Oh, My! What a Coincidence! C8: Everything Will Sort out Itself

Xiang Yu had left in an excellent mood but returned in a bad one. This, in turn, finally made the supreme sovereign of all realms emerge from his palace to go and check on him.

Lightly knocking on Xiang Yu’s door, Tian stepped inside and found the small fallen god slouched at his table, a book in hand that he was reading with his eyes glimmering with tears. He sighed and went over, sitting down next to him. “What is the matter?” If this had anything to do with a certain dragon, he really would go and straighten him out!

Xiang Yu slowly raised his head and then offered his newfound treasure to Tian. “I told him that people knew he was an asshole but he was just mean to me again.”

“So this is about him.”

Xiang Yu nodded and gave a hum. “But you know what?”

Tian tilted his head, a questioning look in his eyes.

“I found out that you’re not liked much more than him either. Actually, you might have it worse. I think I’m the only person in the whole story that likes you.” Xiang Yu pushed the book into Tian’s hands, pointing at the page he had opened several times to make sure he would really read it.

Tian didn’t know what this was about but since Xiang Yu had asked him to, he still took a look. He couldn’t help but be surprised at what he saw though.

‘”The High Heavens. Have you ever heard of them?”

Jing Yi hesitated. He was from the Heavens but … Were those the High Heavens? “Is that where … my soul came from?”

Xiang Yu nodded. “That’s where all souls come from. Then they’ll be born into the other realms.”

“So the place I lived before …”

“Were the Nine Heavens.”

“I see.” So that was something different, after all.

Xiang Yu looked up at the ceiling once again. “Anyway, the High Heavens are the place where Tian lives.”

“Tian?” Jing Yi tightened his lips. That was a name he really didn’t like to hear. Because of that person and his own stupidity, he had almost lost Qiu Ling. So there was really a person like that? He wasn’t just someone from an old story? “That Tian … How do you know about him?”

Xiang Yu’s lips curled into something that could have been a smile if his eyes didn’t stay as gloomy as usual at the same time. “I saw him. After I fell, he came to see me. He’s the only one in the world that would never shun the fallen gods.”

Fallen gods? Jing Yi furrowed his brows. He didn’t know about this either. It seemed he still had to learn a lot about the gods too if he wanted to be with Qiu Ling.

“The gods are very afraid of him. They think he’s someone really powerful who wants to hurt them. But Tian is actually very gentle. He’s the only one worth loving other than a dragon.”

“Worth loving?” Jing Yi raised his brows. And what was this about the dragons again?

“Mn. Although a dragon is still better. But Tian is also very loyal.” That strange curve to his lips vanished. “His lover left him behind though. I really don’t understand. That kind of man … why would he leave him?”

“Uh … Maybe there were reasons?”

Xiang Yu frowned. “What reason could there be? If you love someone, then you should do so forever with everything you have. You don’t just leave them. You … have to stay with them.”‘

Apparently, this was the part where he was not being cursed by others? He smiled lightly and then handed the book back. “It’s alright. I don’t mind not being liked by others. Just being liked by the people who are important to me is enough.”

Xiang Yu looked from Tian to the book and back gain. “Do I count as important?”

“Obviously. As do the others. You are right that to me, the fallen gods aren’t to be shunned. While you might have your problems, at the very least, there was something important enough for you that losing it hurt you deeply. Somebody who can’t understand that feeling … How could they be worthier than you?” He got up and turned to leave. “Don’t think about that dragon for too long. What should be will be, what shouldn’t be won’t last. In due time, everything will sort out itself.”

Xiang Yu nodded and turned back to the book. He really hoped that Tian was right. But most likely, that was the case so … he didn’t need to worry.

Xiang Yu opened the book again after Tian had left, opening the first chapter of one of his favorite arcs. Maybe … maybe it wasn’t completely hopeless. Maybe there was really somebody out there for him. Even if it couldn’t be the person he had originally lost his heart to or the one he had thought was destined for him, it might still be good. He just really, really wanted to be able to feel that same love again and for real this time. If he had to wait for as long as Tian had to wait to get his lover back, then it was alright as well. He had time.


Author’s Note:

Alright, guys, this is it for the second anniversary month extra! I hope you had some fun taking this trip down memory lane and visiting some of my highlights of the OMF universe. Originally, I actually wrote a bit of an accompanying text for these but … I forgot to post them here 😅 If you’re super curious, you can go and look them up on my Patreon page. You can find it under the “extra” tag. 😊


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