LBM C13 A Big Bird (1): Third Senior Martial Brother, I Have a Question!

Yun Bei Fen hurried to his third senior martial brother’s house. When he had a question, he would always go to ask his senior martial brothers. But his first senior martial brother’s explanations were sometimes very hard for him to understand and he didn’t trust his second senior martial brother too much because he was often telling him stories that made no sense.

His third senior martial brother was completely different. He might not know immediately but he was always able to find out what you wanted to know. And when he did, he was even able to tell him in ways he would understand. It made him feel that his third senior martial brother definitely was the smartest person in their valley. Thankfully, Elder Baili wasn’t around and Yun Bei Fen also kept these thoughts to himself so no feelings were hurt.

Right now, the little bunny had another very important question he needed to get answered though so he immediately went to the person most likely to be able to satisfactorily answer his question. Knocking on the door, he stared up at it excitedly, hoping that his third senior martial brother would hurry up and answer fast!

Inside the house, Luo Lin rolled around and stared up at the ceiling before wriggling out of the arms of the man at his side. Judging from the almost inaudible knock, the one at the door should be his little junior. He couldn’t let him wait for too long. Picking up his outer robe, he haphazardly threw it on, and then went outside.

Shen Lei reached out to the other side of the bed when the familiar weight disappeared from his arms and then cracked his eyes open. Seeing that his little fairy had vanished, he rubbed his face and sat up. He could still hear Luo Lin’s steps in the corridor so he wasn’t too worried and lay back down, crossing his arms behind his head and keeping his eyes fixed on the entrance.

Meanwhile, Luo Lin opened the door, only for his little junior to barge right in and cling to his leg. Luo Lin raised his brows. “What’s the matter, little one?” He patted his head and gave him a beautiful smile, making Yun Bei Fen smile as well.

“Third senior martial brother, I have a question!”

“Oh? Then what is it?”

“It’s about senior martial brother Mei. I heard some of the senior martial sisters say that there would be a competition. Do you know if senior martial brother Mei will also take part? Can I go and watch?” He blinked his eyes, the excitement at the prospect of seeing Mei Chao Bing fight in a competition obvious.

Luo Lin was at a loss though. Was there supposed to be a competition? He pondered and then bend down, rubbing the little bunny’s head again. “Wait a moment. I’m sure I can find out.” He smiled and then turned around, going down the corridor, and entering the room he had originally come out of again.

Sitting down at the side of the bed, Luo Lin reached out and brushed over Shen Lei’s thigh, his fingertips lingering for a moment. “Ah Lei, Luo Lin’s little junior came over and asked a question. Luo Lin doesn’t know if maybe Ah Lei would know the answer?”

Shen Lei smiled with satisfaction and reached down, covering Luo Lin’s hand. “Of course, if my little fairy wants me to.” He pulled his hand up and pressed a kiss on top, giving him a deep look. “If I heard that right just now, it’s about that youngest disciple of Elder Feng, right?”

“Mn.” Luo Lin nodded and leaned closer. “Luo Lin doesn’t know anything more about that competition though. Master didn’t tell us anything.”

Shen Lei smiled and grabbed Luo Lin’s chin, pulling him closer and kissing his lips. “My fairy’s specialty isn’t in that kind of thing. It’s a competition for wielders of heavy weapons, initiated by the Jie Shi Temple. From our sect, it’s likely only the disciples of Elder Rong that will go and participate. So my little fairy can go and tell his junior that that Mei Chao Bing won’t be in the competition.”

Luo Lin already wanted to praise his lover for being knowledgeable when hurried steps sounded from the corridor. His eyes widened and he pushed Shen Lei off the bed with a yelp. Even though he didn’t mind showing off his relationship in front of anyone else, his little junior was the exception! A child’s eyes shouldn’t need to see this kind of thing.

Shen Lei stared up at his little fairy with some grievance but since he could hear the steps as well, he understood somewhat even though there were some questions. He grabbed his outer robe and then swung himself out of the window and leaped into a nearby tree just in time.

The little bunny entered the room, even more excited than before because he had heard the name ‘Mei Chao Bing’. He stopped though when he heard something flap and saw a big shadow leave the room. Tilting his head, he couldn’t help but first pose another question: “Third senior martial brother, what was that?” He pointed over to the window, curious.

Luo Lin raised a hand to his lips and delicately coughed. “Oh, that? I don’t know. Must have been a bird …”

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