OMF V7C271 Hold Them Off

At the same time, Hao Zan and the others arrived at the end of the floor right above the one where the three of them were held. They rushed at the disciples, once again taking them out before they could sound any further alarm. Unfortunately, they didn’t know just what was going on down there.

The disciples on the last floor gripped their weapons, half of them going to defend the entrance while the others turned to the cells, unsheathing the blades.

Ma Zhi Wu closed his eyes, only one step away from cursing. He had hoped. He had really hoped when he got the opportunity to write that letter. Just once he wanted to see him again. Just one more time. That was all. But now, it seemed that he wouldn’t even get that.

He glanced at the two boys next to him and then reached out to pull at Shao Hai’s shoulder. “You take care of Xiao Dong. I’ll try to resist for as long as I can. Maybe these people will really make it in time and get you out of here.”

Shao Hai stared at him with wide eyes but looking at Xiao Dong, he also knew that there wasn’t much they could do. He grabbed his friend and pulled him further to the back of the cell, as far away from the door as he could. There wasn’t much space to move but every second they could gain was one that might save their lives. Having made sure that Xiao Dong was as far out of harm’s way as he could, Shao Hai stood in front of him, fixing the disciples outside with his gaze that were opening the first cell on the other side of the room.

There wasn’t much he would be able to do. He wasn’t a cultivator after all but a practitioner instead. He would only be useful if he somehow got his hands on a weapon and that would be more than difficult. He could only try to hold them off with his bare hands. He didn’t think that that would be very useful though.

The disciples of the Chun Feng Sect finally arrived in front of their cell. It was one of the lost ones and the three of them had had enough time to watch the horrible things occurring outside. Blood was flowing out of those other cells, gathering in a puddle in the middle of the room and shimmering in the faint light. The prisoners that had been silently suffering for years were now not making a single sound. An eerie silence enveloped the room, creating a stark contrast with the clanging of weapons outside.

Ma Zhi Wu glanced at the door and clenched his hands into fists. The fights from the other end of the floor had gotten closer but were still too far away. They would definitely have to defend themselves first. If they managed to hold on for long enough … But that was an extravagant hope he couldn’t think about now. He had to focus on what was right in front of him.

Ma Zhi Wu gave a faint smile and slowly fought himself onto his feet, raising his hands. “The Chun Feng Sect is really at its lowest, isn’t it? You would actually attack defenseless, unarmed prisoners. It truly makes me wonder who is the real demon here.”

The eyes of the disciple that had come over grew cold and he opened the door, raising his weapons. “A demon like you has no right to speak.” He charged at Ma Zhi Wu but only for his strike to be parried with an arm. The weapon drew some blood and Ma Zhi Wu winced but he still forced himself to reach out, grabbing the disciple by the wrist. “You will only hurt my junior’s over my dead body.”

The Chun Feng Sect disciple gave a scoff. “That is precisely what I want.” He tried to yank back his sword but Ma Zhi Wu held his wrist in a death grip and grabbed onto the blade as well. Pain shot through his fingers and up his arm but he couldn’t stand back now. He had to hold on. Just a few more minutes. Even if he himself couldn’t make it out of here, he at least wanted Shao Hai and Xiao Dong to have a chance.

He glanced over his shoulder, flashing Shao Hai a smile. “If we don’t make it out of here together, tell Nian Hong Fang that I love him.”

Shao Hai wanted to retort but Ma Zhi Wu had already turned around, narrowing his eyes.

He wasn’t as strong anymore as he had originally been. This dungeon had sapped most of his strength. In fact, just getting to his feet had already required a lot of strength from him. Contending with a disciple of the Chun Feng Sect was not something he would be able to do for long. In fact, he could already feel the muscles in his arms cramp. It didn’t help that the weapon he had been injured with just now and was currently holding onto was designed to hurt people like him.

He couldn’t fight for long. And judging from the sounds outside, while those people who had broken into the dungeon were coming closer, they were still much too far away to rely on them. He had to be smart about this.

His gaze flitted over the disciple’s body and finally stopped at the key. To make sure that the so-called demons in this prison couldn’t take advantage, there was only one set of them.

He smiled faintly and then let go of the sword, ramming his body into that of the disciple. The two of them stumbled, staggering through the door of the cell. The other two disciples came running over from the other cells, wanting to help out.

Ma Zhi Wu gritted his teeth from the impact and grabbed the keys, throwing them behind him. “Close the door!”

He once again fought himself to his feet, intercepting one of the disciples that had come running over.

Shao Hai lunged forward and grabbed the keys, staring at Ma Zhi Wu. He wanted to tell him to get back inside but Ma Zhi Wu already glared at him.

“Close the fucking door!”

The first disciple had managed to get back onto his feet and turned back to Ma Zhi Wu, lashing out with his weapon. The sword struck his shoulder, making Ma Zhi Wu groan and almost buckle at his knees.

Shao Hai trembled but still went and pulled the door of the cell shut, ramming the key into the lock and turning it around. Now, Xiao Dong and he were safe. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said about Ma Zhi Wu.


Since it’s Oh. My. Fate?!’s anniversary month and this is a very mean arc in the story I’ll be posting additional chapters today and tomorrow to get you through this a little sooner 😉


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