ADS 2: C7 What about the Name?

Jinde and Leng Jin Yu stayed holed up in that building with the books for half a week. Jinde had read himself through all the magazines they had, making one mess after the other that his husband had trouble to take care of.

Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu had gone with a different approach and learned at least the basics of several different subjects that he deemed important to know about this new world. Whether it was the laws, the economy, the technological advancement, the language, or the history, he had read up on it to a certain degree.

He wouldn’t consider himself knowledgeable but at the very least, he felt that he should be able to get by. At the very least, he was sure that they would be able to survive here without being discovered in the short term. As for the longterm … He was intent on finding out more to ensure the possibility.

“So, what about that contract now?” Jinde wrapped his arms around his husband’s neck, not looking as if he was interested in going out and working at all.

“I’ve looked it over and I think that there are some clauses I’d like to renegotiate with them. Considering everything that you’ve mentioned from those magazines, I think we should have a good shot at achieving that. Among humans, you are even more of a stunning beauty than among the dragons. They won’t want to miss out on that. And after letting them stew for half a week, they should be willing to concede a bit.”

“Ah, I could get afraid when I hear you talk like this. You’ll really drive a hard bargain, won’t you?”

Leng Jin Yu smiled and leaned over, pecking Jinde’s lips. “I would never do so with you but it’s not wrong to say that I have my experiences with this. As the Jian Yi Sect’s Grandmaster, I was involved in quite a few disputes. I always made sure our sect wouldn’t suffer any losses. Now, the situation is quite similar. We have to make sure the terms of this contract aren’t to our disadvantage. Otherwise, this won’t be much of a vacation.”

“Mn, then you show them!”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and took out the draft for the contract again. Procuring a brush and ink from his spatial ring, he made some notes on what he’d like to have changed. He definitely had to make sure that these people wouldn’t restrict Jinde in the way he was able to live his life. He didn’t have any illusions about his husband’s willingness to cooperate. Jinde would just get up and walk out like the last time. Well, thankfully, that demonstration should have made them aware of that already.

When he finished up, he leaned back and pondered some further. While the negotiations for the contract wouldn’t be too hard, there were some details they might have trouble getting right. For one, they both needed a backstory. As an artist, Jinde’s would even become public. And while he himself wouldn’t be that interesting for the public, he would still appear at Jinde’s side and at least in that company, giving some information would be necessary.

Looking at Jinde, he felt that just explaining his appearance would be difficult enough. As for a watertight story that would be difficult to disprove … No, he had no illusions that that would be possible. Not in the short term, at least. They might be able to provide one after living here for a while. Until then they’d have to muddle through.

Other than that … Leng Jin Yu gently pulled out of Jinde’s arms and then consulted one of the books again.

Jinde couldn’t help but hug his shoulders, putting his head on top to see just what was more important than him. “What’s that ugly thing?”

“Resident Identity Card. We will need one to prove our identity.”

“Oh. So that was why nobody was wearing jade tokens.”

“Mn.” Leng Jin Yu looked at the picture and the provided information intently and finally took out some materials from his spatial ring. He wouldn’t be able to forge one perfectly but it should work for the time being.

With that thought, he went on to create the first one. Soon enough, he came up with a problem though: What about their names? Or, well, rather what about Jinde’s name?

He looked up at him, earning himself a confused look.

“What’s the matter?”

“You’ll need a family name in this world.”

“Oh? But I don’t have one. You know it’s like this in the dragon realm.”

“Yes. That’s the problem.”

Jinde wasn’t worried though. He reached out and took the prepared card from his hands, using his own spiritual energy to add his name and gave it back. “There. I solved your difficult problem.” He turned to the side and kissed his neck before snuggling up closer.

Leng Jin Yu looked at the card and couldn’t help but stare at it in a daze. Jinde … He had actually put down ‘Leng Jinde’ on that card. He turned to look at him but only found his husband clinging to him with a contented expression.

Well, maybe he had really thought too much. After all, they were married now. They were family. They might as well use the same name. What was the big deal?

“I love you.”

Jinde’s lips curved up in a smile and he rubbed his cheek against Leng Jin Yu’s shoulder. “I know. I love you too.”

Leng Jin Yu smiled as well and then turned back to the front, continuing to forge documents for them.

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