.

Leng Jin Yu gave a smile and motioned toward the building behind him. “Why don’t you come in?”

Elder Tang hurried to nod. “Of course, of course! Will we be able to see the Grandmaster’s partner?” While seeing the Grandmaster was his first priority, he couldn’t deny that he was also quite curious about what kind of person had been able to win him over. After all, since the time he himself had been a disciple, he had never seen their Grandmaster get involved with any person. That had made him wonder if there was actually nobody who was able to move his heart.

Now, it seemed that he had thought too much though. Obviously, the Grandmaster just waited for that one special person to appear in front of him. This truly showed just what kind of great man he was. He wouldn’t settle for second best as so many others did. His partner should be exceptional in all regards!

Leng Jin Yu smiled noncommittally. “If he feels like it.” Anyway, he didn’t mind letting Elder Tang meet Jinde but Jinde had just needed to expend quite a bit of strength to refine the potion. He had also been disturbed several times in the last few days. If he needed to rest some more, then he should do that. It wouldn’t be too late to let him meet the Elder later on.

Elder Tang couldn’t help but be a little disappointed when he heard that answer but he still understood that he could hardly request it. If the Grandmaster’s partner wasn’t up to meeting him, then that was the case. There was nothing he could do about it.

Fei Bai Mu who followed behind the two of them gave a smile and looked at her small disciple, patting his head. “Xiao Yu, how about doing Elder Tang a favor later on and luring that pretty man out again?”

Xiao Yu looked up at her, seeming to not quite understand what was going on. “Didn’t we come to see him?”

Fei Bai Mu nodded. “Sure we did.” At the very least, that was why her disciple had come here.

The four of them went to the room where Leng Jin Yu and Jinde were living. Naturally, nothing could be seen of Jinde at the moment since he was still submerged in the lake outside. Leng Jin Yu sat down and motioned for the other two to sit at the table as well.

Before either of them could say anything, Hua Lin Yu already got impatient on Fei Bai Mu’s arms and wriggled around, trying to get out of her embrace.

Fei Bai Mu sighed and put him down on the ground, letting him run around. “Make sure you don’t make any trouble.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then rushed outside, looking around to find Jinde. Just a moment later, there was the sound of water splashing and a gentle voice could be heard from outside.

“Ah, look at this. You actually came back to see me?” Well, he just couldn’t resist the allure of spending some time caring for a cute child.

Elder Tang inside tensed up when he heard that and his eyes darted to the door. This … It couldn’t be that it was actually the person he had wanted to meet, could it?!

Leng Jin Yu sighed and gave Fei Bai Mu a look. She wasn’t playing fair. She had absolutely known that this would happen. “Well, it seems that my husband has come out. We might as well go over so you can get to know him, Elder Tang.”

The Elder jumped to his feet before he hastily nodded his head. “What a splendid idea, Grandmaster! Let’s go immediately!”

Leng Jin Yu sighed and got up as well, going over to the door and taking a look at Jinde who was still halfway submerged in the lake while amusing the child next to him.

Before he could say anything, the Elder rushed past him, looking around with wide eyes. When he saw Jinde over there, he gaped at him. Not quite able to believe what he saw, he pointed right at him and then turned to Leng Jin Yu, his mouth still hanging open. “That …” He looked back, finally forcefully closing his mouth.

He had imagined that the Grandmaster must’ve met a very special person if he finally got together with somebody but … This was really surpassing everything he ever could have imagined.

Jinde turned to the side and flicked a lazy glance at them before raising his golden brows. “It sure is getting crowded in this place. How come so many people want to have a look at me?” He brushed through his hair, making the Elder tense.

Before he realized what he was doing, he had clasped a hand over his eyes and turned away. He definitely hadn’t been ogling the Grandmaster’s husband! Definitely not! Whoever said anything like that was just an envious bastard who was salty because they hadn’t been able to see him and wanted to drag him down now!

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