OMF V7C324 Could It Be So Simple?

After Xin Lan left and Jinde went back to healing himself, the dimension fell quiet. And even outside, there was a rare moment of peace to be had. The matter of Wu Ya’s inquiries into the past ended just like that. With Ma Zhi Wu starting to heal and the Chun Feng Sect defeated by Xiang Yong and the other dragons for the time being, things were looking up for the people of the Yun Zou Sect. In fact, for a short while, it looked as if the people in the human realm altogether had managed to enter a short time of peace where everything seemed quiet as if the pain and suffering from before had only been an illusion.

On the other hand, things were looking different in the other realms and Xin Lan had managed to snatch a front-row seat to one of them.

Jin Ling impatiently tapped the armrest of his throne, his gaze wandering from one person to the other. He knew that he should focus completely on what was happening in the demon realm right now if he cared about his throne at all. Unfortunately, he actually didn’t. If he could, he would’ve left right way. He also knew that he couldn’t do that but inwardly, he still couldn’t help but think about it and hope that he would get the opportunity to do so.

The person he loved was still out there, not dead as he had feared for so many years. Not being able to see him was truly torture. Unfortunately, he still hadn’t gotten the time to move forward in that direction. And even now, when Ye Yang was once again in front of him, he couldn’t ask him because there were still other people around. Forcefully pushing the thought aside, Jin Ling turned to Yin Lin Lin. “What did you find out?”

“Yong Hai has sent some people away to search for some type of weapon. In fact, there were several teams sent out. I don’t know the specifics but whatever they are searching for seems to be located in some kind of burial ground.”

Jin Ling slowly raised his brows. “Burial ground?” He frowned, wondering what this might be about.

Even though Jin Ling was the demon king and his blood, unfortunately, dictated that he was more of a demon than a dragon, he himself had always refused to see himself as somebody of the demon realm. To him, he was still a person of the dragon realm and he would be until the very last moment. That was the place where he had grown up. It was the place that Jinde belonged to. Naturally, it should also be the place that he belonged to. Thus, he had never really cared about the history of the demon realm or the demon race. He knew what he had to know to be king but he didn’t care for anything else.

Ye Yang glanced at him, a hint of a smile in his eyes. “I guess this will be the burial ground of the ancient royal family. Apparently, they were buried with quite a few of their possessions back then. There should be quite a few strong weapons among them.”

Jin Ling’s fingers stilled and he narrowed his eyes. “Yong Hai would never be able to beat me in a fight. He might be attempting to close the gap between us by acquiring that kind of weapon.”

Ye Yang nodded. “That is a possibility. Then again, I doubt that he is the kind of person that would be so aboveboard to actually challenge you.”

Jin Ling’s lips curled up and he gave Ye Yang a lazy look. “You do have of an understanding of his character, Ye Yang. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have been able to see through what he is fueled by.

“Yong Hai has always felt inferior. Or, no, it would probably be more precise to say that he has always felt superior to me but suffers from the fact that he knows that he can’t back up that claim. With me having ruled for so long and quite a few people standing on my side, he naturally has quite a few issues on his hands.

“He won’t be able to take it to have somebody else eliminate me. He will want to do it himself. And he will definitely want to show the world that he is better than me. He wants to make that clear once and for all. So he will definitely challenge me.

“But of course, he will not be aboveboard. He will use quite a few dirty tricks in that fight for as long as he can make sure that nobody will be able to discern that. Getting a powerful weapon is precisely that kind of petty little trick. Nobody can say that it is wrong for him to use a weapon in a fight, right? So he will take that one out and hopes to have an advantage.”

Ye Yang scoffed. “Isn’t that too easy? If he challenges you, then it will be your opportunity to choose the weapons used. You just need to find out what kind of weapon he has and then request something different.”

Jin Ling nodded. “That is true. The question is: Could it really be that he hasn’t thought that far ahead? It does seem a little strange.” Once again, he started to tap the armrest of his throne, pondering deeply.

Yong Hai might be a pretentious prick but he wasn’t an idiot either. There was no way he would make such a simple mistake. So either he had a way to get around this or they had misunderstood what his plan was. Whatever it was, they would need some more information to counter it.

Thinking of that, Jin Ling turned to Yin Lin Lin, making sure to soften his gaze a little to show her just how much he appreciated her help. “I’m afraid we don’t know enough yet to come to a conclusion on this. Yin Lin Lin, I’m afraid I’ll have to rely on you once again. Do you think you can find out what exactly he is planning?”

Yin Lin Lin nodded, feeling excited when she saw Jin Ling’s gaze. Could it be that because of this disaster, he finally realized what he had in her? Then this really was a blessing in disguise!

Seeing her reaction, Jin Ling really had to hold back from laughing out loud. Well, he still had to be careful. Speaking of which … “Please make sure that you take care of yourself. You can’t let him find out what you are doing. Not just for my sake but especially for your own sake. I wouldn’t want you to be in danger just because you’re trying to help me.”

Yin Lin Lin nodded happily and hurriedly promised. Naturally, she wouldn’t want to make trouble for her own husband.

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