OMF V7C272 He Would Honor What He Had Done for Them

Shao Hai closed his eyes, unable to watch any longer. If not for Ma Zhi Wu, he probably wouldn’t have been able to take all the weeks they had had to spend in this dungeon. He probably would’ve gone crazy with worry about Xiao Dong and fear of what the future would hold for them. It had been this senior martial brother of theirs that gave him the strength to hold onto his sanity. Now, this person was actually sacrificing himself for them.

He would’ve loved to be out there with him and help him but there was nothing he could do. He could only stand back and hope for help to arrive. That was all. And that help might not come in time.

Taking a shaky breath, he forced himself to open his eyes. Even if it was hard to watch, he had to. Maybe he would find an opportunity to help. Or maybe he wouldn’t. But at the very least, he would not disrespect Ma Zhi Wu this way. He would honor what he had done for them.

Outside of the cell, Ma Zhi Wu still tried to hold on. He didn’t know who the people were that had broken into the dungeon. He didn’t know how long they would need to get here. He only knew that this would be his only chance to ever get out of this place. If he wanted to see Nian Hong Fang again, then he needed to stay life until these people arrived. His chances might be slim but he was unwilling to give up until he exhausted the last bit of his strength.

He gritted his teeth and once again lunged at one of the disciples, barely evading the strike that might have torn off his arm. He clung to him, making it as difficult as possible for him to strike at him and used him as a shield against the disciple at the side. Unfortunately, there was still a third one in the other direction. If no miracle happened, he wouldn’t even have five more minutes to live. He could not defend against all sides. Not in the state he was in.

He yanked at the disciple’s arm, propelling him around while once again evading the brunt of an attack but the other disciple’s blade still scratched his arm, making him flinch and the strength drain out of him even faster.

The disciple managed to push him off at that moment, his eyes glinting viciously. Ma Zhi Wu stared at him with horror and then barely dodged to the back. Another strike drove him further back, making him desperately look for an opportunity. Just anything he could use to his advantage.

The next strike came and Ma Zhi Wu ducked below the weapon, going for the disciple’s arm. He had no weapons of his own, he only had his haggard body. With no other choice, he gave a yelp and bit into the disciple’s arm, making him jolt and loosen the grip on his weapon.

Ma Zhi Wu grabbed onto it, swinging it at the other disciple just in time to deflect yet another strike. He exhaled in relief but his breathing was already becoming labored. He glanced at the door, wondering just how long these people could take. It seemed as if the fight had stopped coming in their direction, as if they were held up somewhere in the middle of the floor, far away from them and unable to help.

His gut sank.

The Chun Feng Sect disciple cursed and his eyes blazed with fury. “You!”

He struck again. Ma Zhi Wu tried to repel the attack with the sword now in his hand but he had underestimated just how badly the years in the dungeon had weakened him. He buckled under the strength, almost coming to kneel on the ground.

The other disciple’s eyes lit up, seeming to think that he would be able to chop off his head with the next strike. Ma Zhi Wu gritted his teeth and swung his own weapon at him, striking his hand.

The disciple pulled back with a scream, clutching his hand that was dripping with blood.

Before Ma Zhi Wu had time to celebrate, a blade embedded itself into his shoulder.

He gave a groan and the weapon slipped out of his hands, dropping to the ground with a clattering sound. He glanced over his shoulder at the disciple that had attacked him from behind with a dagger that he must have had concealed somewhere on his body.

Ah, he should have expected that. Demon hunters were never only equipped with one weapon.

“Kill him off!” The disciple still cradling his hand stared at Ma Zhi Wu viciously. If he could, he would definitely pay him back tenfold for what he had done but they didn’t have time. Now, the only thing he wanted to see was for this guy to die.

The other disciple gave Ma Zhi Wu kick, pulling back his dagger to prepare for the last strike.

Ma Zhi Wu was already dizzy from the blood loss and the indescribable pain of the demon hunters weapon. He tried to move out of the way but there was nowhere to go and he also didn’t have the strength anymore. He looked at that incoming blade and closed his eyes. If only he had been able to see Nian Hong Fang for one last time. If only …

Now, all he could do was imagine his sweet smile and hope that maybe in his next life, he would have more luck.

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