OMF V7C302 It’s You who Insists

Wu Ya and the king exchanged a glance and then both left the room, following the guard to the hall. There were indeed several people waiting there, looking a little anxious at the sight of Leng Jin Yu.

The king of the beast tribe looked at all of them, his expression grave when he saw that they all showed clear signs of the suffering in the past years. “You came back. I already heard that somebody had gone to set you free. Why don’t you tell me in detail?” He sat down on his throne, motioning for them to come closer and also waved at one of the servants to bring chairs for them so they could sit and rest.

One of the people stepped forward after exchanging glances with the others and bowed his head. “To be honest, we don’t know exactly what happened. Some people of the dragon race suddenly appeared and swept through the dungeon. They didn’t talk much, just told us to get out and return where we came from. They didn’t stay around to explain anything and just continued through the dungeon. We don’t know if everybody got out and why they were there. We just hurried outside as they had told us and then came back here as soon as we could.”

The king nodded. This was indeed the same as what Wu Ya had said the other person had told him. Thinking of that, he turned to Leng Jin Yu. “Wu Ya told me that you had some information as to what happened.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Somebody of the dragon race was caught and imprisoned in the Chun Feng Sect as well. That was how they came to know of the issue. The dragon king searched for a way to free them and finally sent some people over today.” He stopped at that, not revealing any more details.

Anyway, he didn’t know too much about the rest of what had happened so for some things, he would only be able to make some guesses which wouldn’t help at all. And, with still not knowing the relationship between the two races, he also shouldn’t take any chances of doing a disservice to the dragons.

The king of the spirit beast tribe looked at him thoughtfully. “Were they aware that there were people of our race imprisoned there?”

Leng Jin Yu hesitated for a moment but then shook his head. “Not as far as I am aware.” This much shouldn’t bring any trouble, should it?

The king furrowed his brows and then turned to look at Wu Ya. “Our people have returned. I believe that means you will have to act on your promise.”

Wu Ya nodded and then walked over to Leng Jin Yu, stopping in front of him. “It turns out that you said the truth. I’ll come back with you to the human realm to see if the rest of what you told me is true as well. Then, I’ll give you the herb.”

Leng Jin Yu looked from him to the king and then to the other people before he nodded. “Very well. Then we should hurry up.” Anyway, it was best to return a little earlier. After all, this herb might likely be the most important if it was able to solve the matter with Ma Zhi Wu’s beast core. That way, his condition wouldn’t deteriorate further and Jinde would have more time until he needed to refine that other potion. That way, he wouldn’t be pressed for time as much and the chances of successfully refining it on the first try should be higher. That was definitely a good thing.

Wu Ya once again bowed to his king and then, the two of them left the palace. Leng Jin Yu didn’t say anything and just pushed off the ground, flying to the place that connected this realm with the human one.

Wu Ya watched him and then sped up as well, not lagging behind. Anyway, it seemed that this person was pretty anxious. And to him, this also wasn’t bad. He didn’t want to stay in the human realm for too long. He also wanted to know about the jade box he was currently holding onto.

Soon enough, the two of them left the territory of the beast tribe. Wu Ya turned to give Leng Jin Yu a questioning look. “So, where to now?”

“The Yun Zou Sect.”

Wu Ya stopped in his tracks when he heard that, giving Leng Jin Yu a thoughtful look.

Leng Jin Yu turned around, feeling somewhat impatient. “What’s the matter?”

“Is that one of the sects that have been hunting our people?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. There are different kinds of sects in the mortal realm. The one you’re referring to are the demon-hunting sects. The Yun Zou Sect isn’t one of them. In fact, it was only because of the Yun Zou Sect that the dragon race found out about what happened. So I guess in a sense, you should be grateful to them. Now, can we go? Anyway, your people know where we’re going. If you suddenly vanished, I’m sure that they would notice.”

“They don’t know the specific place though.”

“Then I suggest you send them a message. Unless you are afraid that I’m not even telling you the right place. But then again, you wouldn’t have to come with me if you just gave me the herb. It is you that insists on coming along.”

Wu Ya pressed his lips together but finally nodded. “Very well. Then you lead the way.” In the worst case, he would fight tooth and nail with him to get out of there. After all, he would have to warn his people if there was something shady going on. He definitely wouldn’t let any of them be imprisoned again.

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