Oh, My! What a Coincidence! C7: A Bad Person

When Xin Lan exited his bathroom, he was assaulted by a book. The thing was shoved in his face with no reservation whatsoever. When he pushed the book away and saw the face of the person holding it, he wasn’t surprised at all. He wasn’t happy either.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

“You should give it a good look! Everybody knows what kind of bad person you are.”

Xin Lan furrowed his brows and then took the book from Xiang Yu’s hands, indeed giving the text inside a look. What he saw … it only helped to lower his mood even further.

‘He had attacked the sky of the secret realm since he hoped that the distance from the dimension of the realm to the Leyuan region would be closer there. He didn’t know if it had actually worked but the next moment, they had fallen through empty space. Without knowing what was happening, he had held onto Jing Yi as tightly as he could. That was also how they had finally arrived at the Leyuan region.

This person, he wasn’t mortal and he had never heard of him in the Nine Heavens. So most likely …

“If I didn’t get it wrong, you were with Longjun so you should be part of the dragon race. You probably didn’t like seeing me with your king’s beloved.”

Xin Lan snorted. He didn’t care about that boy’s beloved at all. Whoever it was this man took a liking to he wouldn’t accept it. This man had dared to betray his Master once. He wouldn’t let him do it again!

“Actually, I thought I’d be able to leave the realm immediately but it turned out that things weren’t as easy. Now, we managed to leave the secret realm so I have to go and report to the Fate’s Scribe and the God of War. So please, let me pass. I assure you that nothing is going on between me and His Highness. I’m just an ascended deity. I wouldn’t dare to presume anything.” He smiled but that seemed to be the wrong move.

The man opposite him actually gave off a faint killing intent, his arms shook in anger and the winds around him blew even fiercer. Leng Jin Yu frowned. Just what was this about? He had already explained this much but the man was still like that. Could it be that he had misjudged the situation?

Xin Lan took a deep breath and tried to calm down. He also knew that he was being unreasonable but it had just happened. He didn’t have himself under control. He had known that he would see this person again. Or, well, the one he had become now.

He looked vastly different from the arrogant Chun Yin he knew from the past and his way of speaking was also completely different. But one thing wouldn’t change: This was the person his Master had chosen. This was the person that would forever prevent him from attaining his Master’s favor.

Seeing this person and hearing how he actually admitted that he wasn’t suited to his Master his heart couldn’t help but race. Yes! Yes, he wasn’t suited! He had never been! His Master was beautiful, intelligent, his magic stronger than that of most dragons of this day and age. Someone like him should only have the best. The man at his side … should have been the strongest of their race.

And yes, back then Chun Yin had been the strongest of the dragons. He had been the one most gifted with the sword, the one famed in all three immortal realms. But there was still him! He might not have had fame but it was because he kept to himself and only did things for his Master silently. If they had fought, he would have been able to kill Chun Yin in just a few moves! So why … why did his Master still choose Chun Yin? Why hadn’t he … given him a chance?’

From the very first sentence he read to the last one, Xin Lan stared at the page in a daze, unable to believe what he saw. The further he read, the worse he felt. Not only his actions but even his innermost feelings that he had hidden for so long were plainly written out for everybody who got this book into their hands to read.

Dread washed over Xin Lan’s heart. While his Master had figured out that he had been in love with him and desired him for a long time, he had still been able to keep the extent of his obsession with him a secret. If he somehow got his hands on this book and found out …

Xin Lan lowered the book and gave Xiang Yu a sharp look. “Did you show anybody?!”

Xiang Yu scoffed. “Whether I did or not doesn’t matter. You’ll still be a bad person!”

Xin Lan gnashed his teeth. “I asked if you showed this to anybody. Don’t make me repeat myself!”

Xiang Yu pursed his lips in annoyance. “I showed it to you. What’s the big deal with that?”

Xin Lan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “So you showed this only to me, yes?”


“And where did you get the book?”

“Leng Lu gave it to me.”

Xin Lan’s brows twitched. “Who is Leng Lu?”

“Another fallen god.”

Xin Lan stared at Xiang Yu in disbelief. Why would another fallen god have something like this? And … “Why did he give this to you?”

Xiang Yu blinked his eyes. “As ammunition against you.” At least that was what Leng Lu had told him. He didn’t quite understand why Xin Lan wanted to know though.

Xin Lan gaped. Some fallen god had a vendetta against him? Why that? Had he slept with him while he was on his trial and that made him fall? Pondering the issue for a while, that might be an option … “What else do you know about him?”

“About Leng Lu? He is together with some god from the Nine Heavens.” Xiang Yu’s expression scrunched up when he said so. “Why are you asking so much about him? You wouldn’t have fallen in love with him, would you?!”

Xin Lan tensed. “That … Why would I?”

“Hmph!” Xiang Yu huffed, ripped the book out of Xin Lan’s hands, and then went back to the High Heavens. This guy didn’t deserve those books at all! He’d much rather go and read them again by himself. That was much better than having to argue with that dunce.

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