OMF V7C281 Why Had He Come?

Needless to say, Xin Lan’s reaction was instant. As soon as he noticed that the necklace he had made for Jinde was used to contact him, he answered it. While he feared that maybe Leng Jin Yu was using it to reach out to him again, he still had the faint hope that that might not be the case and that it was Jinde who wanted to talk to him.

Whatever it was that he wanted to say, it was still great. He just … wanted to see him and hear his voice. That was all he wanted. As for anything else … he knew that he had to give up on that. It was a pipe dream.

Xin Lan already wanted to greet him just like usual when Jinde already spoke up.

“Xin Lan, there’s been a problem in the Yun Zou Sect that I could use your help with. It is nothing much. Just that somebody is injured and I need somebody to find a few herbs for me. There are a few that aren’t easily found so I was wondering if you would be willing to do me the favor?”

Xin Lan took the veil in that covered Jinde’s face and then glanced over his shoulder where he could vaguely make out the figures of several other people. Ah, so Jinde wasn’t alone. “If that is what you want me to do, then I will naturally do so. What do you need?”

Jinde gave a smile, glad that Xin Lan was still willing to do him a small favor despite what had happened the last few times. “I need some snow-covered seagrass. Likely a dozen strings of it. Do you know where to find them?”

Xin Lan nodded. “I think I saw them in one of your books once. They should be a pale green on one side with the other side being white, right? They should grow in small clusters as well if I recall correctly.”

Jinde heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s them! Can you go and get them right now?”

Xin Lan glanced over his own shoulder and then nodded. “Of course. I was up to a little something but I guess that can wait. Anyway, I wanted to come and visit you one of these days anyway. I guess now is as good a time as ever to do that. Just wait for me. I’ll hurry up.”

He cut the call, his lips involuntarily curving into a smile. Even though he knew that he had to give up all hope, he just couldn’t help but feel a certain satisfaction from being able to do something for Jinde. Especially so if it was something that his husband wouldn’t be able to do for him. That likely wasn’t the type of behavior that Jinde wanted to see from him but he just couldn’t help it.

He sighed, turned around, and glanced at the beast cowering on the ground. “I guess today is your lucky day. Better hide away before I am able to return.” With that, he turned away and rushed to the dragon realm, going to search for the herb his Master wanted.

Back in the mortal realm, Qiu Ling and Xiang Yong contacted a few people as well before they left themselves to go and find some of these herbs.

Jinde looked at what he already had and then turned to the disciple that had brought over the ones that the Yun Zou Sect was currently in possession of. Together with the ones from the dragon realm that the others would bring soon, he had almost everything ready. “There are three more herbs that I will need. Two of them grow in the mortal realm so that shouldn’t be a problem. But the last one of them is normally only found in the demon realm. It might be difficult to get it.” He knew that he could send one of the dragons but it was never really a good thing to involve Qiu Ling in that.

The disciple was at a loss. Zhangsun Xun Yi furrowed his brows and glanced at Ma Zhi Wu. Seeing that he still wasn’t doing too well even after the Grandelder treated him for a while, he stepped forward. “Maybe I could go and get it.”

Jinde looked at him, feeling a little uncertain. “Are you sure about this? It might be quite dangerous. Even though your cultivation realm is high, you aren’t used to dealing with demons, are you?”

Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded. “I won’t deny that. But we don’t have much time. And what alternative is there?”

Jinde sighed. “That is true as well. I guess that is the only chance we have then.”

At that, Nian Hong Fang raised his head. “You said it’s only found in the demon realm?”

Jinde turned around and nodded. “Yes. Not quite at the border either. I do know of a specific location where it grows but getting there might be difficult because of the demons and demonic beasts around there. I guess that is to be expected of the demon realm.” Actually, he would have sent Xin Lan there but the snow-covered seagrass was much more difficult to find and since time was of the essence …

Nian Hong Fang looked at Ma Zhi Wu with an uncertain expression and then got up. “Please give me a moment. I might have an idea.”

Jinde raised his brows. “There isn’t much time. I hope you do realize that the time flows differently in the mortal realm and the demon realm. If the person in question doesn’t go soon, help might come too late for him.”

Nian Hong Fang nodded. “I know that. But … It still wouldn’t be right to endanger another person’s life for that, right?” Even though he would’ve loved to forget about everything else and just think of Ma Zhi Wu, he couldn’t do that.

These people … They were also important. And what use would be in saving Ma Zhi Wu if others would lose their loved ones? He couldn’t be so selfish. If Ma Zhi Wu recovered and then found out that it had been possible only because somebody else sacrificed themselves for him, then that wouldn’t be alright. He would feel guilty. And that was the last thing he wanted for him after suffering through this whole ordeal.

Seeing that Nian Hong Fang was serious about this, Jinde nodded. “Then you should go and take care of it. Don’t take too much time though.”

“I won’t.” Nian Hong Fang turned to leave but stopped after only taking a few steps. He looked at the person standing in the doorway with a strange expression and then furrowed his brows. “What are you doing here, Shen Qiang?”

It seemed that when he had rushed over because of what the disciple had said about Ma Zhi Wu, he had forgotten to reactivate the array, enabling Shen Qiang to get out. Well, maybe now, it didn’t matter anyway. After all, Ma Zhi Wu and the others had been saved. Even if Shen Qiang went back to the Chun Feng Sect, it wouldn’t change a thing. It was just … Why had he come here instead of doing that?

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