SML C31 We’re Not …

Mo Fang turned to the man with a strained smile. “Si Tao. How nice to see you!”

Si Tao smiled brightly and patted his back. “It’s good to see you too. What made you come over here? Trying to show off your new boyfriend?” He leaned back and ogled Li Ming, giving an appreciative nod. “Ah, if there’s one thing you can always count on it’s your good taste. That one’s also really nice.” He leaned further to the side and waved as a greeting. “Hey there, handsome. I’m Si Tao. I don’t know if Xiao Fang already mentioned me to you.”

Mo Fang pretended not to notice this conversation behind his back and just took a few sips of his drink, slowly finishing it up before he pushed it toward Yao Chen to get a refill.

Meanwhile, Li Ming shook his head in embarrassment. “No, but we’re not …” He didn’t quite know how to say it and looked at Mo Fang for help. Obviously, he knew this guy. It would probably be less awkward for him to explain.

Si Tao put on a knowing expression though. “I know, I know. You haven’t been together for that long.” Saying that, he turned back to the front and propped an elbow up on the counter of the bar, resting his temple on his fist. “Actually, I already heard about Lan Heng and you. I’m not that surprised either. I mean he is certainly good-looking and all that but isn’t that all there was to him? He also didn’t seem all that nice when you brought him here before. Super condescending. I’m glad you broke up.”

Mo Fang glanced up when Si Tao mentioned that he had come here with Lan Heng before and really wished he could tell him to shut up right now. Unfortunately, Li Ming was sitting next to them so he couldn’t be that blunt or he would jeopardize his own image. With nothing better to do, he picked up his glass again, gulping down some of the fresh cocktail Yao Chen had just served him. Ah, this guy really knew how to do his job.

Next to him, Li Ming’s gaze became thoughtful though. So this was the place where he had gone with his ex-boyfriend before. It might even be one where they had come regularly. Had he chosen this place for today’s meet-up because of his feelings from before? Could it be that he was hoping to see that Lan Heng here? After all, he had said that he wasn’t completely over him despite what had happened. And with that Lan Heng turning up on his doorstep yesterday, it could very well be that he was wavering in his decision.

Si Tao looked at the two of them with some confusion but since neither of them seemed to want to explain their strange behavior, he didn’t mention anything and just went on. “You wouldn’t believe it but the person he cheated on you with is somebody I know. To be honest, he really didn’t make a good exchange there. That boy is a regular at one of my clubs and notorious for cheating on people. He’ll be there and make out with another guy every week and that even while he’s in a relationship.” He leaned closer to Mo Fang and lowered his voice. “You wouldn’t know but a few of my good brothers actually tried to date him as well and guess what happened? Some of them don’t even speak with each other anymore since then. I really don’t know who blessed him with such a face. Well, and that perky butt. He’s honestly gorgeous.”

Mo Fang just gave a low hum and continued to drink. For one, he couldn’t help but feel salty that Si Tao would say this. That boy Lan Heng had cheated on him with wasn’t gorgeous at all. He had a face that had ‘I’m a useless slut and out to leech off of you!’ written all over it! Even when he had been at his worst, he hadn’t sunk so low. Secondly, he didn’t want Si Tao to speak about this anymore. If he could, he’d very much like to change the subject.

Since Si Tao didn’t get the kind of reaction he wanted, he indeed left it at that. “Anyway, who cares about that Lan Heng? You can do much better.” He glanced at Li Ming again, once again nodding to himself, and then his face lit up. “Speaking of which!” He fumbled his phone out of his pocket and swiped through a few photos before holding it in front of Mo Fang’s face and then tilting it so Li Ming could also take a look. “That’s my new girlfriend. Pretty, isn’t she?”

Mo Fang only glanced at her and then shrugged his shoulders. “I guess so.” Anyway, he wasn’t into women. But from an objective standpoint, she probably could be counted as pretty. “She’s a bit chubby, isn’t she?”

Si Tao gave him an angry look and shook his head. “You! Just because you’re a model you don’t have to inflict your ridiculous standards on other people. She’s perfect as she is. A total gem. Anyway, I’m not together with her for her looks. She’s much easier to keep than you. Not demanding me to do things all the time. She’ll just be content if I get home early enough and still there when she wakes up the next morning. That’s the kind of life I want!”

Mo Fang pursed his lips, not at all happy about that unflattering comparison. “What are you even talking about? It’s not like I’m high maintenance.”

Si Tao wanted to ridicule him but then reconsidered with a glance at Li Ming. “Er … No. You’re definitely not high maintenance. You’d at most be … medium maintenance. Anyway, she’s low-maintenance. That’s the type of girl I want.” He glanced at his phone screen again, smiling to himself. “Anyway, if the two of you want something, just tell Yao Chen. It will be on me.”

Mo Fang raised his brows and leaned closer, giving Si Tao a bright smile. “Are you sure? Because I invited all of my new coworkers. You really want to foot the whole bill? I mean I wouldn’t complain.”

Si Tao furrowed his brows and stared at him. “All of your coworkers? How many are there?” If it was just three or four, he definitely wouldn’t mind. Anyway, he did like Mo Fang despite having broken up with him. And he was in a good mood today.

“Well … There should be at least twenty or something?” He turned to look at Li Ming who nodded.

“Yeah, twenty-five.”

Si Tao tsked. “Yeah, no, I won’t do that. I’ll cover for you and him but that’s it.” He glanced at Yao Chen and gave him a nod, making it clear that he would keep an eye on it. Otherwise, who knew if Mo Fang wouldn’t try to hoodwink him?

Having settled that, he thumped on the counter and then got up, patting Mo Fang’s back again. “Anyway, I need to get back to work. Lots of paperwork still to be done. Have fun tonight. Oh, and if the two of you come here together again, then drop by to say hello. I really can’t believe that I needed Yao Chen to tell me you were here.”

He waved at Li Ming and then went off, not even waiting for an answer.

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