SML C48 No Solution to the Problem

Having gotten Li Ming’s promise to be allowed to move in with him, Mo Fang wiped the tears from his cheeks and gave him a slightly bigger smile. “Then … I guess I should get back to work. If my father throws me out of here because I haven’t been doing my job, then I wouldn’t be able to even pay you back.”

Li Ming shook his head at that. “Don’t worry about it. It’s just for the time being anyway. You can take your time with everything. I don’t expect you to pay me.”

Mo Fang nodded, once again feeling that he had really gotten too lucky to be able to spot a guy like Li Ming. Ah, after getting together with shitty guys like Lan Heng too often, he had probably already exhausted his bad luck. Now, he would definitely be lucky for once and manage to get himself an absolute dream guy like this. Mo Fang smiled sweetly at that though and nodded. Actually, he would agree with everything Li Ming said right now.

After he had made sure that Mo Fang was alright, Li Ming also continued with his own patrol. He couldn’t help but wonder if what he had done was right. But regardless of how he thought about it, he still felt that it was the only thing he could have done in that situation.

Mo Fang needed a place to stay. Since his father wouldn’t have him, then he could only move in with somebody else. Even if he wanted to, getting his own apartment in such a short amount of time just wouldn’t be possible. But judging from what Mo Fang had said, none of his own friends would be an option. As for his coworkers … Most didn’t know Mo Fang well enough to let him move in for some time and the few that did would likely not be able to do so either. Thus, that only left him.

He sighed, not quite sure how to handle the situation from here on out. He had invited Mo Fang so he would stand by that. He would definitely let him live with him until Mo Fang was able to find an agreeable option. But there was still the problem of Mo Fang maybe falling in love with him.

Even though Li Ming didn’t think of himself as an irresistible man, after what Rui Lan had said and what had happened both yesterday and this morning, he did feel that it might be quite likely that this would really happen. Anyway, there was at least a chance that it would.

In fact, thinking about it a bit further, it wasn’t much of a wonder. Mo Fang had just gone through a bad breakup. He was emotional and vulnerable and naturally, if somebody showed him kindness right now, the gratitude he felt for that would be inflated in his mind, making him feel even closer to that person. The fact that this person was another gay man definitely didn’t help the situation.

Most likely, everybody would unwittingly question sooner or later if maybe there was a possibility of getting together with this person. Maybe that person had helped them because they were attracted. Maybe even if that wasn’t the case, just the fact that they had gotten on well so far insinuated that they might make a great couple.

It wasn’t strange to think like that. And the heart was even more unreliable than the mind. He really wouldn’t be able to blame Mo Fang if something like that happened. Especially not if the two of them spent more and more time together.

It was just … Now, things had gotten to this point. They were working together, now even living together … It was hard to imagine how they could spend time apart. Even if he went to ask Boss Mo if he could change shifts so that they wouldn’t be at the station at the same time or at home together, they would still inevitably run into each other each day, probably several times.

But just leaving Mo Fang alone all the time also might not be a good idea. He was in a bad spot, after all. Having somebody to talk to was certainly important to him right now. Not to mention that he would feel rejected if he suddenly changed his attitude after he moved in. He might even think it was because he had made too much trouble which wasn’t the case at all. He really didn’t want Mo Fang to blame himself.

Li Ming sighed, still not sure what to do. He could see the problem clearly. He just didn’t know how to solve it.

Before he could think any further, somebody clasped his shoulder. “What’s this? I didn’t see you in the previous round. Don’t tell me you were slacking off. Did you get too drunk yesterday?”

Li Ming looked up and found an especially cheerful looking Rui Lan behind him. He raised his brows, giving him a once over. “You were drinking together with us yesterday, so you should know whether or not I was drunk. Anyway, what’s with you? You seem awfully happy.”

Rui Lan put an arm around his shoulder and gave a wide grin. “I am. You know, if I knew what hidden benefits there would be for getting a new coworker and having a drinking game with them, I definitely would have told everybody I knew about this open position.”

Li Ming slowly nodded. “So you got back together with Sis Cang, I assume.”

Rui Lan patted his shoulder. “No need to be jealous. I’m sure you’ll be able to find somebody as well soon.”

Li Ming who was currently trying to make sure that that wouldn’t happen could only sigh. Sometimes, things sure were strange. While Rui Lan had gone home with somebody and gotten such a positive result out of it, he had taken Mo Fang home and now something like this had happened. He really didn’t know what to think.

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