Oh, My! What a Coincidence! C3: To Bath in His Affection

At the same time, the Heavenly Emperor and Empress had a similar package delivered to them. Opening it and finding a stack of books inside, they couldn’t help but exchange a confused look.

“What is this? And who sent it?” The Heavenly Emperor picked up the cloth it had been wrapped in but other than the small note with their titles that had been attached, there was no other indication of who this came from.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Empress picked up a book at random and sifted through the pages. Her brows couldn’t help but climb up a bit when she saw what exactly was written there. She continued to glance over a few pages though and finally picked up another book, skimming it as well. Finally, she laughed.

“What is it?” Her husband inched closer and looked over her shoulder, taking a look at what his wife had found:

Finally, the Heavenly Empress had halted in her steps and turned to face him, her gaze profound. He had instantly stopped muttering about his relationship problems and perked up. This had to be the moment where his mother-in-law would share her insightful thoughts with him!

‘”Longjun, since the day you have fallen in love with my son: What have you done?”

Qiu Ling blinked. “I did everything you told me!” And some more things but he didn’t want to confess that. If she knew, she might reconsider him as her chosen son-in-law.

The Heavenly Empress just continued to gaze at him. That was obviously not the answer she wanted.

Qiu Ling slightly frowned and pondered her question. What had he done since falling in love with Jing He? “I … tried to get his attention and make him fall in love with me as much as I’m in love with him?” There was still no reaction. “Mother-in-law, don’t be like this! I’ve done so much to chase your son! How would I know what you want to hear?”

Bai Fen smiled. “Indeed.”

Qiu Ling blinked. “Indeed? What do you mean?”

Bai Fen resumed her pace and, of course, Qiu Ling followed right after.

“What do you mean? Your son-in-law can’t understand your profound thoughts without help!”

“You’ve done a lot of things to win him over. Now, what has that son of mine done?”

“Uhm …” Qiu Ling thought of Jing He and a special glimmer appeared in his gaze. “Well …” He probably couldn’t utter his real thoughts here, right? He cautiously glanced at Bai Fen but she didn’t seem to be bothered by this kind of gaze. “Ah, don’t fault me, mother-in-law. Actually, yesterday, he let me take his hands and —”

“That’s not what I’ve asked about though.”

Qiu Ling shut up. “Huh?”

“I asked what he has done. In regards to this relationship between you, what has he done?”

“What do you mean?”

“You just said you’ve done a lot of things to chase him. So what has my son done to reciprocate?”‘

The Heavenly Emperor’s eyes seemed to become wider and wider the further he read.

Finally, Bai Fen couldn’t take it anymore, closed the book with a thud, and raised her brows at him. “What?”

“You …” The Heavenly Emperor looked at her blankly and then, his gaze turned hurt. “You actually helped that bastard!”

Bai Fen only blinked her eyes as if she didn’t understand what the big fuss was about. “And? Don’t tell me you only found out now. I’ve been helping Qiu Ling since the week he fell in love with Jing He because I have always hoped that he would succeed. I’ve never made a secret out of that. In fact, how often have I told you to stop bothering the two of them?” She furrowed her brows at that thought and raised her chin. “If not for you, the two of them might have gotten together much earlier! Just think about how much heartbreak you could have saved our son!”

Rong Su lowered his head in shame and could only mumble some response but Bai Fen already got up and wrapped the books back into the cloth.

“Hmph. I just can’t rely on you! Next time something like this comes up, you better let me handle it from the beginning.”

Rong Su wanted to speak up but his wife’s gaze let him shut up again. He hemmed and hawed but finally pointed at the books. “At least let me have a closer look!”

“Why? So you can find out what exactly your son and son-in-law have been doing behind closed doors? Ts! Don’t think I wouldn’t know you’ll use that as an excuse for running over to the dragon realm to go and bother Jing He. If you want to see him, send a card like a normal person, and just visit. No need to pretend to chew out our son-in-law.” With that, she handed the package over to a servant and waved for him to follow her, leaving her palace.

Rong Su remained alone in the room, pursing his lips. Actually, he hadn’t wanted to do that. In fact, he had just wanted to have a look to see how his son had praised him … Was that really asking too much?

He looked at the door with some reluctance, wondering if he should find out where his wife was going and hiding the books. He really wanted to have a look! Unfortunately, he knew that his wife would get angry if he really did so he could only reluctantly reconcile himself with the status quo.

Thinking for a while, the Heavenly Emperor ran outside and waved at one of the servants. “You! Go to the dragon realm and deliver a calling card. I want to visit my son.” He raised his chin, feeling proud of himself. Yes, yes, if he couldn’t read how his precious son had praised him, then he could only go and visit him to bath in his affection.

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