RMN C131 Why Split Them?

Elder Xing waited for the disciples to calm down somewhat. When he was sure that their minds wouldn’t be occupied by this news, he turned to glance at Elder Baili.

Baili Chao nodded and then stepped forward with a list in hand. “Since we aren’t sure what exactly the demonic practitioners are planning, it will be important to speak with the other sects. Anyway, they need to be informed of this first. Their headquarters in the border region are a little farther away and we do not know if the demonic practitioners might use this opportunity to attack. Thus, we have made the decision to send several disciples together.

“On your way there, you’re not supposed to enter the territory of the demonic practitioners, regardless of what you notice. You will have to turn a blind eye to it and just continue forward to ensure your own safety.”

The disciples once again exchanged glances, some of them not to quite reconciled with this. Despite the fact that it had only been a few days since some of their martial brothers died, they still felt that it would be cowardly to run away when faced with demonic practitioners. They also felt that they didn’t need to do that. They were proud disciples of the Teng Yong Sect. There was no reason at all why they wouldn’t dare to enter a fight with some demonic practitioners. Certainly, they would be able to win, wouldn’t they?

The two Elders watched their reactions and sighed inwardly. They had feared as much. These disciples — especially the younger ones — often tended to overestimate themselves. If they send them alone, this would end in a disaster. Thankfully, they had come up with another way.

Elder Baili opened up the list and then continued his announcement. “The emissaries for bringing the news to the other sects will be as follows: Xi Ju Hai and her group will go to inform the Wu Yun Sect. Mei Chao Bing, Yun Bei Fen, Yuan Lei, Yi Ju, and Liu Bao Ru will go to the Zhen Yan Sect. Song Mu, along with the other disciples of his previous group that aren’t accompanying Mei Chao Bing, will be going to inform the Jian Chu Sect.”

Elder Baili lowered his list and looked at the disciples that had once again started to whisper as soon as they heard Mei Chao Bing’s name. It seemed that these guys would really never be able to put down their prejudice. Well, maybe he was also expecting a little too much from them. It had only been a few days. It would be much more astounding if they were able to pretend nothing had happened just yet. He would probably need to wait for several more weeks until he would be able to see some progress.

Elder Xing glanced at him and then took out three scrolls from his bag. “Here are three maps of the border region. We have marked the headquarters of the sects you’re supposed to contact on here. Just follow the direct way there. Are there any further questions?”

The three disciples in charge of this mission shook their heads. Unfortunately, somebody else couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

“Why is Mei Chao Bing’s group being split? If I remember correctly, the Elders said the last time that we were supposed to stay in bigger groups. Is it really a good idea to send someone with fewer people?”

The person who had spoken up was precisely the junior martial brother next to Yang Wu Huang that had been arguing with Mei Chao Bing before, Di Huan Bo. On the surface, his words sounded nice as if he was worried about his fellow disciples but the gaze that he threw in Mei Chao Bing’s direction was everything but.

Elder Xing and Elder Baili gave him a long look but didn’t scold him for that. It wouldn’t change anything and might even make him resent Mei Chao Bing more.

Instead, Elder Xing just nodded. “That is a valid question. In this case, we have made this decision because it was in the areas of these two groups that the clues were found. Thus, it is unlikely that there are any more clues to be had there and them not continuing to search for them won’t make a difference.

“On the other hand, in the areas of the other groups, nothing has been found yet. It might be that there are no clues but it could also be that they haven’t been found yet. Thus, everybody else will need to continue to go into the territory of the demonic practitioners and continue the search.

“As for the threat to the group that has to be split up …” He glanced over at Mei Chao Bing and Song Mu and gave a faint smile. “Both Mei Chao Bing and Song Mu are two of the highest-leveled cultivators of your generation. Thus, the likelihood of them suffering any setbacks is slimmer than it would be for other groups. Furthermore, they aren’t supposed to enter the territory of the demonic practitioners. So you can set your mind at ease. Nothing will be happening to your martial brothers and sisters.”

Di Huan Bo wanted to argue but Yang Wu Huang reached out and lightly brushed his arm. If he continued with this, people would feel that they were picking on Mei Chao Bing. Well, they were but he didn’t want to be too obvious about it. It wouldn’t be good for his reputation if people actually thought so.

Di Huan Bo was unreconciled but what could he do? In the end, he only gave a light huff and threw Mei Chao Bing another angry glare before he really shut up.

Elder Xing nodded and told the others to leave for the usual mission before he motioned for the three disciples that were heading the groups to come and pick up the maps.

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