OMF V7C325 He Could Trust Him

After Yin Lin Lin left, Jin Ling turned to the people that were still in the room. These were the ones that were currently on his side. Naturally, they couldn’t be trusted either but for the time being, he could only work together with them. Among them, Ye Yang was the only one he had at least a sliver of trust in. This person didn’t need to be convinced to help him further. That deal had already been sealed. And knowing him, he wouldn’t back out after collecting his reward. He didn’t need to worry about it. As for the others …

Jin Ling’s gaze slipped to the other man that was sitting not far from Ye Yang. This person was unfortunately not very interested in beauty. In fact, being able to wage war with the dragons might actually be of more interest to him. But now, Yong Hai had given him quite the good opportunity to deal with this person. “A weapon that would actually be buried with somebody of the ancient royal family should be quite good, wouldn’t you say so?”

The man gave him a calculating look and then the corners of his mouth hooked up. “Your Majesty is certainly right about that. It sure is the kind of weapon I would love to set eyes on at least once in my life.”

Jin Ling gave him a smile as well, feeling quite pleased with how straightforward he was. “Just looking wouldn’t be that good, would it? How about holding it in your hands for a while?”

The other demon bowed his head, that smile still on his lips. “Your Majesty sure would be gracious if you let me do that.”

“Oh, I’m not particular about my possessions. If I was able to get my hands on that weapon, I certainly wouldn’t mind giving it to somebody on my side.”

“Maybe you would want somebody else than that goddess to look into it? While she might be able to get some information out of Yong Hai, I doubt she knows much about weapons.”

Jin Ling leaned to the side, his fingers brushing through his copper-colored hair. “I do see what you mean. Trusting somebody of the gods too much wouldn’t be good. But … It could be difficult for you to gain Yong Hai’s trust, don’t you think so? I certainly wouldn’t mind if you held contact with Yin Lin Lin though and got the information from her. Whatever you need … just tell her. Also … there aren’t that many ways back from that ancient burial ground, are there? Maybe we should just … send somebody to intercept them.”

The other demon smiled even more brightly. “Would you allow me to do that, Your Majesty?”

“Well, if you are so eager to take a look at that weapon, then I feel like I shouldn’t keep you from that.”

The demon nodded and then turned around and left as well. It always was nice making deals with Jin Ling. This man understood very well what others wanted and he wasn’t stingy with giving out rewards as long as you were able to provide him with what he wanted. Also, contrary to that Yong Hai, he could be trusted not to turn his back on you immediately after matters were over. He might just be able to keep that weapon himself after Jin Ling had secured his throne.

Back in the hall, Jin Ling turned to look at the others and gave a faint smile. “As for you … Just continue with the task you were assigned before this. If you can, find out more about this matter with the burial ground.”

The demons exchanged glances and then nodded, leaving the hall. The only one who remained was Ye Yang who looked at Jin Ling thoughtfully.

Jin Ling turned to him, his copper-colored hair falling over his shoulder. “What’s the matter, Ye Yang?”

“Aren’t you afraid that they will betray you?”

Jin Ling continued to look at him for a moment longer before his lips curved up in a beautiful arch and he finally got to his feet, slowly walking over. He stopped directly in front of Ye Yang and then reached out, hugging his neck. “All of them would betray me. You are … the only exception.” He leaned down further and their lips met for just a moment.

Ye Yang closed his eyes and reached out, holding Jin Ling’s waist. “You’ve already kept your promise to me. So there’s no need to be like this. I’ll definitely uphold my end of the bargain.”

Jin Ling laughed and brushed through Ye Yang’s hair with his fingers. “I know. But this … See it as a bit of motivation.” He tilted his head and his lips brushed over Ye Yang’s cheek. “How far along have you gotten? Is there any news?”

Ye Yang gave a hum, his hands slowly slipping down. “No news yet. But I’m sure I’ll be able to take care of it soon. I feel like that little dragon is slowly getting soft. He’s trying quite hard not to fall for me but … I do have quite a bit of charm, don’t I?” He opened his eyes and glanced at Jin Ling, his eyes glittering with some unspoken questions.

Jin Ling chuckled in response. “You sure do.” His fingers brushed over Ye Yang’s chest and he looked into his eyes. He knew full well that Ye Yang was his most valuable partner right now. This person … He really wouldn’t betray him. That much was for sure. As for the others … He had some checks and balances in place but there was no guarantee. So he would always have to keep an eye on things.

It was different with Ye Yang. He could … actually trust him. It was rare for something like that to happen in the demon realm. But right now, he definitely wouldn’t complain. Anyway, there were worse options. While he didn’t like it, it was still tolerable if it was him.

And anyway, this wouldn’t go on forever. He only needed a bit more time. As soon as he was able to see Jinde again … things would certainly work out on their own. He had no doubts about this.

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