OMF V7C301 A Human in the Hall

The two of them soon arrived at the gates of a large city. Leng Jin Yu hadn’t been here before but just judging from the place where it was situated and its expanse, he was pretty sure that this should be the capital city of the beast tribe’s territory. It seemed that the person he had met out there wasn’t just anybody in the clan. In that case, how he handled this might have a bigger influence than he would’ve have assumed before. He definitely had to be careful with how he behaved and what he said.

The beast person led him into the city, taking another glance at Leng Jin Yu when they crossed through the gate but he didn’t say anything. Leng Jin Yu also didn’t speak up and just followed him, waiting to see where he would lead him.

In the end, he found himself in front of the palace. Leng Jin Yu slightly raised his brows when he looked at it. This place … It looked quite a bit like the palace of the dragon realm, didn’t it? Maybe these two races were closer than he would’ve assumed in the beginning.

It seemed he still had quite a lot to learn if he wanted to be with Jinde. He definitely couldn’t let him get into trouble because he didn’t know about the relationships between the different races. He should really ask him about the spirit beast people as soon as he got back.

The beast person turned back to him, once again watching his expression. “I’m going to have you meet with our king. If they really return, then this is the place where they would go. I assume you don’t have a problem with that?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “No, that will be alright.” He just hoped that the spirit beast people would be fast with getting back home.

The two of them entered the building and went into the hall behind the gate. A throne could be seen on the other side of the room but it was currently empty.

Leng Jin Yu glanced around a little more, trying to see where the similarities with the dragon race stopped. From what Jinde had told him, that palace of the dragon race had undergone several changes because it was demolished in the war. The one he had lived and grown up in together with Chun Yin was not the same one that Qiu Ling was currently ruling from.

In general, the way they were built should have stayed the same though. For example, the hall where the king would receive visitors was not right at the front. There were several other rooms before it that visitors would have to pass before they could to see the king. In a way, it seemed that the spirit beast people were a bit more open than the dragons in that regard.

“You wait here for me.” The beast person clutched the box with the herb inside and then left the hall, not bothering to explain to Leng Jin Yu where he intended to go.

Leng Jin Yu stayed back and sighed. He really hoped that this would be over fast. He’d like to return soon so Jinde wouldn’t have to worry.

Meanwhile, the beast person crossed the next room and then went to knock on a door further inside the palace. “Your Majesty.”

The person inside looked up, raising his brows. “Oh? You’ve come back, Wu Ya? Come on in then. I guess something happened?”

Wu Ya stepped into the room, lightly bowing to the person sitting at a table. “Something did indeed happen. Some person from the human realm came to the mountains, and tried to take one of the peak climbing herbs.”

The king raised his brows but didn’t seem too concerned. “Well, I guess you didn’t let him. I can’t quite see how this made you want to come here though.”

Wu Ya went over and sat down on the other side of the table, crossing his arms. “He was arguing with me. In the end, he told me that some of our people were freed from one of those human sects. He said that they would likely return here soon. I came to see if it’s true. I told him that if it was, and if he was willing to help us free the others, then I would give the herb to him.”

The king continued to look at him with his brows raised. “Does this sound credible to you?”

Wu Ya raised the box in his hands. “I’m the one with the herb right now. So I guess he couldn’t just lie his way through. Anyway, he’s currently in our territory. If he was trying to play some tricks on us, he wouldn’t be able to get out of here. I guess he should also be able to understand that. So yes, most likely, what he said was true.”

The king nodded at that, his brows furrowing again. “Well, it would be good if they really came back. I guess we can call Zheng Yin back as well then. He wasn’t too thrilled about going in the first place.”

Wu Ya nodded. “I thought so too. Furthermore …” He looked at the box in his hands, his fingers brushing over the seal on top. “He didn’t say much about this box but I assume that it comes from his husband who is apparently of the dragon race. The seal on top doesn’t seem to be commonly used even there though and it reminds me of an old friend. I was wondering if you would allow me to follow him to the human realm and figure out what is going on.”

The king looked at the box and then up at Wu Ya and finally nodded. “I don’t see why not. You can go and tell Zheng Yin to come back then. Return together when you have made sure of whatever it is you want to find.”

Wu Ya nodded. Before he could say anything else, hurried steps sounded from outside and somebody banged on the door. “Your Majesty! Some of our people returned from the human realm. And also … There’s a human in your hall.”

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