SML C38 How about a Game?

Mo Fang faced the others to try and insert himself in the conversation a bit more. After listening in for a while, he realized that the people talking were mostly his coworkers from the service counters while the security guards mostly held back or spoke amongst each other. Feeling a bit puzzled, Mo Fang turned to look at Li Ming again. “Are they always like this?” That couldn’t be good, right?

Li Ming who had just wanted to talk to the security guard sitting on his other side turned back at that. “What do you mean?”

Mo Fang vaguely gestured to the other side where several people were huddled together, drinking and laughing. “Well, I invited everybody but it looks like I invited two different groups that coincidentally came to sit at the same table. Normally, I always felt that everybody was getting along quite well. Are there some tiffs between the security guards and the service counters that I don’t know about?” Please tell him that that wasn’t the case! If that was true, wouldn’t it be even more difficult to have Li Ming become his boyfriend?! He couldn’t let that happen!

Before Li Ming could answer, the guy next to him already leaned forward and looked at Mo Fang. “That’s not it. It’s just that we don’t have that much to do with each other so we don’t know the others that well.

“You see, not everybody’s like Bro Li here, coming five minutes earlier and starting every shift by greeting every co-worker he has. The rest of us … We’re happy if we manage to do our whole shift without trouble. I mean we have to patrol the whole station and help the customers if they’re not anywhere close to the service counters. We don’t have the time to go out of our way to go and better our relationship with your people.

“Now, if we do come by the service counters while there isn’t much going on, we might go and have a chat with them but we still don’t spend as much time with them as you spend together. So I guess it’s natural that they’ll keep a bit to themselves. Don’t you think so too?”

Mo Fang nodded as if he understood. He didn’t like that idea too much though. While Li Ming was different and thus there would be opportunities to see him, he was counting on the other security guards to help him out. How was that supposed to work if he seldom saw them? This was a big problem!

Apparently, his expression showed as much. The other security guy laughed at him, picked up his glass, and reached over to clink it against Mo Fang’s. “Well, cheers to you, I guess. If you want to spend more time with us, just invite us over more often in the future. I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

Mo Fang laughed and picked up his glass, feeling a little strange that he was still drinking water for this.

The other security guards sitting around him also couldn’t help but notice. Thinking back to how he had been hanging onto Li Ming before, they couldn’t help but wonder to themselves just what had happened.

Seeing their looks, Mo Fang lowered his gaze and gave an embarrassed smile. “Ah, don’t look at me like this! It’s just that Bro Li and I got here a little earlier. I was a bit nervous about this so I had a few drinks and it seems I should’ve gone a little slower with that. Anyway, I’ll drink with you later on when I’ve sobered up a bit.”

The others laughed again, drawing the attention of the group on the other side. Soon enough, everybody was talking with each other and it didn’t look like they were two groups anymore.

The party continued to laugh and talk and finally, somebody even brought up a drinking game.

Li Ming’s lips twitched when he heard that and he couldn’t help but look at the person sitting next to him. The whole time, Mo Fang had kept to drinking water to his meal so he could sober up a bit. By now, it almost wasn’t noticeable anymore that he had been drinking before. But if they did start a drinking game …

Unfortunately, Mo Fang was all ears when the idea was brought up. He happily nodded along and even made some suggestions as to what they could play.

“Ah, guys, since we’re a large group, let’s just play Chui Niu. I’ve been here several times and they have enough dices for at least half of us. If we play in turns or don’t bet, it’s alright.”

The others were immediately on board. By now, some of their coworkers had already gone home since they had families they needed to take care of or they would need to go to the shift in a few hours already but there were almost a dozen people left. With that kind of group, it would definitely be fun to play the game.

Seeing that everybody was on board, Mo Fang cheered and waved one of the waiters over. “Can you tell Bro Yao that we need some dice and cups?”

The waiter nodded. “Sure thing. Just wait a moment.” He went over and then returned a moment later with a stack of cups and several dice in there. “Check if they are enough for you. Otherwise, just tell me again and I’ll get you some more.”

Mo Fang nodded and gave his thanks before he and the others excitedly divided up everything. Thankfully, he had been right and there were enough dices so they could just switch every two or three moves so they were able to start immediately.

“So, who’s the youngest?”

They looked around, but nobody really wanted to speak up first.

“Well, I think Bao Ming was pretty young? She’s definitely the youngest among us from the service counters.”

The security guards could only raise their brows. “How old is she?”

“Only twenty-two, right?”

Bao Ming nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed. The others didn’t mind though.

“I guess you’ll start then. Ah, this will be fun.”

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