OMF V7C330 Can I See Him?

While the two dragons waited to see how things would unfold, the Yun Zou Sect ushered in a new guest. Elder Tang stood in front of the gates with two dozen disciples behind him, his expression unusually excited.

The Yun Zou Sect disciples guarding the door exchanged a glance, unsure how to react. “This …”

“I’m Elder Tang from the Jian Yi Sect. Our Sect Master is currently staying in your sect. Bring us over immediately! I have important matters to discuss with her.”

The disciples exchanged another glance but they had indeed heard that the Jian Yi Sect’s Sect Master Fei Bai Mu was currently residing in their sect so they didn’t have any doubt that the story was true. Anyway, who would dare to pretend that they were a member of the Jian Yi Sect if they weren’t? That would get them in major trouble.

“Welcome to the Yun Zou Sect. Please let me bring you over.” One of the disciples motioned inside and then led them through the gate and toward the Sect Master’s peak where Fei Bai Mu and her disciple were still staying.

The closer they got to the house, the more excited Elder Tang became. He hurriedly brushed over his clothes to get rid of any wrinkles and then even smoothed out his hair and patted his cheeks, making both the Yun Zou Sect’s disciple in the front as well as the Jian Yi Sect disciples in the back look at him strangely.

Back in the Jian Yi Sect, only the Elders had been informed of the rumors regarding their ascended Grandmaster. Thus, the disciples had no idea just why the Elder was this excited. In fact, they felt that it was a little strange. After all, the last news that they had heard was about the actions of the demon-hunting sects. That certainly wasn’t any reason to be excited. Feeling righteous indignation would be what they’d rather expect of their Elder.

The group soon arrived in front of the house and the disciple of the Yun Zou Sect called out. “Sect Master Fei, people of the Jian Yi Sect have come to see you.”

Fei Bai Mu looked up from where she was sitting and teaching her disciple the theory of cultivation. “Thank you for informing me. Send them in then.”

Elder Tang happily rushed over and opened the door, barging into the room and looking around wildly. When he couldn’t see anybody but the Sect Master and her youngest disciple, his face fell though. “Where is …”

Fei Bai Mu raised her brows at him and then turned to look at the disciples behind him. This really was nothing she would want them to find out. “Elder Tang. It is great that you were able to come here so fast. Have you been able to bring over what I wanted?”

Elder Tang realized that he had made a mistake and gave an embarrassed nod. “Of course, Sect Master. It’s all here.” He took out a spiritual bag and offered it to her.

Fei Bai Mu took it from his hands and glanced over what was inside. She nodded with satisfaction when she saw that the disciples had been able to gather quite a few things additionally to what the sect had already had in the storage house. “I guess this will suffice.” She didn’t know what exactly that Xin Lan had brought with him but regardless, it was still good as long as they were able to support their Grandmaster’s husband as well.

Elder Tang twisted his hands and then gave a soft laugh. “Sect Master, about …” He raised his brows suggestively, wanting her to tell him just where the Grandmaster was. Naturally, he wanted to see him. Wasn’t that why he had volunteered to come here? But now he wasn’t even able to get a glimpse of him! He really felt disappointed at that.

Fei Bai Mu smiled wryly and then looked at the disciples. “I see that you have brought quite a few people with you. Why don’t you go and organize their lodgings for the time being? Anyway, we probably won’t be staying here much longer. There are just some organizational matters for the trial of the demon-hunting sects to be made.”

“Sect Master!” Elder Tang wailed, absolutely not happy with that.

Fei Bai Mu just gave a lazy glance though and then turned back to her own disciple. Anyway, she would bring him over later on. It would be best if there was somebody else who could talk to the Grandmaster. For one, it would help the other Elders in keeping a level head, and second, reminding the Grandmaster of the good times back in the Jian Yi Sect might also help in convincing him to come back after his husband was healed.

Elder Tang finally still had to go and grabbed one of the disciples of the Yun Zou Sect to organize a place for their disciples to stay for the time being. As soon as the disciples had moved in, he rushed back to Fei Bai Mu’s side though, looking at her with sparkling eyes. “Now, what about the Grandmaster? Is he really here? Can I see him?”

Fei Bai Mu sighed and shook her head before she got up, giving her disciple a smile. “Xiao Yu, how about going and seeing that pretty man again?”

Hua Lin Yu’s face lit up and he nodded obediently. He didn’t mind learning about cultivation but he wouldn’t mind it even less if he was able to cling to a pretty person while he did so. And Jinde had been especially nice to him. He was almost as good as his own family.

Fei Bai Mu smiled when she saw his reaction and then motioned for Elder Tang to follow her, walking up the Sect Master’s peak and toward the array behind the palace. Before she could say or do anything, the array already lit up, allowing them to enter the dimension behind.

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