OMF V7C287 Not a Normal Reaction

Jing Yi didn’t bother to go and inform Grandmaster Shen that he had been able to convince Zheng Yin. Shen An De would definitely hear about it on his own. After all, his people were everywhere in the Hei Dian Sect and he had sent him over in the first place. And right now, time was of the essence.

The two of them returned to the Yun Zou Sect on the fastest way possible, speeding up as much as they could. Even though Zheng Yin had promised to help, Jing Yi still had had some doubts just how serious he was with that. Seeing that he was willing to speed up like this, he felt a little better. This had to mean that he would really go all out with helping Ma Zhi Wu, right? At the very least, he hoped so.

When the two of them arrived, the people of the Yun Zou Sect had already managed to find the herbs that were growing in the mortal realm while one of the dragons had returned with one of the herbs from the immortal realms as well. Unfortunately, that still didn’t allow Jinde to do anything. Thus, he was merely standing by, watching Ma Zhi Wu’s condition. He would only interfere when he definitely had to.

The potion that he wanted to refine would definitely allow Ma Zhi Wu to not only recover from his wounds so that his life wouldn’t be threatened anymore but might even be able to recover quite a bit of the strength that he had lost over the past few years.

Up until then, Ma Zhi Wu would need to hold on though. But considering that he was human, Jinde didn’t want to get involved too much. After all, the tolerance humans had and what the dragons were able to take was different. It definitely wouldn’t be good if he tried to help and then accidentally killed the person because of that.

Since he had nothing else to do, Jinde was the first to look up when the steps of Jing Yi and Zheng Yin sounded outside. Seeing that one of them was Qiu Ling’s fiance, he gave a faint smile and strolled over to tell him that Qiu Ling wasn’t there. After all, that was likely why he had come here.

Thanks to the veil, Jing Yi had no idea who the person coming over was but he at least nodded and gave a smile in greeting. Behind him, Zheng Yin stopped dead in his tracks, staring at Jinde’s figure wide-eyed.

Jinde also stopped but he just curiously tilted his head. He didn’t seem to know this person? Well, even if he did, he himself was wearing a veil. Nobody should be able to recognize him.

The person in question hurriedly lowered his head but he seemed incredibly nervous.

Jinde couldn’t help but feel intrigued. Just what was it with this person? He strolled over, stopping in front of the two of them. He ignored the other one for now and spoke to Jing Yi instead. “Qiu Ling went to get some herbs for me. He should return soon.”

“Ah, thank you for letting me know.” Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief when he heard the voice. Even though he hadn’t met Jinde many times, it still was enough to recognize him.

Jinde smiled in response even though Jing Yi couldn’t see it. “Don’t mention it.” Then he turned to the person next to Jing Yi. “This is …?”

Zheng Yin immediately lowered his head further. “This one’s name is Zheng Yin.”

Jinde’s brows rose further. That wasn’t quite the normal reaction? He turned to Jing Yi for some answers but was only met with a blank look. Apparently, his future son-in-law didn’t understand either. Well, he would figure it out sooner or later. “I guess you came because of that person over there?” He nodded to the table behind him.

Jing Yi glanced over and his expression turned grave. Nian Hong Fang was tightly holding onto Ma Zhi Wu’s hand, talking to him in a low voice while tears had gathered in the corners of his eyes, a drop falling down every now and then.

Jing Yi turned to Zheng Yin when he saw that. “Martial brother Zheng, that is the person I told you about. Could you take a look at him now?”

Zheng Yin glanced at Jing Yi but then just lowered his head, seemingly unwilling to do it.

Jing Yi stared at him in a daze. What was going on? Hadn’t Zheng Yin agreed just a while ago? Why was he suddenly behaving like this? “Martial brother Zheng …” Jing Yi felt anxious. He didn’t know if Zheng Yin really was more capable than the Grandelder but he at least wanted him to give it a try. Otherwise, what if because of this, Ma Zhi Wu lost his life after all? With one more person taking a look at him, there was one more chance to save him. He didn’t want to give up on that. “Please, just take a look at him. If you can’t help him, then nobody will fault you. Just please give it a try.”

Zheng Yin still didn’t move and looked visibly uncomfortable.

Jinde gave him a long look, pondering for a moment. This child seemed to have promised Jing Yi that he would take care of the matter but now, he had changed his tune. Considering the way he acted right now, that might be because of his presence? In that case … “Spiritual beast clan?”

Zheng Yin raised his head and then nodded.

Jinde gave a sigh. He should’ve expected that. “Child, if you promised him to take a look, then just go and do that. Nobody will blame you. I certainly won’t.” With that, he turned around, and stepped away from them, leaving the path to the table where Ma Zhi Wu was lying empty.

Zheng Yin hesitated only a moment longer before he walked over and then took Ma Zhi Wu’s pulse, checking his condition. Apparently, things were settled for him with that. Jinde couldn’t help but chuckle to himself when he noticed. Sure enough, the child had been afraid because he saw a dragon. Well, he really couldn’t fault him.

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