SML C29 His Previous Job

Li Ming didn’t think any further about Rui Lan’s words. He just finished changing and then did as Mo Fang had asked him and messaged the others about going out on Friday.

Needless to say, his coworkers were just as thrilled as the people working at the service counters. Anyway, nobody would pass up an opportunity to get free drinks and they wouldn’t even feel guilty about it since Mo Fang was the boss’s son. He shouldn’t have any trouble paying for all of them, right?

Seeing the excited messages in the chat, Li Ming’s brows twitched. Didn’t they feel that they were taking advantage of him? Even if he was asking them out, they shouldn’t go too far. Anyway, he should slowly talk it through with them later on. For now, it was time to go.

The next day, everybody was still as excited about the prospect of going out with everyone today as they had been the day before. Li Ming went to talk to some of the other security guards, making them promise that they wouldn’t order several rounds just because Mo Fang was Boss Mo’s son. They seemed quite a bit reluctant but he promised to treat them another time so they eventually let it go.

In that way, Friday evening soon approached.

When Li Ming went from his rounds in the station back to the locker room, he once again met up with Mo Fang. Seeing him, he gave a bright smile. “How are you doing?”

Mo Fang smiled back and then slowly started to change his clothes. “You mean because of this evening? To be honest, I’m a little nervous. You know, I haven’t worked so many normal jobs up until now. It’s kind of strange to suddenly have coworkers with you every day.”

Li Ming raised his brows and paused with a hand on his locker. “What do you mean? What did you do before this?”

“Well …” Mo Fang looked a little sheepish. He wasn’t quite sure if he could say this in front of Li Ming without impacting the way he thought about him but in the end, it wasn’t like he could just say nothing. “I was modeling. Actually, it’s not that I stopped doing it or anything. It’s just that it always depends on who has some work to do and if they want me to do it. It’s not like I always have something lined up.”

Li Ming’s brows wandered even higher and he couldn’t help but take a glance at Mo Fang. Well, he probably looked good enough to be a model? “I guess it must be a little difficult? I mean you probably never know how much you earn in the end.”

Mo Fang nodded. “Yeah, that was a bit of a problem sometimes. It’s alright if you’re together with somebody who supports you even if things are a little rough but it gets difficult if they’re not on your side with that.” He pondered and then sighed. “You know, my last boyfriend … I mean the one before Lan Heng, he was alright with it. He would actually take me to some shootings and stay to watch for a while, encouraging me. And sometimes, when things were rough for me, he would help me find something else to do in the meantime so I wouldn’t have to rely only on him. But Lan Heng …” He shook his head. “He always had a problem with it. It wasn’t so bad at the beginning but after a while, he wouldn’t support me at all anymore. Actually, he would get really angry when I said that I had another job lined up. He would try to persuade me to stop doing it and threaten to break up if I didn’t. But that was the only job I ever had, you know? It was so difficult.”

Li Ming couldn’t say that he was surprised. This Lan Heng really hadn’t struck him as an open-minded person. Although … Speaking of modeling and Lan Heng, this did make him wonder about something. “Was that why he mentioned a camera when he saw me? He thought I had something to do with your job?”

Mo Fang looked over, a little surprised. Thinking back to the day, he eventually nodded. “That should be it. Actually, the reason Lan Heng cheated on me was because he always felt that I wasn’t just going to take photos or some short clips. He thought I was cheating on him with one of the photographers.” He shook his head, finishing changing. “It’s ridiculous. It was only ever about work.

“Of course, you’d get a little closer to the photographers as a model. After all, you need to have a good relationship and make sure the photos turn out well. But there never was anything private going on. Actually, it wouldn’t have minded if he came with me to those jobs and just watched like my boyfriend from before did. I’m sure the photographers would have been okay with it as well as long as he didn’t interrupt. But he just had that idea in his head and wouldn’t believe me no matter what I said. I really can’t believe he did that.” He pursed his lips, making Li Ming feel sorry for him.

“It must have been difficult to accept that your boyfriend didn’t trust you enough to believe in your words especially if you did everything to convince him.”

Mo Fang hesitated for a moment but then nodded. To be honest, he had felt a bit like that. Although there had been more anger in fact. After all, this bastard hadn’t just accused him of sleeping with somebody else, he had also used that as an excuse to pull somebody else into his bed to get back at him. He really was such scum! “Well, it’s over now. I don’t really want to think about him. Anyway, are you finished? Do you want to go over together with me?”

“Oh, sure. Just give me a minute.” Li Ming sped up, hurriedly changing his clothes, and then left the train station with Mo Fang.

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